Fran Drescher

July 08, 2009 by pvc

Fran Drescher an actresses in the show "The Nanny". Here in this episode she is being held up in a bank robbery. Some Valentine's Day that turned out to be. As for the bank robber, this most have made his Valentine's Day! I must say, Fran never looked better than in this this red number. I know I'm sure in love, she should have got made up like this on V-Day for me! Great outfit.

Katy Perry

July 08, 2009 by pvc

All new singer Katy Perry shows off she's got style in pvc wear as well. Not bad, we would love to see you in more of it as your career shines. As for those golden hands, I'm sure I can hold that tummy in with the real stuff. And by the way, I would like it kissing a girl too! Keep experimenting, especially with the fashion. 

Natasha Henstridge

July 08, 2009 by pvc

Natasha Henstridge is what we call perfection. She first began a her career as a Canadian fashion model which eventually turned in to acting. That's where she stars in Species and Species II. Her modeling began back at the age of thirteen with the Casablanca Modeling Agency "Look of the Year" contests. Placing as first runner up, that's where things got better for her. She was featured on her first magazine cover with the French edition of Cosmopolitan all the way to Stuff Magazine! Later on appeared in television comercials such as Olay, Old Spice, and Lady Stetson. Of course, my favorite appearence is right here on the Species series where she flashes off her flawlessness in a hot vinyl catsuit. Can't beat a model in a hot piece! Can we ask for any more perfection!? 

Janet Jackson

July 07, 2009 by pvc

Here Janet Jackson models the cover Black Book in a latex outfit. How fitting to keep her all caged up. As a talented singer, she has taste in style as well. Keep up all of the good work.

Another pic just for your imagination Janet performs in a pvc catsuit for her tour "Would You Mind" Live in Hawaii. It's too bad there weren't many pictures taken of her in that hot catsuit as she seduces a performer in her best dominatrix performance yet! Just like the tease of this pic, you have to go and watch the live performance to get the whole picture. Janet also makes an appearance in the video "Scream" dueting with her brother Michael Jackson, she tears it up in pvc pants!  

R.I.P. Michael Jackson I'm sure he's very proud of you.  


July 07, 2009 by pvc

Always on the red carpet and never a disappointment vinyl outfits seem to make it to the red carpet and definitely on the records. Here singer Mya is literally looking her best! Truely a one of a kind dress covered in the front in vinyl and the back in lace. Either way you see it, she looks sexy and looks gorgeous! My absolute favorite pic of her.

Marlboro in the Media

July 04, 2009 by pvc

As a special tribute to our country. I decided to post a special Fetish in The Media today. What better way to get more men to buy cigarettes than to advertise a bunch of hot women in flaming hot pvc outfits. Looks like the only thing hotter than racing cars was them! I'm not complaining as I wish we would see more like this around. Don't have to love what they stand for but, you gotta love what they wear!  Happy 4th of July!

Alicia Silverstone

July 03, 2009 by pvc

Another long time favorite of mine, Alicia Silverstone. An actress in "Batman" & "Crush", I can easily fall in to a crush with her in this Lip-Service catsuit! As it appears, advertising a protest to be vegan to stop killing the animals. This all looks good to me, Alicia really knows how to get the attention of the men to stop killing. Who could resist the power of a woman in a patent leather catsuit? I must say...she's Purrrfect!

Jenny McCarthy

July 03, 2009 by pvc

I've always know Jenny McCarthy as the wild one. I mean I remember her struting her stuff with latex pants on the old show Singled Out! I guess it is no surprise she has a wild side especially being one of PlayBoy's favorites. Who wants a good girl right!? Bad girls have more fun. As always, she looks pretty good here as a French Maid in a Halloween party at Pure Night Club in Las Vegas Nevada 2006. I wonder if she cleaned up after boy friend Jim Carrey's Spicy Meatballs!?

Gillian Anderson

July 03, 2009 by pvc

Playing the character of Dana Scully, Gillian Anderson has been a long time favorite of mine in the X-Files. Of course, as an FBI agent many things were kept secret. Finally the secret is out and truth is known, she has excellent taste and looks phenominal in a rubber catsuit. I always use to look forward watching her regularly in the X-Files. As it appears, I guess she retired from the X-Files and upgraded to the seX-Files! The scarlet red head was one sexy lady then and is just as hot now. Here, and excellent rubber catsuit does the trick for her. Maybe that's why the aliens abducted her, she was a space sex Goddess. You have to admit, she couldn't get any hotter than this!

Jennifer Garner

July 03, 2009 by pvc

Jennifer Garner appeared as the main characters in Alias and Elektra. Also making the cover page of Rolling Stone Magazine. I have to admit, this blue latex looks fantastic on her. It really made her character. Unfortunately we won't be seeing more of it soon being an ex-Alias star. I guess you can say it was good while it lasted.

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