Some of my first fetish work

February 27, 2010 by subversivelabs

Some of the first shots I took were of friends and girlfriends - hey they're free and available :).  The shots shown here were of Christie, a girl I was dating at the time back in 2005.  She's wearing shiny black lip service vinyl and the patent leather boots I can't recall where they came from.

The image of her looking at the window was a political statement on our news here in the US - and probably worldwide for that matter. Definitely not my best work from a photography standpoint, but the creativity is fun to go back and see.

Prior work - Melody in latex

December 09, 2009 by subversivelabs

Melody was one of the models I shot within my first year of work.  It was maybe the 10th shoot I had ever done.  We shot indoors using studio strobes.

She was a recent Virginia Tech graduate working as a marketing consultant.  I found Melody via an ad on Craigslist.  She had modeled a couple times before, I think in a college fashion show or something.  In front of the camera she was relaxed and posed well for someone without much experience.

These shots of her were for HedonsFair and she's wearing a variety of latex skirts, latex tops, and a fetish latex dress.  I've got all these fetish photos hidden away in files from the last 4 years of shooting and I'm going to try and get as much of it out on the web as I can.  I figure someone else might enjoy the pics, why should they be relegated to the corners of my hard drive :)

Fetish model Melody wearing a latex shirt and short skirt. Model wearing a royal blue latex fetish halter top and latex skirt. Asian model wearing a shiny black latex long skirt with matching fetish latex top. Cute Asian model wearing a shiny black tight latex fetish crop top and latex mini skirt. Asian model standing next to a tall plant modeling a royal blue fetish latex outfit. Hot image of Asian model wearing a tight fitting shiny latex fetish outfit. Asian girl wearing a royal blue ruffle latex mini dress. Cute Asian girl wearing a long black latex fetish dress. Asian women wearing a ruched latex fetish top.

Some of my favs

November 25, 2009 by subversivelabs

Fetish model Mosh wearing a latex dress outdoors. Fetish model Mosh wearing transparent latex stockings. Model in tunnel wearing black latex fetish jeans. Nicotine, a fetish model, wearing a latex hoody and tight latex jeans. Fetish Model Mosh wearing a metallic blue latex top and matching pencil skirt. Transparent latex fetish bodysuit shot outdoors on a riverbank.

Included are some of my favorite shots that's I've taken.  Looking back over the years, my best images were those shot on location.  When I first started out I bought backdrops, expensive lights, light meters, etc.  While I have made some interesting pics from the studio, the work that I like best is always on location.

Shooting outside doesn't require much.  The most important part is the time of day and location.  Early morning and late evening are the best times to shoot.  Using your own creativity and mother nature, you can put together a great image.  A flash and a reflector can help - but there's really no need for big and expensive equipment. 

I'll be selling off my studio lights, and picking up some new lenses in exchange.   Here's to a new chapter in my photographic journey...

Latex Athletic wear

October 01, 2009 by subversivelabs

I shot a series of photos for HedonsFair involving latex athletic wear.  We went to a public running track to shoot it.  While there we also took advantage of an outdoor training set including monkey bars for a more "military" look.

The model was Cassandra of Olney Md - you can find more info on her here: http://www.modelmayhem/344187.  She was really into latex fashion at the time. 

I also recently shot Lee Loo La for the fetishbuzz video and I believe you will see our subsequent photoshoot from that day in our model review section soon.  Her red hair contrasted so well with metallic blue latex!  Stay tuned...


Black latex dress. Fetish latex dress. Latex fetish shorts. Military latex outfit. Black latex dress. Sexy latex dress. Sporty latex athletic wear. Sporty athletic latex clothing. Latex sportswear. Latex athletic wear.

Latex capri's

September 17, 2009 by subversivelabs

Here are some shots I did in Georgetown with Esmeray for fetish latex capri pants for HedonsFair.  I was able to tint her hair in photoshop for a red color that matched well with the capri pants.  Love these shots.

