Maria Louise Kanellis

October 05, 2009 by pvc

Today I begin the week off with some of the models of Playboy. Last week I began with a brief preview of Maria Kanellis as you saw from her on the cover of Playboy in my blog if you took the Trivia Challenge. Maria is a Greek model and a professional wrestler signed with the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). You can watch her at Smack Down as the stage name with yours truly, Maria. She began her wrestling career in 2005. 

A year earlier in 2004, she places fifth place at the Raw Diva search. She was also a contestant on the reality show "Outback Jack" that year. Her other televised appearances include five episodes of "Family Feud" with several other WWE superstars in the week of November 5, 2007. She was also seen on VH1's Top 20 Video Countdown. "The Insider" even took notice of Maria and had her quoted after her April 2008 Playboy shoot:

“I’m very glamorous in this photo shoot, I’m very high fashion and it definitely brings out that personality in me and makes me look strong. Our fans don’t necessarily get to see me done up to this extent; they don’t get to see me up close and personal.”

Besides being on the cover Playboy’s April 2008 issue, "FHM" magazine ranked her #84 of 100 on their "The Sexiest Women 2008" list.

Karima Adebibe

October 02, 2009 by pvc

I wrap up the last Lara from the models reunion anniversary shoot of the all popular and now well known Tomb Raider. Karima is an excellent mix of Moroccan, Irish and Greek descent. She was the Lara Croft of (2006-2008). Who would have known, before becoming Lara Croft of 2006 that she was a former secretary? It was February 14, 2006 when Karima not only celebrated her birthday but, the day that she officially became the new face of Tomb Raider. This makes her the official seventh model as Lara Croft. In the 2004 movie "Alien vs. Predator", she played the maiden to be sacrificed in a small part. Hey, better than nothing but, at least she made in March 2006 issue of "Zoo"'s "The HOT List".

Jill De Jong

October 02, 2009 by pvc

The Lara Croft series continues with Dutch model Jill De Jong. Between (2002-2004), it was March 21, 2002 when Jill made her official Lara Croft status in the Tomb Raider video game series selected by Eidos Interactive. At the early age of fifteen, she began her modeling career winning a modeling contest in the Netherlands. As she moved up in her career, Jill made a move to the US for work and is pursuing actressing. From the years of her modeling experience, she became recognized and successful top model. Her work is seen from the US to Europe in "L'Oréal". She's stayed busy shooting television and print campaigns for companies such as "Ralph Lauren", "Escada", "Redken", "Izod", "St. Yves", Fa shower gel.

Lucy Clarkson

October 02, 2009 by pvc

This brings us to the fourth official Lara Croft model from the Tomb Raider series, Lucy Clarkson. Lucy is a British model who played Lara from (2000-2002). At age 16, she became the newest and youngest Tomb Raider model from the UK to play Lara Croft. It was at age 17 on May 8, 2000 where she took on the character for two and a half years. Lucy had much success even in her earlier years where she was one of 12 winners out of 16,000 applicants in an  Elite Model Agency competition. Talk about beginners luck, previous before that she had no modeling experience!

At an early age of 16, her career began to take off as she became the face of "More" magazine shown on more than seven magazine covers. She made the millennium 2000 cover of "Loaded" magazine and in a British poll voted her as the sexiest woman. She's been on "Sports Illustrated" as well. The British really loved her as do I that in 2003, "The Sun" voted her as the best rear of the year. I believe it, pair that up with her in her latex catsuit and she screams meow SEXY! She's been profiled in many advertising campaigns such as La Senza, Chanel and Diesel.



Ellen Roche

October 02, 2009 by pvc

Brazilian actress and model Ellen Roche played Lara for a short time. Her name is even spelled Ellen Rocche. As Lara 2001, she is well appreciated for her sexy Brazilian physique. Athletic in the character, you can see why she makes a stand with her slim waist, hips, and buttocks. She even starred  in the Brazilian version of Lara Croft in the Brazilian Tomb Raider movie. As for the television, she has been on the reality show based on "Dutch Big Brother". She can even be seen in "Playboy" magazine.




Lara Weller

October 02, 2009 by pvc

Lara Weller as you can see was meant to star in this part. Coincidentally she even had the exact same name. At least there was no confusion there. She is an actress and a Dutch model from Holland. She reigned as the third Lara between (1999-2000). At 5'8" with measurements 34C-24-34, she was noticed in Amsterdam by a modeling agency. It was at age 24 where she then became the face of "Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation".


