Dinner at the inlaws

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My husband and I were always thinking up ways to surprise the other. We had been married for 5 years, and yet we were still able to keep things fun by playing these little games with each other. So when the holidays rolled around and we had to go to his families house for dinner, I knew I had to do something to keep us both awake when his uncle Murphy started rambling on about working for the State.

I had carefully picked out a matching outfit with pvc rimmed nylon stockings, a vinyl garter belt, and a black vinyl bra to match. While my husband was in the shower, I snuck out my little “surprise” and hurried to get dressed before he could see what I was up to. The thought of it made me tingle with excitement, and honestly I don’t how he didn’t catch on to the fact that I was up to something. Men really are oblivous.

After a 45 minute car ride, we arrived at his sisters house and headed in toting food and gifts. While I get along good with most of his family, I have to admit that this made the visit much more engaging, as I was waiting for the perfect time to reveal a tiny part of my surprise.

The moment came just before dinner, when everyone was busy preparing the food and setting the table, I pulled my husband aside to ask him if the tag was showing from the back of my skirt. He touched my back, gave a quick glance, and said no. I asked him if he could check to make sure the tag was tucked away, and gave him a smirking glance that he immediately recognized as my way of saying I was up to no good. He ran his hand down the inside of my skirt and instantly felt the slick vinyl material of the garter.

At that point, he got very curious and tried to feel a little farther, at which time I grabbed his hand and turned, “Isn’t it time for dinner?” I laughed and skirted away before he could get any farther with his exploration.

We sat down for dinner next to each other, in perfect range for me to tempt him with a little more candy. At the end of dinner, he put his hand on my leg, trying to run his hand up to the garter, to get more of a feel. However, I pushed his hand down my leg, assisting him in pulling up my skirt just enough so that I could manuever his hand onto the pvc rim of the stockings. I felt a small rush of adrenalin as his hands searched and then recognized what was there.

It was game on at this point. The sexual tension between the two of us continued to rise the entire evening, as anytime he could get a moment when no one was paying attention he touched or caressed the area where one of my “surprises” waited for him. Later we got home and indulged in the best part of the holidays that year! Here’s to dinner at the inlaws, more fun that I ever thought it could be!

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