That day it was like 103 degrees and Esmeray's car ended up breaking down.  We were stuck in Georgetown from 2:00 until 7:00pm.  I can say this was one time I was glad I wasn't wearing latex :).

Fetish latex capri pants.

Red latex fetish capri pants.Fetish latex capri pants in red with black trim.  Shot in Georgetown.

Shoot w/ nicotine

September 15, 2009 by subversivelabs

Summer of 2007 I took these shots w/ the beautiful and talented model Nicotine.  She's blown up in popularity since then, performing and attending fetish events regularly. 

The pictures were taken at an abandoned Silo in Ashburn Va.  Hard to believe that you can find such a thing in this area.  Driving by the other day, I noticed they are building a retirement home there now.

The latex hoody is by HedonsFair.  It's very unique, and a piece that I own personally.  It was a tab big for Nicotine, but we made it work.  The latex jeans were from a company in Australia, Kunzmann - the quality was very good.


Shot of models bust wearing latex fetish dress. Fetish model nicotine in latex jeans. Fetish model nicotine at a photoshoot. Nicotine leaning against a wall in a latex fetish top. Nicotine wearing a latex fetish little red riding hood top. Over-saturated shot of nicotine, a fetish model, wearing fetish latex. Fetish model Nicotine posing. Fetish model Nicotine with altered sky. Nicotine in latex fetish clothing. Picture of Nicotine wearing shiny fetish latex clothing. Shot of models bust wearing latex fetish dress. Model Nicotine outside in latex fetish pants. Unedited shot of Nicotine wearing shiny fetish latex. Vigentted shot of Nicotine wearing latex inside a Silo.

Remaining Egrey Photos

June 15, 2009 by subversivelabs

Shot of models bust wearing latex fetish dress. Latex fetish gloves and dress. Fetish latex gloves and dress. Black and white shot of latex fetish girl. Latex fetish goddess outdoors in gown. Latex fetish woman. Latex fetish lady. Rubber glove fetish. Laceup latex fetish dress.

Here are the rest of the photos from the latex fetish shoot with Egrey.  There was potential for a lot of problems with this shoot since we were on private property, however, I had checked it out previously and knew that we could get in and out quickly.

Except for a minor nail injury, everything went great and we got what is one of my favorite sets from the last 3 years of shooting.  Despite the fact that we were shooting in midday sun, I was able to use the shade effectively to get what I wanted.  The latex gown looked great on her, although she was a bit big for the top of the dress.

Last week I shot with Betty Jaded at Great Falls park in a latex bathing suit and transparent latex bathrobe, and although we shot close to the Golden hour, you will notice that some of the shots are a bit harsh due to being in direct sunlight.  More comments on that in my next posting.

Shots w/ Egrey

June 10, 2009 by subversivelabs

Shiny black latex fetish dress. Model wearing a fetish latex gown. Model wearing a latex fetish dress outdoors. Photo of black latex fetish dress. Latex fetish dress shot outdoors. Up close shot of latex fetish dress. Rubber fetish dress. Fetish girl wearing shiny black latex gown.

Hi - I'm Mike and I do most of the shooting for FetishBuzz.  You can find me on modelmayhem.  I'm always looking for models to collaborate with.  Most of my work centers around latex / vinyl / leather photography, but I am open to most any concept.  As long as it is creative and artistic, I am down.  TFP only.  Escorts are welcome to come (they make for great assistants )

The shots posted here are from a shoot I did with Egrey from modelmayhem.  She was an excellent model - enthusiastic and fun to work with!  I hope to be doing more projects with her in the future.  Be sure to check out the video to see our behinds the scenes footage.

I'll be posting more of my work here in the future.  I haven't been publizing my stuff much in the last year so I guess it's time for me to get out there and start networking / sharing.  Currently I'm working on a mini-series for the web about a girl who struggles w/ relationships due to her interests in alternative living.  Kind of like lonelygirl15 for the underground / alt scene.  If you are located in the D.C. area or just passing through and would like to participate - I need a whole range of cast and characters.  Again - hit me up at my modelmayhem or leave a comment here on the blog.

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