Fetish Meets Country Finally

September 16, 2009 by pvc

East-tx-art posted a posting on July 11, 2009 and this is what he wrote:

"Have you ever wondered what it would be like if fetish met country. Some people think it already has with chaps, leather and boots, but that is'nt enough. No what would happen if tre fetish met country?Cowboys and cowgirls in vinyl and latex. I hope to bring this into reality with my art work. The kinky cowgirl is just the beginning. Any suggestions? I am open to any and all."

As you can see, I decided to follow up on this posting and I actually found a website that actually sells this outfit. I happened to stumble on it at:

Here's to you east-tx-art to making it a reality! Yee haw!


Recognizing Patriot Day

September 11, 2009 by pvc

Today marks the infamous eight year anniversary of 9/11. I guess it is now recognized as Patriot's Day. On September 11, 2001, I clearly remember being at home and getting ready to head off to work when I was watching the television all lost in ambiguity. As mentioned, everything was very surreal and no one knew what was going on. At the time all the information I had known, I posted that "Two airplanes crashed in the towers of the WTC" in an HTML ticker in an old web page. I had a friend of mine who I called who worked down in the WTC and he said that everyone was walking back from the Brooklyn bridge all in disbelief. I offered to go pick him up but, he said that authorities were not allowing anyone in to the city. After hearing all this news, I decided not to head in to work that day which soon became a reality that later on we were heading in to a different kind of war.

Now, all around the whole world we accepted this day as a remembrance that we will never ever forget. The site to this day is still a major hole in the ground with much work to be done and people around the world morn this day. I want to take this time to remember and recognize all of the fallen heroes of this historic tragedy. This posting goes to all the past and present police, firemen and women who gave their lives as heroes that day.

Happy Labor Day

September 07, 2009 by pvc

I would like to wish everyone who reads my blog entries a Happy Labor day. For all those people who still have jobs it is a fortunate thing in today's rough economy. But hey, at least it is a great thing for those students returning back to school! I sure wish I was going back to school as I would love to see who my new class mates are!


We all know how important it is in getting a good education and having the right kind of motivation makes a big difference in learning. This is why it is important to have the right teachers to motivate student learning. In fact, I remember going to school as a kid and having crushes on my old teacher.  I have to say I don't even think she even had a clue I had the hots for her. If only she knew. Funny, being younger it was pretty tough to express those inner feelings. But, at least it really made an impact in my life to learn easier. I guess as you can see there were plenty of reasons why schools always had pedophile cases and student guidance councilor visits on the regular. In fact, I even remember when a past guidance councilor lost his job of course we won't mention names here for misconduct when it came to students. Funny thing is, I could never work as a teacher especially when the students are going to school looking their sexiest going to school. 



So I guess you can say school is not as bad as you think it is. For everyone still going to school, enjoy it while you can. Sometimes even the smart girls had a sexy side to them. Maybe you might actually think twice  with budding up and learn more with the school book worms.


As with any Elementary school, they always try to encourage school spirit. I even remembered all the school spirit that came from the school cheerleaders and the school kickline. I mean, how would the school win games without the school cheerleaders!?


Whatever it is, the new school year is here! Good luck to all returning back to school after the last day of vacation. There's a lot to learn and school spirit has never been so strong before.

Give me a F - E - T - I - S - H

                         B - U - Z - Z


Fetish Buzz's New Feature

September 02, 2009 by pvc

For everyone who's been a fan new and old, I just want to bring to everyone's attention that Fetish Buzz has now introduced the brand new INBOX feature. Now, for postings posted up for example if I were to post something in Fetish in the Media, you can now reply back a personal question to me by clicking on a link like this: 

Send pvc a personal note.


Feel free to comment away and thanks again Fetish Buzz for addressing issues to bring everyone a more improved site! 


Viva Fetish!

