Stella Van Gent

December 16, 2009 by admin

Stella's fetish pictures are prolific throughout the web.  This long legged German has shot with tons of fetish photographers and a quick google search for her name shows you how much work she has done!

According to her bio, Stella's favorite books are "The history of 0", "Courage to the humility", "Bizzare", her favorite films are "Tokyo Decadence", "Eyes wide shut", "Story of O", and any porn from Andrew Blake, and her current occupation is flight attendant.  Anyone lucky enough to be on one of her flights has nothing to worry about - if the plane goes down you can die happy that you have met her :)

She favors the following latex manufacturer's: Latex Latex from Honour, Simon O, Jazzy Fashion, Fraulein Erhardt.  Hobbies include the obvious - modeling, attending fetish parties, and traveling.  You can checkout more of Stella by visiting her at: (Official site)

Below Stella models a latex catsuit from one of her favorite fetish manufacturers - Simon O.


December 07, 2009 by admin

Siam, or Madame Siam as she sometimes goes by, is a fetish model from the UK currently residing in Los Angeles California.  Her interests are: Fetish photography, latex, bondage, BDSM, Vogue, Travel, Painting, and Taxidermy.  Siam's look has progressed from an innocent blonde to the more steely fetish look, as her hair color dictates.

She's shot an Erotica workshop with Michael Helms and Perry Gallagher and she's doing another with Adam Chilson on "Intermediate Studio Lighting".  In terms of collaborating Siam is looking for:

  • Kinky fashion stuff
  • Nudes and figure studies
  • Fetish work (rope/smoke/heels/rubber/pony-girl etc)
  • Lingerie and glamour/pin-up
  • Workshops
  • Alternative & naughty magazines/print
  • Runway/alt fashion shows

You can checkout more of her images at the following links:

Witness her cuteness via youtube below (smoking her first hookah):


November 19, 2009 by admin

Sinteque - a great chosen name for a model whose essence is mysterious, vampy, dark, and very sensual.  She has shot a lot of fashions for the latex company Savage Wear.  Self described interests are fairly clear, "Fetish, fetish, fetish".  Sinteque's musical interests include Industrial, Neo Folk, EBM and her favorite cartoon character is Zim.

since I was a child I had these preferences for symbols of female power - high heels, lipstick, miniskirts- plainly everything that turns a girl into a seductive vamp.  Up to this day I could not resist the fascination of fetish clothing rather embracing it. I just love to take on different roles...

In recent news Sinteque along with fetish models Sway and Madelaine are the new models for French designer label ARROGANCE.  She will also be attending the Bohème Noir party in Berlin on November 21st.  You can find more info about Sinteque by visiting her paysite, myspace, or devaintArt profile listed below:


You can also check her out in the youtube video below.  It's a video of her participation in the German Fetish Ball modeling fashions for Savage Wear:



November 09, 2009 by admin

This femme fatale hailing from Poland brings a dark and serious tone, layered in sexuality to her photography.  Srebrnica's self described interests are working out, her favorite cartoon character is Trent Lane, Charles Bukowski is her favorite read, and as far as music goes, K. Staszewski rocks her world.

We love the collection of images in Srebrnica's portfolio.  She is highly dedicated and interested in her art and we can't wait to see it grow.  As quoted from her modelmayhem port:

I'm full of dedication, my head is full with ideas and ready for something new, my wardrobe is full of unique clothes, accessories and high-heel boots. It shouldn't be wasted.

You can find more info here:


September 24, 2009 by admin

Sweden produces excellent talent in the realm of fetish models and photographers and Navalith (Sandra) is no exception.  Like a chameleon, she is an expert at changing her look.  Sandra sells and makes dread extensions, many of which can be seen in her photos. 

She has a peirced lip and nose, but no apparent tattoos.  Her style is edgy and underground, feminine with a touch of alternative mixed in.  Checkout her website for more photos and to purchase dreads:

Betty Jaded

September 10, 2009 by admin

Betty Jaded, hailing from sunny FLA, contacted FetishBuzz when passing through and collaborated on a summer photoshoot in Great Falls Va.  Betty travels with her cohort and photographer, and both were a blast to work with.  Her focus is just about anything fetish - as you can find shots of her in shibari rope bondage, dazzle in distress scenes, and of course latex and fetish fashions.

Always on the go, Betty keeps a tenacious schedule and is constantly putting out new work.  You can check her out on her myspace page:




August 19, 2009 by admin

Plastik Stars, aka Rachel Dashae,  is a 21 year old Richmond, Va. native with the look of neverending youth paired with green eyes that seem to emit a powerful soul.  You can see her work progress over the last couple years via her profile and today she appears to be shooting more dark, Victorian, and alternative themed photography.

Rachels favorite photographer is David LaChappelle and her self described interests are "Photography. Fashion. Geek-like things."  You can find more of Rachel at the following:

Model Mayhem:

Plus checkout a quick clip of one of her photoshoots:

Miss Pixie

July 28, 2009 by admin

Miss, Pixie, a 24 year old model from the UK with auburn hair, has soft features that translate excellently into images.  She's a huge 80's fan and her favorite music is Bowie and Tori Amos.  Her favorite cartoon character was Jem and her top rated movie is Zoolander.

Pixie is busy, busy, busy with shooting doing gigs with Skin Two, Jane Doe Latex, romping about Europe, and shooting glamour photos with some of the UK's most aspiring photographers.    She has quite the excellent collection of latex wardrobe as seen from her shots.  Our favorite was the transparent pink ruffle top with matching skirt shot on location at a snowy outdoors - absolutely wonderful! 

If you'd like to know more about Pixie you can check her out at one of many locations:


July 16, 2009 by admin

Omega86's pictures are as futuristic and mod as her chosen monicker.  This 21 year-old Polish model loves electronic music and Tim Burton movies.  The Burton influence is easily recognized in some of the Macab work that Omega has done.  Her style ranges from metallic futuristic, Macab / dark, to pinup and fetish style photos.

Omega's home is actually listed as Poland and Germany.  Some of the world's best latex outfits comes from Germany, and we absolutely loved her series with the Savage Wear ruffled skirt and outfit as well as the military look that she put together.  To find out more about Omega, checkout her Deviant art page.  She also has a website that does not appear to be working at the moment:

Miss Conduct

June 22, 2009 by admin

Miss Conduct's fiery red hair matches her personality and style as can be witnesssed from her over the top photo shoots.  She currently resides in Hollywood California - what better place could there be for this firecracker!  Her interests are self-described as "unhealthy" and her favorite quote is:

Why kill time when you can kill yourself

Conduct is a huge hockey fan and she's done a photoshoot in a full latex hockey uniform, tied up on the ice to a goal.  You can find her personal website at:  You can also read up on her at her myspace page or livejournal.

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