Nena Ristic

March 04, 2010 by pvc

Born on February 16, 1982 in Serbia, Nena Ristic is a Serbian model. She speaks four other languages besides English which include Slav, German, French and Italian. Since 2003, she has worked as a model in Paris. Her work includes fashions shows being a protagonist for a few television shows and in calendars for popular magazines. At times, she has guested in many television programs. Her photos can be seen used in magazines and newspapers. Her fame came from her exposure in hit 2006 and 2007 wall calendars. She has also posed for magazines like “Maxim” and featured on their front cover. Other front cover magazine appearances she’s seen in are “Matrix”, “Fox uomo” October 2005 and “Cover” December 2007. In another rare sighting of Nena in fetish, she poses for a Jessica Rabbit shoot in a high gloss PVC dress and gloves. I’ve also included a video of the shoot as well.

Claudia Black

March 03, 2010 by pvc

As a continuation from yesterday’s Australian, today’s entry is Australian actress Claudia Black. She best remembered for playing the character Aeryn Sun in the science fiction TV series of “Farscape” as well as the sci-fi character Vala Mal Doran in the “Stargate SG-1” series. She became a regular for Stargate SG-1 in the tenth and final season. Before her regular showing, she played a recurring character for season eight and nine. It was the episode “Prometheus Unbound” where she made her debut. She has made appearances in two Stargate SG-1 Direct-to-DVD movies which are “Stargate: The Ark of Truth” and “Stargate: Continuum”. After the second, she made it clear she will not be returning for a third.   


Besides being seen on Australian TV and movies, she is also seen in New Zealand’s programs. A few other showings include playing Jill Mayhew who is a hermaphrodite in Australia’s TV series of “Good Guys Bad Guys” and playing Angela Kostapas a Greek lawyer in the New Zealand soap opera “City Life”.


Her role in Farscape earned her a nomination for the Saturn Award in the Best Actress category for two years in 2001 and 2002. It finally paid off in 2005 when she won the award. Must have been for being a hot babe in PVC in her episode Promises (season 4). In 2004, according to Scifi WorldNet, she was voted as their “#7 Hottest Scifi Babe”. Claudia is also a professional jazz and classical music singer.


Back on Friday May 16, 2008 at 9 p.m. (E/P) on CBS, she was scheduled to guest star for the season finale of “Moonlight”. Believe me, it was a perfect way to end a season as she as well as four other “Cleaners” suit up in PVC catsuits. Claudia stars as the lead cleaner in the new vampire detective series of Moonlight. Her mission was to clean up messes left by vampires. This includes murders and feedings to fix the criminal justice system as well as to prevent the world from finding out about the existence of vampires. In this particular season 1, episode 16 titled “Sonata”, a vampire kills a human lover in the heat of passion threatening in the hopes to expose the esoteric vampire underground to the world. Claudia is partnered by Cleaner #4 Jacleen Haber who also gets suited up in a PVC catsuit to do some cleaning. To see some of clips of the episode, I included two videos Part I and Part II below.
























Part I

Part II


Dannii Minogue

March 02, 2010 by pvc

The younger sister of Kylie Minogue, Dannii Minogue is also an Australian singer and an actress. (See Kylie Minogue in my September 28, 2009 entry) Born with the name Danielle Jane Minogue, she is compared to her big sister by media often and I will get more to it later in the entry. For now, one thing she follows her sister is her taste in fetish as she uses latex fashion her videos as we will also see later on.


Dannii first began her career as a child on Australian TV. It was in the early 1980s when she took on roles with the Australian TV talent show “Young Talent Time” in 1981 and soap opera “Home and Away”. At seven, she made appearances on other soap operas such as “Skyways” and “The Sullivans”. She even recorded her first solo recording that included the cover version of Madonna’s hit single “Material Girl”. (See my Madonna entry in the July 02, 2009 media entry) Her work as an actress gained popularity among the Australian audiences that she received a nomination for a “Silver Logie” for being the Most Popular Actress on Australian TV.


