Latex and the librarian

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While in school I worked as a librarian to earn some extra spending cash. The job was dull, mind-blowingly dull, coma-inducingly dull. The only redeeming feature of the job, other than my paycheck at the end of the week, was the occasional cute boy who would come by. My boss, the queen of dull, would occasionally find me flirting with said cute boys and give me dirty looks.

To keep myself entertained, I had made it a game to see just how far I could push my boss without getting reprimanded. It started off with wearing shorter and shorter skirts, and higher and higher heels. I made sure that when I bent over to put books away, I bent at the waist and not at the knees, so that I could, err, show off my best assets.

It was all in good fun. Honestly, I don't think that my boss was human - she was a robot just going through the motions, and as long as books were put back in a timely fashion, and everything was done by the end of the day, she didn't notice or care to notice anything else. A nuclear bomb could have gone off and she would still be doing the same shit.

Cleavage showing shirts, leather skirts, high heels, nothing had gotten the attention of Mrs. BoringStein. To test my theory even farther, I went in search of a latex pencil skirt that I could wear to work. Certainly, certainly, I would get a comment from my boss for wearing the most provocative and extreme of fabrics - latex rubber.

I found the perfect pencil skirt in white latex with black trim. It was a conservative cut, but undeniably alternative - as pretty much anything latex is out of the ordinary and eye-catching. I admit it was a rush going out in public and feeling like I was doing something taboo. Upon arriving for work, I went about my everyday duties, scooping up the returned books and setting them aside to return to their respective places in the library.

Leaving the front desk on my way to restack books, I passed my boss without seeing her, but turned when she said, "Mary, I won't be in next week, so we may have to adjust your hours to stay a little later to help closing up." I turned, feeling a small tingle in my stomach, as I wondered if I would see her looking me up and down in disapproval or if she would have some reprimand for my latex skirt. "Your skirt, what is that?" she asked with an inquisitiveness in her voice. "It's actually made from latex rubber", I replied. "Interesting."

"Intersesting" - that's all I got? My boss seemed only slightly perplexed or perhaps curious. I'll take it as a victory - as it's one of the only times I've seen her face show any kind of emotion other than monotone. Anyways - the cute boys found it more than interesting... and that always keeps me entertained.

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