Points Guidelines

After you signup for an account you may earn points redeemable for free clothing, accessories, etc. The points will be awarded as follows:

Points Table:
Blog posting 10 points
Media posting 10 points
Comment 1 point

The points system

  1. Total points are the points awarded to the user over the lifetime of their account. Total points do not apply to redemption of merchandise.
  2. Redeemable points are points that may be used for the redemption of merchandise.
  3. Points will be awarded for "valid" entries in accordance with the above points table. Fetish Buzz reserves the right to amend or modify the manner in which Points are awarded or redeemed.
  4. For an entry to be valid it must meet the following criteria:
    • Does not infringe copyright law.
    • Entry is not duplicated anywhere else on the web. Duplicate entries will earn immedate removal of points and suspension of user account.
    • Must be of interest to Fetish Buzz users. Off-topic, unrelated, spam, or nonsensical content will result in immediate cancellation of user account and forfeiture of all points.
  5. A maximum of 5,000 points may be redeemed per month.
  6. Points may not be transferred to any other member or account.
  7. All questions or disputes regarding awarding of points or the redemption of points will be determined by Fetish Buzz at its sole and absolute discretion.

Merchandise redemption

  1. Once a redemption request has been accepted by Fetish Buzz, it cannot be revoked, cancelled, returned or exchanged by the user.
  2. Once an order has been placed and accepted the users redeemable points shall be debited in the amount of the redemption.
  3. Fetish Buzz does not accept any liability whatsoever (including but without limitation, liability for negligence) with respect to redeemed merchandise supplied.
  4. Merchandise availability is subject to suppliers stocks.
  5. Merchandise shall be shipping within 6 weeks of redemption.
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