In September 1988, she launched a fashion line by the name of “Dannii”. The line was such a big success that it sold out across Australia in ten days and continued on three other summer lines in 1989. The same year at the age of nine, she signed on with Australian-based Mushroom Records in January 1989. The same name as her fashion line “Dannii”, her debut album launched the next year placing #24 in the Australian albums chart. The same album was released in 1991 outside of Australia this time under “Love and Kisses” and sat at a top 10 hit spot. The single for this album placed at #4 on the Australian singles chart and was certified gold. This also made a top 10 on the singles chart in the UK.


The early 1990s was a time when she began her career as a pop singer. Her first album released hits like “Love and Kisses” and “This is It”. Because her second album didn’t gain public success, she leaned toward TV presenting. By mid 1994, she did her work as a presenter co-hosting Channel 4’s morning show “The Big Breakfast” in the UK. In April 1997, she stars as Rizzo as a stage debut in the musical “Grease: The Arena Spectacular”. The next year in 1998 at the MO Awards, she once again received a nomination for her part as “Best Female Musical Theater Performer”.  


Then in the late 1990s, she made her way back to music creating dance song “All I Wanna Do” which became her first #1 UK Club hit. In 2001 things became better with the launch of her “Who Do You Love Now?” which became her best worldwide hit to date. Her album “Neon Nights” eventually became her most successful album of her musical career. For the records in the UK, she attained twelve consecutive #1 dance singles making her the best-performing artist on the UK Upfront Club Chart. 


In June 2006, she decided to put out a greatest hits album titled “The Hits & Beyond”. This album included new songs as well as singles from her four studio albums. The hits album made its debut at #17 in the UK albums chart and took a fall holding for seven weeks in the top 25. At a disappointing #67, this album placed in Australia as one of her lowest charting albums. The album also featured her new single “So Under Pressure” which was motivated by the cancer diagnoses of her sister Kylie and a friend. I certainly agree the song was inspired by her sister as later you will see her flashing off her fetish attire in the video just like her big sister.


In 2007, she became a judge in the Network 7’s show “Australia's Got Talent”. She also was judge and mentor for ITV’s “The X Factor” in the fourth series.      



I've finally been accepted as me. It's a fantastic opportunity, for once, not to be compared with Kylie. At last, I've found my own slot.”


It has been through her career she has been compared to her older sister Kylie. She has also quoted:


It is hard to be compared all the time to Kylie. On the other hand, however, people will always try to compare you to somebody. Look at Britney and Christina.”


(See my earliest entries for Britney Spears July 01, 2009 and Christina Aguilera August 10, 2009 posting) It was on December 3 when she released her new single “Touch Me Like That”. It made its premiere on BBC Radio 1 on the Scott Mills Show in the morning of October 3, 2007. The single placed #48 on the UK singles chart and it helped that her video in latex added an extra bonus.


It was in October 1995, Dannii made an extreme decision to posed nude in the edition of “Playboy” (Australia) magazine.


just had a marriage break-up. Most women go to the hairdressers – I did Playboy. I chose the photographer, the location, what I did or didn't want to wear and everything else about the pictures. I found it a really liberating, empowering experience.”


Also featured on the front of the magazine, this issue sold out in less than four days. It became one of the best-selling editions in Australia. She made another nude posing in 2004, wrapped only in a red ribbon to promote World AIDS Day in Australia and the UK. Other magazines she’s graced the covers of include Harpers Bazaar April 1998, NW New Woman October 2007, Cosmopolitan September 2008 & (UK) December 2009 and Glamour March 2010. This year she is scheduled to release a new single with dance group The Freemasons and is now a judge on The X Factor and Australia’s Got Talent.


























































Sophie B. Hawkins

March 01, 2010 by pvc

A while ago I remember Sophie B. Hawkins with hit tunes like “Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover” and “As I Lay Me Down”. I liked her then but, now she paints an even better picture with me loving her in her rare sighting in a PVC catsuit. Known as Sophie B. Hawkins, her full name is Sophie Ballantine Hawkins and she is a singer, songwriter, musician and a painter.


