Holly D

February 11, 2009 by admin

Holly D is a 21 year old London based model and adult performer.  She has modeled for a variety of paysites and performed in fashion shows including the Skin Two rubber Ball.  She's also worked for Playboy and is featured in a show on Playboy TV.

Despite her bad girl list of modeling gigs, we found Holly's images to range from the expected deviant she-devil to innocent school girl and corporate alt office worker - and anything inbetween.  Her range of looks and styles is impressive. 

Some of the photos in her port feature dark / goth style makeup, however our favorite was the lighter tone and happy-go-lucky look of her in the latex caberet top taken by nealestat.  Holly is certianly busy, and we wish her the best in her many up and coming ventures.  You can find more information about her by visiting her deviant art portfolio or at her official paysite:


February 03, 2009 by admin

Fuchsia, aka Maria Gibson, is a 25 year old model from Sweden.  She has a lot of hobbies and passions: making clothing, jewelry, and of course modeling.  Her boyfriend is a photographer (apparently they both keep busy), and his work can be seen here:

Fuschsia's aspirations are eventually to become a teacher and she's working on her degree currently.  On weekdays Fuschia nerds out by watching Stargate, and she's obsessed with Japanese culture.

Her images are excellently done - especially the outdoors shots, which make careful use of available light and occasionally an additional flash.  The series of pictures in the royal latex long sleeved dress, self-titled, "Wellingtons", were an excellent juxtaposition of earthy fall colors and bright shiny youthful latex. 

Check out the full range of her photos by visiting her deviant art page.

Ugly Diamond

January 27, 2009 by admin

Ugly diamond - perhaps a diamond, but definitely not ugly, has been garnering more and more attention lately.  She's 21, currently resides in Scotland, and well, you're guess is as good as ours as to her ethnicity.  Diamond was recently published in Urban Ink Magazine which stated, "Though born in California, this 21 year old rebel diva has been traveling the globe since she's been old enough to walk. She has earned her celebrity status as a fixture on the "alternative modeling" scene, and her talents and beauty have garnered her a world wide fan base."

Her pictures are often moody, erotic, and damn sexy!  Her skin and look is quite different from other models in the alternative genre, and renders her hard to forget.  Diamond has done alot of photoshoots with Maxine Avet, and together they make excellent work.

Diamond has a youtube channel where you can see her be herself and act up like a typical 21 year old.  Apparently she quite the party girl as well - as you can read for yourself from her livejournal page

If not already a superstar of the alt genre, Diamond is well on her way.  Her portfolio of images is simply breathetaking, and one looks, looks a little closer, and then looks again, as Diamond has a way of mesmerizing her viewers.  We wish the best for her and what will surely be a prosperous career in the world of modeling and media.  Check out her images, but be forewarned, you may not be able to leave:

January Seraph

January 20, 2009 by admin


January Seraph is a model deaply imeshed in the fetish scene.  She's frequented tons of fetish parties and modeled at many of them.  Recently she has partnered with a fetish production company, Smutty Productions, with whom she has launched two femdom websites. 

In regards to her fetish photography, the majority of her work seems to involve latex or bondage (and sometimes both).  Seraph has quite a broad range of looks.  Her shots with Isaac Madera are soft and pretty, almost girl next door looking.  However, she transitions to hardened harlot in the harsh lighting and bound ropes with her shoot by Gwen Media.  She transforms herself once again to a sophisticated / elegant beauty in her shot by Alex LaMarsh of (the blue cast shot of her in the latex corset.)

According to Seraph's blog she has come a long way, having battled with addiction in the past, and is now traveling the road to success with quite a busy schedule of business and art endeavors.  We wish the best of luck to her in this upcoming year and hope to see more of her artistic works. 


Industrial Girl

January 12, 2009 by admin

Industrial Girl describes herself as "just a normal girl" and more of a tomboy than anything else, but we prefer to think of her as extraordinary!  Quotes from her myspace page include "it's not porn... it's art" referring to her photography and "I am basically a teen aged boy in a girls body". 

According to her profile she's single, but we find that hard to believe.  She's of Asian descent, 32 years old, and is based out of Seattle, Washington.  IG is into video games and a self proclaimed geek who reads computer books and watches Lord of the Rings.  She's also musically inclined and has played in a band called Glis which toured in Scotland, Mexico, and LA.  She has an interest in latex, porn, and art and her interests become apparent after checking out her many fetish / alt photos.

To learn more about Industrial Girl visit her Myspace page:

She also keeps a live journal:

Lastly, she has a website that she is working on (as of the timeof this writing it is not working):

Drastique Plastique

January 08, 2009 by admin

Drastique Plastique is German fetish model who got her start doing goth and fetish photoshoots back in 1999. She's 5 foot 4 inches tall with black hair, green eyes, tattoos on each arm, and piercings in her lips and nose. Despite her short stature she is the darling of the alt fashion community and has modeled for over 20 alternative fashion labels! Many of her shots are for the fetish latex fashion maker Fräulein Ehrhardt.

Some of the other names she has worked for are: Burlesque Couture, Rosengarn Latex, Savage wear, and Vampiria - Fashion Freax. You can find her official website at: Many of her images can also be viewed at her portfolio on DeviantArt:

Victoria Sapphire

November 26, 2008 by admin

Dark haired with an even darker spirit, Victoria Sapphire aka her monicker on Myspace and ModelMayhem, is a long legged model located in Columbus Ohio.  She's into corseting and can corset down to 6 to 8 inches, and she's into a variety of fetish undertakings including the following looks: Alt / Dominatrix / Retro / Bondage/Top / Rigger / Fetish / Gothic. 

She's attended FetishCon, shot for LeatherRealm catalog, and been in a commercial for House of Nightmares.  According to her Myspace page she's 69 (quite the sense of humor) although not to be rude but we would guess she's in her 20's.  Currently she's undertaking to create her own pay website, not uncommon amoung fetish models.

You can learn more about her by visiting her:

MySpace page: 

Model Mayhem:

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