What is it about latex clothing?

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There is something about latex clothing that flat out emits sexiness, kink, taboo. What is it? How come you see so much of it used in those b-rated movies shown in dark movie theatres after hours?

I'm not entirely sure what gives rubber such sex appeal. Is it because condemns are made of latex? No - let's be honest, no one finds condemns attractive, if anything they can ellicit the opposite reaction. Could it be that everyone is a closet latex fetishist? No - I'm pretty sure that the majority of the general population could care less about such things. So what is it?

I think the topic goes far deeper than what could be explained in a few short paragraphs, but ultimately I think it comes down to visual appeal. Men are visual. Put a picture of ten attractive women in front of a man, dress nine of them in cotton, and one in latex, and who do you think is going to get the focus? Latex is striking, it's shiny, form fitting, and out of the ordinary. Naturally our eye is attracted to it.

Ok - that explains men, but what about women? Why would a woman desire to wear latex fashions? I believe the answer springs from the prior point. Women want to feel attractive to the opposite sex. If men are oogling over a women in latex, then the thought process goes - if that gets his attention, then when I wear it I will get his attention.

Next is the fact that this is something out of the ordinary - latex is bizarre, kinky, taboo. These words don't appeal to everyone, but they do appeal to people of a certain personality type. It's a rush, a turn on, to do something that your not supposed to do. You're breaking the rules, you're being bad - oh the thrill!

So why and how did latex, patent vinyl, pvc clothing come to be something that is regarded as sexual in nature? One must look at several different factors to understand how we got to where we are today. The history of fashion, the development of fetish fashion, psychology, and the media are all areas of study that contribute to the answer - a discussion broader than can be answered in a few short paragraphs!

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