Militant latex fashions

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The military serves a purpose. That purpose is to protect a country or eliminate an enemy if in war. In order to achieve their purpose, they must have highly trained, highly obedient soldiers. A certain degree of psychological influence is used to set the mindset of soldiers. Call it brain washing if you will. Perhaps that is necessary - what is scary is when corporations begin exercising the same kind of psychological treatment on the general population.

To achieve the military's goal of strict obedience and compliance, the military uses various psychological methods. The repetition of a mantra, portraying the soldier as a member of a tight knit family, the creation of a high stress environment which leads to dependency on the group, etc.

Corporations have spent billions of dollars trying to figure out how to brainwash you into purchasing their products. Catchy jingles, smells, the use of color, have all been researched to alter your thinking. The media is payed by the corporations to sell their products. If they report on how the country is running out of water and it results in boosting an advertisers water sales, that advertiser comes back and buys more prime time advertising. It's not about what the best product is, it's about convincing you that you must have it.

Sadly, most people never think about what influences them to buy a certain product. No thought is put into what they are thinking is correct, or if they have somehow been influenced to think a certain way. We must break out of this mold - steer away from the mainstream, be an individual with individual thought.

Rise above the influence of the mass media and corporate brain washing. Think about what you are doing and why. Our actions should benefit the general good whenever possible. We must realign our thinking to focus away from the self and more on society as a whole. So how does latex military fashions fit into this?

By breaking away from the mainstream, we can choose a different course than what has been shoved down our throats by corporate media influence. Look different, speak different, think different. Help establish an alternative subculture which has its interests aligned in the right places. Be a counter influence to the mainstream. Latex fashions are striking, shocking, outside the box. By altering your actions, your thoughts, you are the beginning of a catalyst that will alter the future for the better.

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