Miss Madria

May 28, 2009 by admin

Miss Madria is a model from Montreal Quebec Canada who speaks both French and English.  She began modeling at a young age and in the last couple of years has made a big name for herself within the fetish scene.  Not content to only model, Madria also gives live performances.

Madria has a look of perpetual youth, which springs from the soft features of her face.  Her interests include: Photography, Latex, Shoes, Corsets, Lingerie & Music.  Recently she has done a lot of traveling going from photoshoots in New York, Paris France, and the German Fetish Ball in Berlin most recently. 

You can keep up with her latest travels and images by visiting her website:


May 19, 2009 by admin

"Kumimonster" - need we say more?  Kumi is one of the top fetish models known around the world for her amazing work.  She's a mainstay at all the big international fetish events, and has worked with renowned photographers such as Christine Kessler, Steve Diet Goedde, and more.

Currently her residence is stated as Austria, however a quick look at her profile shows her traveling constantly (Bologna Italy, Paris France, London England).  This is one woman who stays on the go! 

Kumi has a shaved head, several artful tattoos, and a closet full of latex and fetish garments.  Her favorite quote is " life is too short to suffer amateurs", and you certainly won't when checking out her portfolio.  You can view Kumi on her personal site:  You can also check her out at DeviantArt.

Idelsy of Love and Death Project

April 23, 2009 by admin

Love and Death project is a collaboration between the beautiful and exotic model Idelsy and her boy toy / photographer Sebastian.  Based out of the US sunshine state of Miami Florida, they begin experimenting with latex and fetish photography quite a few years back in early 2007. 

Idelsy gets her exotic look from her Cuban / Lebanese background.  Her favorite foods are crab legs, chocolate, merlot, and coca-cola.  As quoted from her website: "I have a major latex fetish... I adore wearing super high heels... the restraint of an incredibly tight corset and slipping on a pair of silk stockings.. nothing makes me feel more like a woman. I also have a rubber ducky fetish. :)"

Let's be honest, who doesn't have a rubber ducky fetish.  You can checkout more of her amazing fetish photography at their website:  Idesly also has a deviant art page and Myspace account that she regulary updates with news.  Definitely go and check them out.  Love and Death project features collaborations with some of the hottest models we've never heard of (along with some that we have).  Must be the Florida weather that draws such beautiful people...


April 07, 2009 by admin

Escura is a powerful model from Canada whose images never fail to tintillate.  She's done at least 1 fetish workshop photo session in Vancouver and is well known in the fetish photography scene.  Ecsura has worked with the likes of models such as Natallie Adams and Jasmine Worth as well as the following photographers: Ken Nash, Perry Gallagher, Micael Helms, and S-U-B-L-I-M-E. 

Her interests are: life, art, coffee, modeling, and tattoos.  According to her profile, Escura has over 20 hours worth of tats.  Put high pain threshold as one of her qualities as well :)   

We loved browsing through Escuras portfolio and found several images that could be considered iconic.  Images that stain your mind and you never forget.  You can also found her at modelmayhem.

Avoid Contact

March 24, 2009 by admin

Avoid Contact is bright eyed and bright haired Josefien Hoekstra from the Netherlands.  Her look is that of youthful innocence with light skin paired against striking red hair.  With delicate features, mildly pouty lips, and a fitting nordic look considering her origins, Josefien is naturally photogenic.

She is able to walk easily between genre's, and can shoot a slick deviant dominatrix to sweet and soft portrait suitable for a mainstream fashion magazine.  A considerable amount of her work includes latex fashions and she is a member of the following DeviantArt groups: Death Chicks, Alternative models, Deviant Dolls, and Kinky Curves

You can find more images of Josefien at her DeviantArt page or you can check her out at her personal website where she showcases her art, photography, and modeling:


March 17, 2009 by admin


Airnsun is a 31 year old 5'11 Amazon model from the sunny Bay area of California.  She has a daughter and describes her goals as " working with books and music and raise my daughter. my goal is to someday have my own farm and publishing company. PLAY."

Her photos are edgy, naughty, and she has done quite a bit of fetish work.  Her height is striking, and almost every photo of her you remain fixated on the long legs and powerful stature of Airnsun.  She describes herself as honest, easy to work with, and kind - which is good, because we're pretty sure she could kick your ass if she wanted!  You can view more of her work at DeviantArt and Modelmayhem.



March 11, 2009 by admin

Aijin is a 25 year old originating from Southern California and currently residing in Pleasant Hill.  She's a huge fan of cartoons and her favorite video game is Kingdom Hearts.  Other than modeling for cool ass photos, her interests include: Photography, Rollerskating, Makeup, Fashion, Video Games, and Art.

Aijin has a vibrant tatto on her right arm and another on her waist.  Her short usually spikey hair radiates the energy that Aijin portrays in her photos.  Her portfolio ranges from creative, bondage, fetish and alternative.  One can tell from her images that she is a free spirit and willing to try new things.  You can checkout her portfolio here

Darla Darkling

March 03, 2009 by admin

Darla Darkling is an absolute dear - having first hand knowledge of working with her ourselves.  She shot our first news video welcoming visitors to the site.  If you haven't checked it out go watch it.  Not only is Darla a natural when it comes to posing, but she also has prior video experience.  She once interviewed professional wrestlers for a WWE exclusive!

Confident and fun to work worth are words we would use to describe Darla.  Her port reflects her attitude and you can see more of her by visiting the following links:


February 24, 2009 by admin

Amalthea is a sultry dark haired model whose made such iconic shots as the "Twins in the Field" in latex.  She's worked with fetish model Ulorin Vex quite a bit, as they do share a striking resemblance to each other, and in their sets they tend to pose as twins.

Amalthea is 23 and currently resides in the UK.  Final Fantasy 7 is her favorite video game, and she's a bit of a gamer - watch out techies!  Her monicker comes from "Amalthea from The Last Unicorn" and her favorite band are the Foo Fighters.

Her photographs are sensual and erotic, but with a touch of softness that is often missing from the fetish genre.  You can view more of her work by visiting


February 19, 2009 by admin

Aenux is a 21 year old model from Calgary Canada whose shot everything from Fetish to Nudes to Commercial.  Her about me profile on Zivity states: "I'm a nudist, a rubberist and a high heel fetishist. I have an addiction to changing my hair color constantly and to collecting magazines with pretty pictures. I also secretly adore singing the Billie Holiday version of Gloomy Sunday."

Her favorite bands are: Massive Attack, Tom Waits, and the Chili Peppers and her favorite films are: Secretary, The Royal Tenenbaums, Run Lola Run, Zero Effect, Snatch, The Princess Bride - what an ecletic mix!

Her photography is much like her personal tastes, with a diverse range of interesting and spirited shots.  You can checkout more about Aenux by visiting her deviantart portfolio, zivity account,  or modelmayhem port.

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