My First Day

July 01, 2009 by pvc

Today is my first day as a member. I am very happy I found this site that it really allows me to expand my interest for fetish. I found this site from my MySpace page and I think I'm going to be spending more time here. I like the fact that they give you a chance here to get free stuff as well as a bunch of other news with Fetish. Fetish is a very small community that hasn't been accepted in normal society yet and I hope in my life time it becomes regular everyday wear.

My goal is to be able to gain enough points to redeem great merchndise as well as meet other people of the same interest. I am still looking for that special pvc/latex girl out there. If you are interested, please comment or leave me a message.

I love the stories section here and the pictures are fantastic. Well, I guess this is enough for today. "Keep it Shiny!"


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