In 1992, her first album was released titled “Tongues and Tails”. The album exploded to worldwide commercial fame and critical acclaim. The success of the album won her a 1993 Grammy nomination for Best New Artist. Featured on the album was Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover and the single placed #5 in the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart and a top 20 hit in the UK. Then in 1994, her second album “Whaler” was released. This album included As I Lay Me Down which became a top 10 hit as well as gold status. Her hit “Right Beside You” placed #13 and she had three singles that placed in the top 40 in the UK.


Later in 2004, she released work on her first independently recorded and released album titled “Wilderness”. Aside from her music work, she supports animal rights. Also a vegan, rumors say that she is a lesbian but, the truth from her website confirms she is bisexual. In a rare sighting of Sophie in fetish, she is seen in the 2001 movie “Beyond the City Limits” in a PVC catsuit. In this movie a.k.a. “Rip it Off”, she plays the character Lucy Spatt who is a barmaid/pole dancer in a club who wears a black PVC catsuit as her uniform.


Caylian Curtis

February 25, 2010 by pvc

It is just about inevitable to not have fetish and porn together. With Caylian Curtis who is a Czech pornographic actress, I had to do a number of editing with the photo postings as she does her latex skirt strip tease. I was only able to post a few selected photos of her in her latex modeling. For those who want to see the full unedited version, you have to either go to:

or see her in latex & rubber in Marquis & HeavyRubber which are hardcore fetish magazines.


Caylian goes by a number of aliases such as Kathy Lee, Kateřina Stankova (as Playmate), Kateriny Stankove, Kathy Birch and Kitty. Late 2006 was a busy year for her as she began to build a name for herself. In that summer, she starred in the Pierre Woodman’s trilogy “XCalibur”. A few weeks later, she became the Czech Playboy Playmate of the Month featured in the “Playboy” September 2006 issue. She was also the Woodman Entertainment’s first main signed on performer. Below are thumbnail photos of one of her porn shoots in a black latex skirt, enjoy! 


Seka Aleksić

February 24, 2010 by pvc

Svetlana Aleksić is better known as Seka Aleksić. She is a Bosnian turbo-folk star and has even starred as “Smokvica” who is the girlfriend of a Turbo-folk star in the Serbian movie “We Are Not Angels 3” (Serbian: Ми нисмо анђели 3, Mi Nismo Anđeli 3) Even though she recorded all of her music albums in Serbia, her fame comes from all of the ex-Yugoslavian countries. Mostly performed in cities with ex-Yugoslav diaspora, she has done shows all over Europe. In her earlier years, she began her singing career singing Ceca’s songs in cafés. She then decided to take her career to another level relocating to Switzerland for two years to gain more exposure in clubs and discothèques.


In 2002, she made her debut public appearance as a singer at the Music Festival in the small town of Ćuprija, Serbia. Her appearance there caught the attention of people and they saw her as the new, modern Bosnian-Serbian turbo-folk icon. Along with her work in music, she supplemented it with a clothing line launched at the same time of her third and fourth albums. She released clothing line “Rich Bitch” and “Queen” along with albums “Dođi i uzmi me” and “Kraljica” respectively. Queen came out on the Fall of 2007. As for Kraljica meaning Queen, Seka is on the cover of the album in latex stockings. She models the latex stockings again for a shoot for a Red Club flyer and breaks out the PVC wear in her music video from track #3 “Boli stara ljubav” off of the Kraljica album.   


























































Emmy Rossum

February 23, 2010 by pvc

Actress Emmanuelle Grey Rossum is also a singer-songwriter. She is known for appearing in movies such as “The Day After Tomorrow”, “Poseidon”, “The Phantom of the Opera” and “Mystic River”. A native born very close to me in New York City, New York, she was named after her grandfather “Emanuel”. Given the name Emmanuelle, she is better remembered as Emmy. She also happens to be the niece of Vera Wang related by marriage.


