Beware of the quiet girls

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I was never into the limelight or wanting to be the center of attention. I never understood people who did. A perfect evening for me would be good food, a good book, and the spring time sun setting over the a beautiful horizon while my boyfriend and I cuddled outside on our front porch hammock. I was pretty but not high maintenance or demanding, and I could hang with the guys and be totally comfortable. In essence I felt like I was the perfect girlfriend. Apparently, that wasn't good enough.

After two years of dating, I caught my boyfriend cheating on me. When confronted, he didn't deny it, nor was he apologetic. He just shrugged it off as if it wasn't any big deal! Two years of my life wasted, and he didn't even act like he cared! I was infuriated! I think I literally went mad. I was determined to inflict some pain on him, to have some vindication for myself.

We had a lot of mutual friends and much of the time we would get together as a group. There was a club in the city that everyone liked, and a couple times a month we would hang out there, dance, drink, and have a good time. My plan to get back at him, was to walk into that club and have all eyes on me. Tease my ex all night long and let him know exactly what he was missing.

I needed an outfit that was striking, irresistible, and totally out of character for me. Forget jeans and a sweater, I was going to be a Diva, and everyone was going to know it. Knee high patent leather boots, check. Skimpy vinyl skirt, check. Naughty plunging camisole, check. Thigh highs, check. Underwear, ....

Around ten o'clock I arrived at the club with a group of girlfriends. The boys were probably already there, drinking and talking about whatever stupid shit they had done the night before. One of the guys looked up and saw me, I waved but he just stared, then another, then another, and I felt my cheeks blush as I saw out of the corner of my eye all of our friends checking me out.

At the bar we ordered a round of drinks and casually mingled in with the rest of our friends. Several rounds later everyone was dancing as the dj spun cult classics and all the hits. My ex had been eyeing me, and worked his way over to me. I saw him and smiled, acting like I didn't have a care in the world. Dancing, he whispered into my ear, "You look really good tonight."

Again, I just smiled and acted nonchalant. Grinding against him, and flirting without regard. He ran his hands down the slick vinyl of my skirt, I could feel him getting excited. We danced a few more songs, then I caught the eye of another friend and made my way away from my ex. But before I left him, I wrapped my hands around his neck, leaned in and breathing on his neck whispered, "you'll never have this again." Smiled and then walked away.

Perhaps it was a bit immature, or cruel, but I felt vindicated, and that's all that mattered.

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