August 14, 2009 by pvc

This is just perfect. I want to add on to the last blog saying:

"I know I know, I'm terrible and haven't updated my blog in a while, but I promise, I have good reason!"

quoted by Pirate Photography. My excuse is I've been keeping Fetish in the Media fresh but, at least here is my first blog of the week. Of course I will promise my best to contribute to Fetish in the Media. Getting back to business, today's posting I would have to say gears more toward the guys. What's all the buzz really about? I mean I was thinking what if the average man came across Fetish Buzz or more should I say FETISH!!!???

Could it mean the death of Male Enhancement Pills? For example like Viagra and Extenze?


Viva in Spanish means "Live", so why keep throwing your money down the drain and invest in some latex for either your wife or significant other? This way that excitement can LIVE forever and save a whole lot of money in your pockets especial in a time of deep recession! Between these male enhancement pills, they are so boring and not as exciting as having their woman in PVC or latex outfits. In fact, they should be obsolete!

So here's my plan to build up that confidence the natural way. Get that hot latex outfit for your girl, make sure it's super shiny or shine lube her up good and both people can be instantly satisfied. She'll be so happy and impressed, she'll be rubbing her butt all the way to the bedroom.

After reading this posting, you will be all set and ready to go for the weekend! ¡Adios! and live ¡La Vida Loca!

The Cons of Fetish

August 07, 2009 by pvc

We are always hearing about how sexy and how pleasurable fetish wear can be but, has anyone ever thought of or experienced the flip side? As I was pondering, there were a few things that I came across as deterrents of fetish wear. As you probably already know, there is that high price to pay in order to either look hot and fashionable. What about the high price for pleasure in the bed room. I must admit either it being a purchase for vinyl clothes or latex clothes, it is majorly price gouged! Why does it have to cost as much as gold!? I'm telling you, it's so incredibly overly expensive especially latex to the point it's a surprise we are even in a recession. Continue fetish shopping and I have myself wondering how the economy could really be suffering!?

Then there's the clothing malfunction. Latex is one of those pieces of clothing that needs to be taken with much care. The best way to care for latex is when putting latex on, one must either apply talc or use a silicon based lubricant inside the clothing. Would anyone be able to suggest the best choice to lube? Should I say either regular lube you rub on or spray on. Please anyone leave me your opinion. Then there's the outside where liquid silicone must be applied to condition the latex and give it a super shiny look.

After wearing the item as it is assumed most likely be subject to lots of sweat, it may be hand washed in luke warm soapy water or a household washing up liquid. A repeated rinse must be done until all the soap is gone and then hung to dry. As soon as the latex is completely dried, the item must be talced completely inside to absorb any left over moisture and should be hung on a cushioned hanger.

This next part is crucial to prevent wardrobe malfunctions. For the storing process, always keep it away from heat, direct sunlight including (UV light), salt water, chlorine, copper, and other clothing which are waxed. The heat as well as the light will weaken the latex in the seams. It can even discolor the item and melt the latex causing them to stick. The best is to cover it in dark plastic and store in a cool dark place. Try and avoid storing them under heavy objects which can cause the loss of it's shape. The more you maintain your latex wear, the more pleasure there will be with the clothes keeping it's shape, quality and lust for for many years to come.

So why do I mention all of this? Believe me, I have heard of latex snapping, ripping and even melted to the point where it's lost it's purpose in usefulness. Latex catsuits just got destroyed forever without a chance for repair in the world! With those statistics, that means we'll see less of them being worn if not replaced.

This brings me on to my next con, what about all those uber conservative people who frown down upon fetish wear? Most people would see it as taboo or even kinky. Why does one who wears latex get that second look or get critiqued so harshly for wearing it? It seems to be commonly accepted in movies we see or Halloween costumes but, why not in everyday wear? It's a shame it gets such a bad rap in society and considered dirty. Not to forget it's especially seen as an item of choice in porn or S&M functions.

