A memo to join Fetish Buzz

July 20, 2009 by pvc

It occured to me recently we have a lot of non-members or anon comments that view our postings. I would like to personally invite everyone to join and become an official memeber of the site. Being a new member myself, I would definitely recomend this site. I am still looking forward to meeting everyone of the same interests but, this would not be at all possible without signing up for a free membership. So on that note, let's start this party up right and start collecting points to redeem for free items than to post comments and not get credited for your entries.

Old Spice Commercial

July 17, 2009 by pvc

What can I say? The weekend is finally here and what do most of us love to do on Friday night?...HIT THE CLUB SCENE AND PARTY HARD!!! So, I decided to start the weekend on what we would love to see at the clubs. When fetish pants meets hot woman, you get an old Old Spice Commercial. I remember going to the club one time a while ago and remember seeing this girl with the hottest shiny black pvc pants on. Unfortunately, I never got a chance to meet her. This commercial brings back memories of fetish pants at the clubbing scene in NYC. You have to admit, it doesn't get hotter than this! Enjoy the weekend!

Fetish Fitness

July 16, 2009 by pvc

I've been in the fitness profession for a while and in my experience in the field, I've seen fetish just wanting to make a break through. Let me explain, in the early millenium don't you remember when people would go nuts over the sauna suits and nylon warm-ups!? I loved them, especially when women would think that those black plastic vinyl suits would shed excess sweat and water weight. What about the nylon warm-ups that were great to go jogging in because they were such lightweight and vibrant in different bright colors. Match them with the popular Adidas warm up pants or Umbro shorts and you were in complete fashion to workout!

Later on they came up with sexy dance classes for the aerobics classes where they would do erotic exercises to keep in shape. I heard they were offering these special classes in CA and I think NY. I believe Carmen Electra would teach a style of her own dance moves to get in shape and dance sexy at the same time. There was another subject where Dominatrices were making slaves do workouts in fetish attire but, that was only underground.

Now recently I thought to myself, when are they going to create a specific line of clothes just for fitness? Might be an idea for Hedon's Fair??? Who knows!? Of course it would have to be a clothing line in pvc/latex. Latex preferably since after all, most people's objectives is to sweat so why not kill two birds with one stone? Stay in shape in fashion and sweat at the same time. Some examples of some pieces would be Women's Latex Bike Shorts for Spinning classes, Women's Latex Pants w/Side Stripes for treadmill running, Women's Latex Yoga Pants for yoga, Latex Leotards for aerobics classes, Latex Tube Tops or Latex Tank Tops to workout on exercise balls matched with Latex Leggings or Latex Sweat Pants with expression words written on the buttocks. ie. "Real Juicy", "FETISH", "Yummy", "Shiny" or even "Kiss My..." 

There can even be a line for men as well, like the latex Muscle sleeveless top from Hedon's Fair. Probably wouldn't be a bad idea at all since some guys want to see their muscles pumped through a transparent top. Whatever it comes too, bottom line is that it's sexy. It's a surprise the theme hasn't been created yet. It would make perfect sense as since many women want to look sexy. I thought that was the whole objective why they workout, too look good and feel good right!? If anyone out there believes in my vision, comment back...let me know and maybe we should collaborate some designs!


PVC Love

July 15, 2009 by pvc

I love pvc fashion. I have to say there are so many cons for pvc wear. First I want to add that it's quite fashionable and you can see it in almost any theme either if it's Goth Fashion, Rock like Metal, Dominatrix/Stripers, Punk/Cyber themes and even runway fashions. The shine of pvc will always catch one's attention especially for it's luster and slickness. It never needs to be shined as well as it's much easier to get in to than a latex outfit. Easy and quick! Another advantage is that say if a woman had a few flaws, a pvc outfit wouldn't accentuate a certain area as much as a latex item would. Lastly, it's so much affordable next to real leather and latex. I guess you can see it's animal friendly.

I had my first experience seeing a pvc item back in my clubbing days and it has burnt an image in my mind since. I only hope that, there is an increased popularity toward vinyl wear in the future. It is truely sexy and can transform a woman dramastically. Most likely create a feeling of empowerment when worn. I must admit, you can't beat that feeling!

