August 10, 2009 by pvc

She is also known as P!nk or her real name as Alecia Moore. Making it big mainstream with her pop/rock music Alecia is one feisty singer. She really gives a grungy look but, when it comes down to her in latex, I don't mind even though I'm honestly not a big fan. In fact, she looks better than she normally does in latex. Other than her different look in the music industry, she was also in the movie "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle" in 2003 and played the coal bowl starter. Check her out with a ripping latex dress. What a rebel!

Christina Aguilera

August 10, 2009 by pvc

At age 28, Christina Aguilera has a very long impressive resume when it comes to the media. With that long list, there's bound to be some fetish in there especially with the talent and young sexy appeal she has. Just to cover a little about her achievements, in 1990 she was a contestant on the show "Star Search". This may have been the beginning of a rising star. Later she came to "The New Mickey Mouse Club" from 1993 to 1994. She really began her career making it big in the music industry making her debut in 1999 placing on Billboard's Hot 100! As if her singing career wasn't enough, she made numerous amount of TV appearances seen and not seen like the voice from the singing part in the movie "Shark Tale". During the new millennium was her opportunity to really be seen appearing in shows like "Beverly Hills, 20210" and hosted in 2004 Saturday Night Live which was a skit of Sex & The City playing Samantha Jones. Don't forget all of the magazines she's appeared in. Some of these magazines include GQ, Glamour, Rolling Stone, Blender, and even People! She was paid a whopping $1.5 million by People for her baby pictures! Forbes even got in the picture placing her fifth on their list of most expensive celebrity baby photos. To top this off, in 2000 she was the face for the make-up line "Fetish". Unfortunately the fun had to end the following year but, at least she kept the fetish in her!

Catherine Elizabeth Deeley

August 07, 2009 by pvc

As the same age as myself and at 5' 9" former fashion model Cat Deeley has accomplished a whole lot in media in her life. From the UK, she was a British DJ and is now seen as a TV presenter. I watched her present the show "So You Think You Can Dance" last night and she was just plain hot!. Perfect for the show.  She began her career at an early age of 18 as a full time fashion model and making her presence for the first time in media on television in 1994. Later on she became UK's MTV presenter. With all the success, the US really became her home as she hosted NBC's Tonight Show as well as Fox's New Year's Eve special in Times Square in 2006 and 2007 respectively. As hot as she is she appears in FHM magazine and has also hosted "Who wants to Be a Millionaire". How could anyone concentrate on answering pressured questions in front of a beauty? I would have thought that was stressful enough. I guess the million dollar question is, "How hot an sexy does she look in vinyl?"

Denise Richards

August 06, 2009 by pvc

Another former fashion model and well known actress Denise Richards gained celebrity status in the media in the late 1990s. You can be sure of her talent as well as sex appeal that she can be found in films such as "Starship Troopers", "Wild Things" and "The World is Not Enough". Believe me, the world is not enough especially when she kicks ass in a hot white PVC outfit in the 2002 movie "Undercover Brother". In the earlier days you may remember her in TV shows such as "Saved by the Bell" and "Married with Children". With plenty of talent, sexy would not pass up an opportunity in Playboy as well as the popular TV show "Dancing with The Stars". I don't think she left one area uncovered, especially Fetish!

Jessica Biel

August 06, 2009 by pvc

Former model and now actress, Jessica Biel can really show her wild side. With all of her movies, she's definitely made it big on the big screen. I guess you can say she was a big hit in the popular TV series "7th Heaven". She plays Mary Camden in this family drama TV series. She has made even more air time on big screen shows like "Summer Catch", "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" remake, "The Illusionist", "Blade" and of course "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry " where she gets a taste of fetish as a vinyl catwoman. As a young sexy woman, she appears in a handful of magazines such as Maxim and Stuff hottest and sexiest women. She makes the covers of other favorite magazines such as GQ, Allure, and Glamour. With all this exposure it's hard to miss a beauty like her.

Sharon Stone

August 06, 2009 by pvc

Well known long time actress Sharon Stone was a film producer and former fashion model. As an actress, she was probably best remembered for starring in the erotic thriller "Basic Instinct" and a favorite of mine "Total Recall". Later on starring in "Catwoman" as well as many other movies. Bringing sexy back, she also posed nude in Playboy magazine. It would be no surprise catching her in a PVC catsuit for those matters. I bet she could whip it good as dominatrix catwoman...Meow.

Emily Katherine Booth

August 06, 2009 by pvc

Emily Booth is an English actress and a TV presenter. She can also be known by as her stage name Emily "Bouff" Bouffante. She can is normally viewed on fronting shows involving video gaming. At least you know you'll always win with her! I think she makes a great latex super hero if you ask me! She is just bad to the bone and dangerous especially with those weapons! Even more dangerous in latex. Just killer, watch out!


Charlotte Maria Reed

August 05, 2009 by pvc

Here in my second entry of Fetish in the Media I introduce Charlotte Church. Born Charlotte Maria Reed, she is well known as a Welsh singer/songwriter. As well as those talents, she makes her media attention as an actress and TV presenter. She has been very successful with her musical talents in the UK and has appeared in TV PBS specials.  As a young entertainer, she amazingly has a long list of achievements and media attention. I think her last outfit is the stir of controversy as the were many write ups of haters. But, I have to say I loved it! Check her out performing in a latex dress. No complaints here and certainly no church angel!


Daisy Rebecca Lowe

August 05, 2009 by pvc

In two parts of Fetish in Media today I introduce two young girls who bring Fetish to the Media. The first of two for today is Daisy Lowe. She is a fashion model from the UK and has runway modeled as well as editorial photo shoots. She is the daughter of Pearl Lowe a songwriter/singer, textile and fashion designer and Gavin Rossdale from Bush. You can also catch her in commercial advertising campaigns where she probably would be good advertising her hot PVC leggings!  This girl has some amazing talent to have started at a very early age. Two to be exact! Given she has a modeling background, she is also featured in many magazines as well. Well, I can be sure I'll enjoy seeing her grow up as well having an early start in fetish, it should be quite interesting! Love the style.

Above she wears a great vinyl raincoat and the rest she shows her love for PVC leggings. Way hot stuff. I love the last pic as she frolics in some killer PVC leggings at the Glastonbury. Funny the pic of her in the raincoat kindda looks like Britney Spears. Maybe she influenced her in fetish wear. lol

Jennifer Hawkins

August 04, 2009 by pvc

What we we do without the Beauty Pageants!? Jennifer Hawkins is known for her great accomplishment as Australia's Miss Universe 2004. Being an Australian beauty queen, she's gained a lot of popularity in her home country. This kind of attention led to her being the face of Australian department store "Myer". Achieving Miss Universe status it's opened many opportunities to endorsements. One of those endorsements includes modeling for an Australian fetish company named "Reactor Rubber"! You can't beat that! Check her out in her hot latex catsuit by Reactor featured in Harper's Bazaar. Meow! And you tell me girls don't have all the fun!? How can you beat brains and beauty and above all, fetish making it's way through to Beauty Pageants!

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