This video is from a 1999 Incite magazine shoot with Lara in the making.



Nell McAndrew

October 02, 2009 by pvc


As the next Lara born Tracey Jane McAndrew, Nell McAndrew continued on the Lara saga in what would have been an ongoing series of Laras. She was the Lara between (1998-1999). Besides being a British glamor model, she also had a successful TV career presenting in programs such as "Racing Rivals", "Born to Fight", "It's a Knockout" and "The Big Breakfast". She has also been in shows like "Family Fortunes", "Dancing On Ice" and even the reality television show "I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! Celebrities under Pressure". Before her break through with glamor modeling, she began her modeling as a catalog and magazine model. Besides having the Lara look, she had a Marilyn Monroe look-a-like resemblance which she was known for.

She has been featured in magazines numerous times in "FHM", "Maxim", and "Loaded". Nell expanded to the fitness industry and ended up in fitness magazines such as "Shape" and "Personal Trainer". What would a hot glam model be without those steamy calendars? Well, she did the calendars as well. In the August 1999 issue,  she appeared in "Playboy". This nude posing for Playboy's cover quickly gave her a ticket to be fired off as Lara Croft the same year.

Here is a link of her in two videos: , The first the making and the second in a poor quality interview. Enjoy!


Rhona Mitra

October 01, 2009 by pvc

Finally after finishing an intense project in Fetish in the Media, I now present my biggest project paying a big tribute to the Laras of Tomb Raider and all the fans of gaming. My first posting after two days goes to the very first and original Lara, Rhona Mitra. She became a Lara from (1997-1998). She is sometimes named as Rona Mitra and she is a British actress, model and singer. Her TV appearances include the "Party of Five" as well as a regular of  "Gideon's Crossing". She made a final season appearance as Tara Wilson in "The Practice" and continued the same role in "Boston Legal". In 2005, during season 3 of "Nip/Tuck", she played Kit McGraw.

It was in 2000 where she played a small part as a rape victim in the movie "Hollow Man". As for her recent movie that aired this year, she became a star in "Underworld: Rise of the Lycans". This movie is the sequel of Kate Beckinsale's Underworld which was my very first Fetish in the Media posting back on the first of July. (I guess this posting is a three month anniversary for me and the movie entry.) As for the Rise of the Lycans, She plays Sonja who is the daughter of a powerful vampire. Just as hot for the role, Maxim's Hot 100 Women of 2001 list places her in the #46 spot.

These pictures of Rhona are from Heidi Klum's 7th annual Halloween Party. Just in time for Halloween this year, at the end of this month. Who will you be for Halloween this year? Maybe Wonder woman or Lara???


Ashley Mulheron

September 29, 2009 by pvc

Ashley Mulheron is a Scottish TV presenter and actress. She has posed for magazines such as "Maxim" and "Zoo Weekly". Ashley is well known for her work in UK shows such as "California Dreaming", "UKOOL" and"Sky Vegas Live" which she advertises in a latex catsuit below. As a presenter for Sky Vegas Live, she presents the show live three times a week. The show is a thrilling program which is about interactive gaming where she takes calls and explains games. As for her showing for the T4 UK show California Dreaming, she features as a rising talent trying to make it in LA. Because of her success with this show, she's appeared live in the Good Morning LA show. As for her most recent career in actressing, she can be seen this year in the Momentum Pictures British Comedy Horror "Lesbian Vampire Killers". Right now she is in the works filming the movie "The Bang Bang Club". It is based on a true story where four photojournalists friends record all round the the Johannesburg town. It takes place in the late 1980s and early 1990s around the violent dying days of the apartheid. Ashley plays Roxy who is the girlfriend of Kitch. Also from a previous posting in the media, she will be co-starring with Malin Akerman of (Watchmen).



Holly McGuire

September 29, 2009 by pvc

From the UK, Holly McGuire is an ex-model and an actress. She is an actress who is known as Keeley in the popular ITV drama "Footballers' Wives". It was recently around Monday, August 17, 2009 this year Holly was busted in a cocaine rap. She was staying in with a friend Steven Brace's house which contained about three kilos of the drug. It was estimated to be about 150,000 pounds worth found. Also, at the property was a cannabis plant factory along with 120,000 pounds found in a Bentley parked outside. Looks like she won't be playing a rubber military officer, more like a jail bird.

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