In 1997, she made her first TV appearance as a guest as Alison Martin in “Law & Order”. In 2000, she played the part of a young Audrey Hepburn in the ABC TV movie “The Audrey Hepburn Story”. (See my past posting on Audrey Hepburn) This same year in 2000, she starred as Deladis Slocumb an Appalachian orphan in “Songcatcher” making this her first major big screen appearance. Early last year in 2009, she played in the classic “Dragonball Evolution”. She mentions her role in Dragonball being the hardest thing she’s ever done.


When else am I ever going to get to wear a latex cat suit and shout, ‘Did you steal my dragonball?’” 

In 2001, she graduated from the Manhattan private school Spence School. With the help of online extension courses offered by Stanford University’s Education Program for Gifted Youth (EPGY), she graduated high school at 15 years old and received her diploma. She is now currently a student at Columbia University.


During the early millennium, “Variety” magazine quoted Emmy as “One of the Ten to Watch” in 2000. She has also been seen on the front magazine covers of “Elle” January 2005, “Vegas” June 2009 and “Jack” (Italy) December 2009. The picture of Emmy in latex is also from a shoot in the Jack (Italy) December 2009 issue. In the “Maxim” June 2009 “Hot 100” issue, she was ranked as #67. The last photo came from the live awards ceremony recognizing her #67 spot in Maxim. I wouldn’t have expected anything less especially with her looking her hottest in latex. 



Katherine Jenkins

February 22, 2010 by pvc

Katherine Jenkins is a Welsh classical-popular crossover singer. Her music is a combination of arias, hymns, light classical music and popular songs. Beginning of this year, she is scheduled as one of two mentors or judge on ITV1’s “Popstar to Operastar” on the regular Friday night show. In her earlier years from1990 to 1996, she joined as a member of the Royal School of Church Music Cathedral Singers. Her talent won the St Cecilia Award which is the highest RSCM award for female choristers. For three years, she was also a member of the National Youth Choir of Wales winning the BBC Radio 2 Welsh Choirgirl of the Year contest twice as well as the BET Welsh Choirgirl of the Year competition. She continued to overachieve winning the the Pelenna Valley Male Voice Choir Scholarship for the most potential for a young singer. This led to her winning a scholarship to study at the Royal Academy of Music at 17 years old. There she had the opportunity to study Italian, German, French and Russian. Once again, she graduated with honors along with a music teacher’s diploma.


With her teaching diploma, she did work as a freelance singing teacher as a tour guide on the London Eye. Along the same time she modeled as a contestant in a modeling competition eventually becoming the Face of Wales 2000. She then took to a passion with a musical career. Her luck changed when the Universal Classics & Jazz heard her demo and she was invited for an interview. During the interview, she gave it her best singing Rossini's “Una voce poco fa”. The interview turned out to be a success that they offered her a six-album deal which turned out to be the most lucrative in the UK’s classical recording history worth an estimated £1 million.


No time wasted, from 2004 to 2008 she sold more than 4,000,000 copies with six out of seven of her albums peaking #1 in the classical charts. Her debut album “Premiere”, became her fastest-selling mezzo-soprano to date and earned the title as the first British classical crossover artist to achieve two #1 albums in the same year. Along with that title, she also became the first female artist to win two consecutive Classical BRIT Awards. The second album “Second Nature”, sat at the #16 spot under the UK pop charts and became the Album of the Year in the 2005 BRIT Awards.


On August 28, 2005, she made her first performance live at Nostell Priory, West Yorkshire with the Italian version of Dolly Parton’s “I Will Always Love You” (L'Amore Sei Tu). This song was the first on her third album “Living A Dream”. Following this album’s release, she was able to hold the top three spots in the classical crossover music chart. It also stayed at the #1 spot for close to a year and #4 in the pop album charts. Once again, she also won the classical BRIT award for Album of the Year with the third album.


On November 6, 2006, her fourth album was launched placing #5 in the mainstream charts. The anticipated success from her past albums made it easier to sell over 50,000 copies in its first week resulting as a record for its genre and monopolizing the top four albums on HMV’s classical charts. Then on November 19, 2007, her fifth album “Rejoice” was released. This time the album ended up as #3 in the pop album charts surpassing the Spice Girls and Girls Aloud. (See my original Media entries last year on both groups)


 I never imagined when I was a young girl listening to them on the radio that I would outsell the Spice Girls and Celine Dion. It’s almost too much to take in. I can’t thank my fans enough for all their support.”


