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Infox photography, aka Oliver Skala of Germany, takes images that would otherwise be mainstream except for the inclusion of a subversive element or two.  The picture of the girl outdoors, almost painted in a soft light, sepia toned with lush green trees in the background, compassionate eyes, and a latex shirt.

Another of his images is a girl standing in an otherwise nondescript bar, wearing a typical black skirt and smiling playfully, shot from low to high - to bring focus to a pair of 5 inch high patent leather platform boots.  Lastly he has several images of women in corsets, much of the image black and white, except for the vibrant hues of the corset.

You can check out more of Skala's work by visiting his website: or his deviant art profile:


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Cmdrbond, aka Chris Christie, is a photographer from Leeds UK.  Chris's photography can be summed up in one word: Raw.  He doesn't typically shoot paid models opting instead to bring his camera along to play parties, fetish events, and other closed door areas where he shoots real people in real situations.

Chris has a quote on his deviant art profile from one of his favorite photographers, Robert Carlos Clarke, who recently passed away. 

"You get the feeling of having picked your own wild mushroom, otherwise they feel they are attached to a product and getting a lot of money for it. It's strange because it's like a hooker. It's like the difference between having sex with someone who loves you and someone you're paying . . . I much prefer to work with real people, it's much more rewarding. To work with prepared models is a bit like processed food, you tend to get something that's already been half-boiled by a bunch of other cooks. "Virgin" models are like wild strawberries - elusive, tastier and fun to find."

Beautifully worded.  Looks like Chris is blazing a trail in the footsteps of his own favorite.  We look forward to more of Chris's work.  You can find more images in his portfolio here, and he also has a website with his most recent work at


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Steve Arwendur is a self-proclaimed wildlife photographer from the UK - although his idea of wildlife may be different from the rest of ours, as most of his photos are of wildly attractive models sporting shined up latex fashions in a bevy of in-your-face poses.

His images have a distinct style and he's worked with some of the top names in fetish: SashaMia, Kumimonster, Vanessa Upton, October Noire, Vicky Decay.  Further Steve was recently published in the book "Fetish Anthology V".  You can pick this up from Amazon for about $40.  The book has over 350 pages of pictures from top names and up and comers in the fetish genre.

You can view more of Arwendurs work by visiting his website:, myspace profile, or deviantart.


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Bommi, a photographer from Essen Germnay, takes some of the most unique surreal fetish photography we've ever seen.  Some of the images you look at, and you feel as if you are walking inside of Bommi's mind, seeing his fantasies and dreams.  His shots are highly crafted, and you can tell he spent a lot of time thinking through the details of his images: the color tone, shadows, perspective.

While he has developed his own style that can be seen throughout his images, his creatively bounces from place to place, like a bullet ricocheting off a wall.  Bommi's unpredictability leads the viewer to want to click on the next image, and see what surprise might be in store.  It could be a glamour type shot of a snowboarder with no top, to a parody of barbi-dolls illustrated by a shot of a bizarre plastic surgery scene. 

You can find more of Bommi's work at his personal website:  With a variety of shots, imagination, and scenes, you will not be disappointed! 


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Spyke-DFR photography is 25 year old Tom (nickname Spyke) of the UK, a self professed conoisseur of porn and photographer extraordinaire.  Photography has become Spyke's passion as of late, and he's gone so far as to return to school to get his Bachelor of Arts in photography.

You can tell Spyke loves his craft - he has over 600 images in his portfolio, many of them focusing on fetish fashions with a smattering of bondage here and there.  Spyke's bio states that he has been shooting for the last 4 years and upon completion of his degree  "I plan to work for fetish/adult companies and magazines continuing to produce strong and interesting images".

Spyke is also working on putting together a book of his fetish and erotic work.  We look forward to his progress and continuing ambitions.  You can checkout more of his large volume of work at his DeviantArt profile and his personal website:

Pirate Photography

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Arrrr matey, Pirate Photography is here to take pictures of your booty!  Bad jokes aside, Pirate Photography is 21 year old Stephanie Wood, an experimental photographer from the UK.  Wood is currently finishing up school studying English Literature and she loves "my cat more than most people." 

She uses a Fujifilm S9600, resides in Lincolnshire, and enjoys photography, reading, poetry, dancing.  Pirates favorite photographers are: lithiumpicnic, Perry Gallagher, Micheal Helms - excellent choices!

Despite her youth, Wood has already published a book entitled "Pretty Persuasion" which you can purchase at  It has a collection of pin up, burlesque, alternative fashion and conceptual photography.  Her photos can be hard and gritty, in your face shots of a range of models.  Definitely fun to look at, as you never know what you might get next.  You can view more of her work at her website:

Lithium Picnic

March 11, 2009 by admin

If you don't know the work of Lithium Picnic, aka Phillip Warner of Houston Texas, you don't know the scene.  Simply put, there is a reason why everyone knows who he is - his work does the talking for him and it is phenomenal! 

Lithium picnic has shot most if not all of the big names in the alternative / fetish community.  His images have a style and edge that comes from years of shooting and perfecting his craft into something uniquely his own.  Currently Phillip shoots for Zivity, Deviant Nation, and his own website.  According to his bio, "His work has been published world wide and featured on, the E Channel, MTV, a trailer for CSI-NY and in galleries across the US and Germany."

We are such fans of Lithium Picnic, it's hard to critique his work.  If you would like to read up on the man behind the camera, Philip has his own blog where he shares occasional photos and talks about up and coming projects and travels.

Kinky Style

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Kinky Style (great name), aka, Patrick Ceuppens, is a 36 year old male nude photographer from Beglium.  Patricks portfolio features a ton of latex, a healthy dose of bondage, some leather, and an array of stunning models many of whom are internationally known.

Patrick has his own paysite where he sells his own calendars and prints:  His last calendar entitled "Kinky Style 2008" featured a busty model in a transparent red latex top with black latex pants and the words "Kinky Style" across the chest in a silver applique.

Several of Patricks pictures are worthy of the term "iconic".  His style is timeless and one can tell that he takes his time to carefully craft each shot - selecting the appropriate pose, outfit, and background to bring his photos together.  You can checkout his portfolio at his website mentioned above and also deviantart.



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Hans Goessing was born in 1972 in Germany and spent his childhood years in Hong Kong.  He discovered the world of photography in Highschool.  Later he went on to get a degree in civil engineering and went on to work for a German car company.

Nevertheless, Hans passion for photographer always remained, and he found himself working as a freelance industrial photographer for part of that time.  Currently he has been focusing on portaiture, and we are thankful for it.

Hans' pictures are snapshots in time of perfectly posed models with flawless features wearing the hottest fetish couture.  His imagery has style and a touch of class that can only come from someone who is obsessed with quality.  You can view more of Hans' work at his website:


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Greg D is Greg Desiatov from Melbourne Australia.  He is a 46 year old photographer whose tools of the trade include: Canon 5D, Canon 50mm f1.4 Lens, Sigma 24-70mm f2.8 Lens, Adobe CS4.  The majority of his work are portraits and some experimental photography.

Greg has an excellent eye for color.  Looking through his photos, it is the balance of color and the way he composes a scene around color that is most striking.  You can persuse more of gregs work at his Deviant art page or his personal web page:

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