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MarcusT is a 28 year old male photographer currently residing in London.  The tools he uses are a Nikon D300, Peleng 8mm, Tokina 12-24mm, Nikkor 18-200mm VR, Nikkor 50mm, SB-600 strobes,  and Adobe Lightroom software.  His interests are the alternative scene, travel, art & culture, food & drink, live entertainment and his photography represents exaclty that.

Marcus' photography is almost exclusively club shots from his travels to fetish and alt parties.  They are quite well done taking into account the harsh environment of photograhing in a nightclub - low light, fast moving subjects, uneven lighting, etc.

For those with voyeuristic tendencies you will love his work.  It is a glimpse inside a world unbeknownst to mainstream society.  Keep partying hard Marcus - your photography is an intimate look into the alt world done with style and expertise.  Check him out here:

Maxime Avet

February 03, 2009 by admin

Maxime is a 25 year old male portrait photographer who focuses primarily on fashion and fetish photography.  Outside of that, we couldn't gather much more about him.  Apparently Maxime is more of a photographer than writer - and that's just fine with us, as he's very good at what he does!

Browsing through Maxime's portfolio one finds themselves thinking, "Now that is how it should be done."  There is no question of, "well, he could have done this differently, or maybe he could upped the contrast, changed the light..." no, Maxime's photos stand as little pieces of perfection in an otherwise imperfect world.

He has done alot of work with Ugly Diamond, our model of the week from a couple weeks back, and we absolutely covet it.  We look forward to more perfection from this meticulous photographer.  Visit his website and view more of his work here:


January 27, 2009 by admin

Captatio, aka Jerome Gouvrion of France, is 36 years of age and a professional photographer who shoots for the fetish website Captive Culture.  According to his profile he has shot over 50,000 fetish images which have made their way onto the internet.  Quite a contribution! 

Jeromes work is consistent - he never fails to produce a pleasing image of a fetish nature.   The work he has done for Captive Culture shows fetish models decked out the hottest of latex fashions in a pleasing and soft light.  Sometimes he shoots outdoors in natural light, more often indoors.  

 Jerome has a love of Shibari rope bondage and has setup a meetup group for French bondage enthusiasts, "The Shibari School is a place for sharing : we chat, we tie, we capture some pictures … This is not a lecture, nor a photo session : it’s a convivial time to share anecdotes, feelings and tips."  You can view more of his images and learn more about Jerome at his deviant art page or by visiting his personal website.


Vorpall Images

January 14, 2009 by admin

Vorpall Images is a nacsent professional photography company based out of Portland Oregon that has been around only 1.5 years.  The company is a combination team of photographer Kenneth Benjamin Reed and Alicia Mariah Elfving (Antiorder Allure MUA).

Reed cites his favorite photographers as Markus Klinko, Lithium Picnic so he definitely has a fetishy bent although only a few of his images were dedicated to the genre.  Vorpalls set of images for the unknown latex maker Squeak Designs was one of the best latex shoots we've ever come across (the african safari pics).  Simply, it could not have been done better. 

From the outfits to the lighting, model, and setting - this was a flawless shoot and definitely illustrates the skill of Vorpall Images.  To quote Reed, "Juxtaposing unique models into abstract, obscure, and odd environments is our forte. Superfund sites and Industrial Zones are often used for backdrops. Decrepit and abandoned buildings are of extreme interest."  Interesting stuff and we'd love to see more by them.

You can find more information about this dynamic duo by visiting their official website:

They also have a myspace page:


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As of August 22nd 2008, Lochai is now the managing director for a BDSM website called hogtied.  Thus, he has excellent resources from which to pull from when it comes to taking photos.  Lochai is a male, age 42, currently residing in San Francisco California and a fine art bondage photographer.

His tools of the trade include a Canon 10D and 5D.  His images are a bit grittier and usually include BDSM influences.  Lochai is a professional and dedicated photographer, and has seen his art cover the walls of the World Erotic Art Museum in Miami Fla.

Lochai keeps a regulary updated journal at his Deviant art account and has many more photos that you can checkout here:

Mr Dove

November 26, 2008 by admin

Mr Dove is actually Daniel Knutsen, a 27 year old photographer from Sweden.  Despite his young age and appearance, Knutsen is an excellent photographer.  Many of his photos mix shiny latex with more traditional fabrics and illicit an emotional feeling from the viewer that many more experienced photographers wish they could create.

His tools of the trade are a Nikon D300 and Photoshop CS3.  The color of his images are never standard, as they range from desaturated to high key.  The models he uses are Swedish beauties, although not necessarily paid models.  Knutsen doesn\'t shoot exclusively fetish shots, but does seem to favor latex heavily.

He is quite talented and you can view his full range of shots by visiting his Deviant Art profile located here:  We hope to see more from this up and coming photographer - stay shiny!


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