Jennifer Lopez

July 01, 2009 by pvc

Some time not so long ago, Fashion magazine featured Jennifer Lopez in the hottest pants around! Known for her super hot bootie, she really capitalized it wearing super hot shiny pants. Love the pants, her hips and the whole works. I guess there's a reason why I saw a pad lock on her outfit.


Michelle Pfeiffer

July 01, 2009 by pvc

Let me rewind a little and take you back to the best Batman classic ever! This one was Michelle Pfeiffer starred as Catwoman. Hands down she made the best and hottest catwoman. I think she was the one who broke all trends! I loved her classic pvc catsuit and this outfit could not get any hotter than this. I bet any woman in this outfit would have felt like the biggest princess of the world! Nothing will ever compare and come close to this hot classic. I know if I were Batman, things would be a little bit different. 

Carrie-Anne Moss

July 01, 2009 by pvc

I have to admit, The Matrix is probably the best sequel of movies around! Seeing Carrie-Anne Moss in every Matrix episode was so exciting! Keanu really had his work cut out for him! Lucky guy having her as a co-actor! I can't stress how much I loved all of her outfits as well as seeing Monica Bellucci in a beautiful latex dress. Remember the many woman that couldn't wait for Halloween every year as an excuse to be Trinity!

Angelina Jolie

July 01, 2009 by pvc

I remember watching Mr. & Mrs. Smith a while back now and Angelina never looked so good! I mean in one part of the movie, she wore this pvc/latex outfit! That was an excellent addition to the movie. I would only dream if I had a wife and I walked in on her getting dress in that outfit! I would say, one health relationship!


Britney Spears

July 01, 2009 by pvc

Who could forget Britney Spears and her infamous bad girl days!? As I remember I loved her in a couple of outfits but, her best was in a Red Catsuit! I mean she was on the roll with excellent video outfits and all I can say was maybe that was why she came up with the song "Opps I Did it Again!" That's right, another music video hit!


Shania Twain

July 01, 2009 by pvc

I remember when Shania Twain was in her prime time in her music career she came out with songs like "Man I Feel Like a Woman". Well that's when I took notice on how hot she was. She gave herself a winning bonus when I noticed she also had excellent taste other than natural beauty and singing talent. If there was any woman that can wear pvc pants, she was it! She got my attention so much I ever drew a pencil drawing of her! But, nothing trumped her Vinyl Pants! Wow she was hot and to this day still my favorite! 

A true Diva she is. She looks just as good in latex as well. As you can see she's made major upgrade improvements from her earlier days. Maybe she should revise her song to "Man I Feel like a Hot Latex Woman!"

Kate Beckinsale

July 01, 2009 by pvc

I just saw the movie Underworld Evolution recently and of course Kate Beckinsale stared in it! They couldn't have picked anyone sexier for the part. She was in the first two sequels and I have yet to see the original. What can I say, I loved it! She wore a hot pvc catsuit on with a corset as an excellent finishing touch  for her character and I just couldn't keep my eyes off of her the whole movie. The best part of the movie was when she was taking it off on the the steamy sex scene. Like I said, she instantly became a favorite with her hotness, the accent and especially that outfit she had! I love it all! 

Here she sports her sexiest outfit off the big screen at an LA party. I must say she is one sexy little devil! You just have to love this woman! This woman's got great taste! Love the catsuit matched with the red hot pants! Talk about hotter than hell!


Leather Sigred Agren

June 10, 2009 by admin

Sigred Agren wearing a fetish leather dress.

W magazines April edition had this too cool for school shot of up and coming model Sigred Agren wearing a black fetish leather dress with 1980's inspired moto friendly, weight lifting, Michael Jackson loving leather fingerless gloves.

The dress is Yves Saint Laurent, the gloves are by Hermes.  Agren says of fashion week, "I love the shows but wish I could get more sleep!"  Hard to believe she's only 16 years old! 

Rihanna's leather leggings

June 01, 2009 by admin

Rihanna wearing leather fishnet stockings in NY. Rihanna heads out in NY wearing fetish leather potted stockings. Rihanna rocking New York in fetish leather fishnet stockings. Rihanna walking down the streets of Manhatten NY in fetish leather stockings. Rihanna sporting leather fishnet stockings in Manhatten NY. Rihanna walking in fetish leather fishnet stockings in New York.

While most media outlets criticized Rihanna's decision to step out in NY in leather fishnet thigh high stockings, we applaud her risque choice of dress.  Does it look a bit over the top, well yeah, but come on, Barbados has it's own culture that's louder / sexier / more ostentatious than mainstream America.

Rihanna is a girl who despite her dating troubles is full of confidence and shows it off.  If anyone has links to where she got these please post them, as it's something we weren't able to chase down.

Shameless plug for our sponsor - you can find faux leather to make these leggings at:

Victoria Beckham Fetish Thigh Highs

May 18, 2009 by admin

Victoria Beckham wearing shiny fetish patent vinyl thigh high boots.

Looking back through our fetish in the media files, it's hard to believe this is our first Victoria Beckham entry.  Posh loves to sport the fetish wear!  We swear these shoes were inspired by "pony play" as the lack of a heel sort of resembles the "hoof" look that such fetishists love.

One has to wonder how high these patent leather boots go.  From the image it would appear they don't stop.  BTW - nice hand on the butt Mr. Beckham. 

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