Latex Clothing in the Wild

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In my mind I imagined a sandy beach, smooth glistening water, and warm sunshine beaming down on my model who would be wearing a totally transparent latex bodysuit / swimsuit. So at 6:00 we set off for a secluded park, not far away, with photography gear, model, and transparent bodysuit ready.

There was a small island in the middle of this river with a sandy embackment on the far side, facing away from the park. It was perfect for what I had planned. Only one small problem - when we got there a family of 12 had already setup shop on the island. Not intending to offend a family and their small children by conducting a fetish photoshoot with a semi-nude model, we set off for another location.

For 45 minutes we tramped down trails, banks, and through the woods, trying to find a sandy area that was secluded and had access to direct sunlight. Darkness was approaching rapidly. We finally found a suitable location and setup quickly. I mounted my camera on a tripod, and setup a reflector on the far side of the model. Meanwhile, she changed her clothes from underneath a sheet.

With everything setup and configured I started shooting. She struck a variety of poses as I snapped away. There was a fallen tree nearby and I asked her to try some poses on it. She mounted the log, and as she turned she scraped her back against a tree limb, which caught perfectly under the rear of her arm, immediately slicking into the latex bodysuit.

The branch snapped back, and the suit ripped open. At about the same time, we heard voices coming down the trail that we were only 20 feet away from. Looking up I could see them in the distance. They hadn't spotted us yet, so I through the sheet up to the model to cover herself with. She couldn't move fast enough to get off the tree limb, so she just sat there, her front side covered with the sheet.

A middle aged woman and man, out walking their dog, passed by and glanced over at us. Not being one to be unfriendly, I gave a wave and said hi. They just kind of looked at us - the man waved back. There we were, reflector, tripod, camera, and one model stuck in a tree with transparent latex gleaming from her back side. In the battle between latex clothing and nature, nature won this one. Guess that's why you don't hear much about fetish camping trips. Hmm, think I just got a photo idea...

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