Then on October 20, 2008, “Sacred Arias” was released departing as her last album with Universal Music. She moved on signing with Warner Music and in October 19, The Telegraph quoted that she signed on the biggest classical recording deal in history for $10 million (£5.8 million). It was on October 26, 2009, when she released her newest album “Believe” which was her first with Warner Music. During the beginning of 2007, she was recognized by British young people’s Sunday Times Rich List for the first time. She was ranked as the 62nd richest young person in the UK worth around £9 million. By the end of 2006, it was said she sold around two million records since her 2004 debut.


Katherine has also made appearances in other events and on the television. In September 2007, she walked the catwalk for Naomi Campbell’s Fashion Relief event for charity in a Julien MacDonald dress. (See my Naomi Campbell past entry) The dress was then bought for £10,000 by Sir Philip Green. On October 21, 2007, she sang “Time to Say Goodbye” along with Andrea Bocelli on the “Strictly Come Dancing” results show. In December 15th, she made another performance singing “You Raise Me Up” on “The X Factor” final with contestant Rhydian Roberts. Then on the fifth series, episode 3 of “The Apprentice”, she sang Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” for the winning team Ignite as part of a private recital. This show was finally aired on March 8, 2009 on BBC One.


With Katherine’s success in life, she also experienced regrets as well. She admitted in November 2008 to “The Daily Mail” then when she was a student she experimented with class A drugs (cocaine and ecstasy) and cannabis. She then went on and added that she was introduced to them by peers at the London’s Royal College of Music. She decided to turn her life around in 2003 quitting the drugs after signing her record deal.

 the biggest regret of my life

All of the photos of Katherine in her rubber dress came from her performance on October 24, 2009 in concert at GAY at the Heaven Nightclub in London. She was 29 years old at the time promoting her new album “Believe” which was scheduled to release the next day. At least in the appearance I am a full believer on how sexy she really can be in her rubber dress. Looks like the Spice Girls and Girls Aloud had a positive influence on her in fashion too!



Sofia Gucci

February 18, 2010 by pvc

Born on June 9, 1986 in Romania, Sofia Gucci is an Italian model and is most known for her work as a porn star. She has been in famous movies such as “Chantages sexuels”, “The butterfly: Intrigo e potere”, “Note di passione” and “Con tutto l'amore che”. She is also seen on the cover of “Vanity Spy”. As you can see, this Italian model surely lives up to her high end name Gucci in hot red PVC lingerie.

Dannii Harwood

February 18, 2010 by pvc

Born Danielle Lisa Harwood in 1982, Dannii Harwood is a British model born in Neath, South Wales. She has made appearances in a number of television programs such as BBC 1’s Test the Nation, Soccer AM, Challenge TV Casino Casino, S4C’s Heno! and Mousakka and Chips movie playing Jenny Marks. She has also been in just about the same amount of appearances in commercials as well including Phone net work bar TV, Channel 5, Sky Sports, Sunday Sport TV and Renult Clio.


Aside from the screen, she is seen in many areas on paper. She has features and stories in national newspapers like The Sun, The News of the World, The Daily Star, The Saturday Star, The Sunday Star, The Sunday People, The Daily Sport, The Saturday Sport and The Sunday Sport. Dannii has also made a presence in a number of magazines including Loaded, Men’s Health, Ice, Front, Nuts, Zoo, Bizarre, FHM, Max Power and Heat. After winning the competition for “The Little Black Book”, for half of a year she had her own monthly column in “Maxim”. She was even associated with “Playboy” as their official Playboy Bunny in the PSP game “Playboy The Mansion”. No doubt Dannii is a sexy model but, as a bonus she does a lot work for fetish websites and amateur photographers. She claims that her best pictures of all time come from this area of work. She clearly makes a perfect feature for Fetish Buzz’s Fetish in the Media column. Good to know models like Dannii represent the love for fetish on the rise.











































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