Retro pinup latex and loving it.

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Growing up in the suburbs was easy for some kids. They played sports, partied, drank, drove expensive cars, had lots of material items and even more sex - basically did all the meaningless crap that I couldn't stand. Was I better than them - eh, I don't like to be one to judge. Maybe it was just a matter of personality. I was a loner and preferred to keep it that way

Life was a struggle for me - trying to figure out my way, my path, something to give my life meaning - a way to give back to society and not leach off of my parents, community, etc. As so often happens, I found my way on a boring Saturday afternoon, or perhaps the way found me.

Rain misted and covered the sky with a gray haze of melancholy - school was out for summer, and not much going on. My friend Steven, had recently decided to experiment with photography, and he had come over with a used camera he had bought online. He wanted to experiment and I had begrudgingly agreed to be his guinea pig.

Steven slammed down a large black duffle bag filled with all sorts of gear - batteries, film, flashes, a fold up tripod, black tape, and in the side compartment something I had never seen before. Red and rubbery, with a unique smell and sound - he threw a bottle at me and it slipped from my grasp.

I picked it up. "What's this?", I asked. "It's lube. You use it to help the latex capri pants slide over your skin. Then you apply the latex lube to the outside to give the rubber a real good shine. This stuff makes for awesome photography - will completely blow your mind!"

The latex was rubbery in feel and kind of cold to the touch. I worked it up each leg, and almost immediately upon contact with my skin it warmed to my temperature. It stretched and squeezed against my hips. In the mirror I saw a striking image - the glare of the lights in the room reflected off the latex and created such a stunning image that I couldn't take my eyes off myself.

Steven started snapping pictures of me checking myself out in the mirror - a mini-biography of my first experience with latex. We must have shot 200 to 300 pictures that afternoon. I had found my art. Modeling, creating distinctive, striking images was all I wanted to do from now on. I could entertain, influence, make my presence on the world felt just a little bit. It felt good to create, innovate, maybe give back a little.

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