Then there are other miscellaneous cons like you can get too hot and sweat in latex and sometimes it can be difficult to get on and off. What about the ease for shopping for vinyl clothes at the mall and even if you are successful in obtaining it, what about wearing them in front of family or friends? One would feel like they were wearing clothes from space or something. How about sometimes latex can make embarrassing funny noises with the entrapment of air pockets. If you ask me, sounds sexy to me. Lastly, as most fetish clothing is starting to make mainstream and is being acceptable in women's fashion, there really hasn't been as much acceptance in men. Take a look at the selection for men. A man couldn't even get a PVC shirt as challenging as it is what about men wearing PVC pants unless you played in a band! And the absolute worst thing about latex/PVC wear is you don't see it everyday!

Contortionist Choice in Twisting

July 30, 2009 by pvc

Hello all! I know it's been a while since I posted a Blog Entry but, as I was pondering I came across the real stretch in fetish. I mentioned about fetish in fitness but, what about contortionist making their way in to fetish? I found this to be sexy in a degree higher. Let me explain. Have you ever thought how much more sexier it is being a contortionist in either latex or PVC? Now combine that and the image of the endless positions pleasuring in the bedroom! It's got to be even more pleasurable. Not to mention I think it would make an even better choice to perform in since there is zero to none in the restrictions to bend. Enjoy these two short clips. Just amazing, just don't try it at home!

Where do you Shop?

July 23, 2009 by pvc

Do you remember getting your first fetish item? What about where did you get it? So my thoughts for today are Fetish in Store Shopping or Online Shopping? Both are way cool and you can't lose either way. Some time a few years ago I use to go in Store shopping with my ex-girlfriend in NYC to find her vinyl outfits. We actually checked out a few places and it was such a great experience. You'd find vinyl outfits in Halloween stores and you'll find the latex in the exotic lingerie stores. The pros of these stores was you had the chance to see and sometimes try on the outfits. The cons were well...the prices were way over priced! I loved seeing all of these hot items on the racks and the abundance of them!

Later on, we did the online shopping and this was a far better deal. Everything was the opposite. You had the privacy of your own place to look for whatever you wanted and you could probably bag the best deals as online retailers fought for your business with regular holiday discounts. Another advantage was that you could get items overseas that you just couldn't find here locally in the states.Cons, just make sure you have a legit website that you are purchasing from! I got scammed one time and never received an item. So, make sure when shopping online, that site has a phone number listed, contact info and maybe their shipping address. Most sketchy shops are afraid to leave their number to be contacted in fears of being illegitimate!

In the end, I declare the online stores the winner! Happy Shopping!

My Thoughts of Fetish Buzz Support

July 22, 2009 by pvc

Today I would like to recognize Jane from Fetish Buzz. Since the time I joined the site I have been in touch with her over the numerous bugs I came across the site. Either it being a question or a technical issue, Jane addressed the situation immediately. She made sure the the site was running in tip top shape.

Now that most of the bugs have been corrected, we can now all enjoy the site with ease and smoothly. Once again, Thank You Jane for all your help in making this site the best! Anyone who encounters future issues can always direct their comments to:


I Love Raincoats!

July 21, 2009 by pvc

Call them what you wish raincoats, rain jackets, macs or rainwear but, there is this neutral compromise for fetish wear. As a tribute to all the rain we've been receiving this year and especially today for us in NY, I had to post my issue of vinyl raincoats. I've always loved them and for some reason, they are totally acceptable in society? What is the reasoning? Keeps one dry in poor weather conditions, to some it's Hedonism. A great vinyl raincoat is irresistable and has always been a favorite of mine. I normally hate the rain but, this is one reason for me to love it!

You have to admit, fetish is everywhere! Raincoats have definitely moved up the levels of fetish and have become quite a fashion statement as well as style. Just about any woman can find a raincoat of choice with all the styles and colors around the possibilities of fashion is endless. Go to the mall or a shopping center and you are bound to find a sexy raincoat. The coats have become so popular you can even see them in fashion on the runway!

I remember myself at work one day and one of the clients came in either if it was a normal day or a rainy day and she wore this black pvc raincoat. I loved it! Couldn't keep my eyes off it. A beautiful rain jacket it was. On that note, comes to show even a fashionable raincoat can make a gloomy ugly weather day look really shiny! Are you a bright yellow rain coat or a black pvc raincoat wearer? Either choice, I love them all!

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