Urban and Alternative: Latex clothing in the city

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It never ceases to amaze me the things that I hear from people when on location shooting latex fashions. Most of the time people will look, sometimes it's curiosity, sometimes it's disapproval, and sometimes it's just a look - as if we were another passerby. For this particular photoshoot, I was in Washington D.C. - the nations Capital.

For those of you who have never visited D.C., it is a very conservative city. Georgetown is full of yuppies and white collar workers. Adams Morgan is the college crowd sporting khaki's and polo shirts. 14th Street is the most liberal area where some creative people can be found - mainly due to the fact that there has been a reinvigoration of theaters there, attracting a variety of artistic and creative minds.

Just behind those theaters is a street, lined with the markings of taggers. This was my destination for our "urban" looking latex photoshoot. I met the model there, and as always our biggest problem was finding a place for her to change. Luckily there was a Starbucks just around the corner from our first photoshoot location. Please note, I am not advocating Starbucks - but if you need a quick place to change, they have very clean bathrooms and for $1.50 you can also get a drink of water and be insured that no one will be bothered by your using the facilities.

Behind the counter, a large black woman took our order. You could tell she was full of life - extremely outgoing and not one to hold anything back. I sat down and fiddled with my camera while the model went to change. Several minutes later, she emerged - in form fitting, bright metallic blue latex, with 5-inch heels.

"Oh my goodness child! What are you up to?" she asked. "We're doing a photoshoot for a latex clothing company." I replied. "Latex, like condemns?" God, if I had a quarter for everytime I heard that one I'd be rich. "Yes, similar to condomns but thicker. The latex is actually glued together to form this latex skirt and shirt." The woman at the counter exclaimed, "Damn sugar, I need to get some of that! I'd be working it over in the club, uhh huh, they wouldn't know what hit em! Isn't it hot?"

The model chimed back, "Yeah, you sweat a little bit, but then it kind of just evens out." At that point she motioned for us to come closer. "Let me touch it. Oooh, that's freaky. Bet your a little wild thing aren't ya?" At that point we just started laughing and realized that we were entertaining everyone in the shop. Not being one for the limelight, I started my way out of the store, everyone's eye's trailing off after us. Just another day on the job...

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