The Accessories in Fetish

July 14, 2009 by pvc

Ever thought of the full attractiveness of a woman in fetish gear. It occured to me that the accessories really bring out the frosting on the cake. To name a few, the Vinyl Gloves, the Patent Leather Boots, and even the Vinyl Corsets that accentuate the figure. Throw in a nice belt and some jewlery items and you have a master piece! I've seen many of these items gain popularity in the world of fetish gear and it just keeps on getting better! I mean, who knew that history would repeat itself!?

Back in the days, corsets brought out feminity with beautiful dresses. Both have made strong comebacks from those days of the early 19th century. Commonly now for fetish fashion like fetish pin up girl modeling. The gloves bring such sex appeal back as well. For example, with opera length gloves now you don't even have to go to a formal event or opera to bring them back. The vinyl opera length gloves can easily be found supplemented with fetish attire. Lastly, of course the patent leather boots. Well, they have to be a class of their own. Remember the days of hookers back in the 80s? Looks like they're a given in a comeback. Women will never give up their shoes and there will always be a need for hot shoes either being a dominatrix needing them to step on their subs or just a finishing piece for a Halloween costume. Whatever the number is, it's all sizzling hot to me. Wouldn't you agree?

Request to Network

July 10, 2009 by pvc

After being a member of Fetish Buzz for a full week now, I've enjoyed all of the features offered here. One item of note that crossed my mind was I think Fetish Buzz should include a way to network with other members of this site. I mean, maybe a mailbox or IM of some sort. This way, ideas can be discussed or traded on a personal level. Fetish Buzz, tell me what you think of my suggestion. I would love to connect and trade ideas with others here with similiar interests as me. Thanks in advance!

My thoughts of Fetish Buzz

July 06, 2009 by pvc

Well, today I like to comment on my appreciation for this site. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend. Getting aquainted with this site, I've contributed Blogs, Fetish in the Media, Comments, a Forum comment and even Erotic Stories both Short and Novellas. If you get the chance, please go and check them out and give me some feedback. Also, there is still four weeks left to support my picture above with your votes or would rather sit in a class with the teacher. Eventhough, I may not be close to winning, at least I know what you guys love. Thanks again for all your support in advance.  

Studying in a New Latex Catsuit

July 05, 2009 by pvc

Here's a short one minute clip of how comfortable studying in a latex catsuit can be. I just though how adorable Amy AKA (fetishkitsch) was with her feet hanging out and how her boyfriend sneaked over with the camera. I'd be giggling too. It was the best latex video that I came across on youtube. Amy basically just got a new latex catsuit from E-Bay and was so excited to slip on her studying gear that she wore it the whole night! For having 40" inch hips and a comfortable outfit, I think she aced her finals. I wonder why they didn't have studying outfits like this during my days of schooling. Comes to show, they have been teaching more in health class these days!

Latex Catsuit

July 03, 2009 by pvc

One things for sure, throw a woman wrapped in pvc/latex and you have instant sexy. My all time classic favorite is the catsuit. Here pictured, is a perfect example of a skin-tight one pieced outfit. The catsuit is the Queens of fetish attire! Add on long sleeves, legs, gloves and maybe even a kitty mask and there's your recepie for absolute perfection!

Thank God for our ancestors for creating the catsuit back in the 1940's or we would be missing out on this hot piece for fashion, stage costumes and even fetish wear. Another bonus addition would be the zips! Throw in zips and you got more suspense to the imagination. Meow! The funny thing is how powerfully erotic suited up in a latex outfit can be. If you ask me, "It doesn't get dirty...It's made dirty"!

Undeniable, a woman all suited up in a pvc/latex is undeniable irresistable! As a second skin, nothing is hidden and the sensation of a fitted latex catsuit is probably the most pleasureable feeling in the world. It can be quite costly but, I would say probably worth every cent to it. The accentuation of the butt and breast areas are highlighted and to me personally look far better than nudity. Throw on either lube or a good Silicon spray and all you see is sexy. The shinier, the better! I've come to love it all! The smell of the latex can really close the deal thus making it my favorite.

The next day

July 02, 2009 by pvc

Well, today is a new day of blogging. After settling in and finding my way around this new site, I'm really come to love it. I believe it was created around late May 2008 and I'm proud to be one of the original members! I give two thumbs up for the media attention and great opportunites to learn more about fetish. I would highly recommend this site to any other fetish lover as myself. To that I toast and best wishes to Fetish Buzz! Keep up the great work!

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