Hair Products Supplemented by Fetish

March 02, 2013 by pvc


Starting the new month off, last night I had the TV on and another commercial seemed to love fetish. This time it was a commercial for Vidal Sassoon (Pro Series). I mean seriously, what woman can look beautiful with nice clean hair paired without a pair of sexy, slick PVC pants!? And that was exactly what one of the female models wore sprinting across the screen painting out the word "FADE OUT". Who ever knew using the right kind of hair product could be so sexy!


Fetish Now Horror?

January 02, 2013 by pvc

Happy Fetish New Year to all the followers of Fetish Buzz as I introduce my first fetish blog of the new year. Looking for another kinky and exciting year in the world of fetish... 

I was just exiting off from Facebook last week when a glimpse of fetish caught my eye. There was an advertisement with Netflix where they were trying to promote movies. One of the movies shown was the “American Horror Story” off of The Complete First Season titled Murder House. The cover features a Zentai from head to toe latex covered woman reaching for another lady on the floor. As for the horror aspect of that, I can’t say I agree with that being horror. No nightmares there but, more than a nice dream come true. LoL

I guess this kind of news is old for some but, definitely new news viewing for me hence my Fetish Buzz posting. The movie’s first season made its debut on October 5, 2011 and made a season finale on December 21, 2011. As the second season comes to an end next month, let’s see if they continue the fetish covers. If that holds true, then I look forward to seeing the scheduled third season! For those who want to check out the showing, the FX network airs it and it is a fact that this show has proven to be the most popular 2011 cable series.

Victoria’s Fetish Holiday Secret

December 08, 2012 by pvc

Monday night I watched the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. With a trusted name like Victoria’s Secret, there was no doubt you would see sexy. In the past I contributed to the Fetish in The Media section of Fetish Buzz where in the past Victoria’s Secret aired fetish. (For more fetish with Victoria’s Secret, see the Media Section) Watching this year’s Fashion Show I was pleasantly delighted that they didn’t disappoint. When you cross sexy models with fetish, you get real sexy and fashion. The two photos shown below were the opening catwalks which were black/white latex opera length gloves & latex stockings.

The last photo shown below was from the Vogue Japan, June 2012 magazine taken of Victoria’s Secret model Candice Swanepoel done by Terry Richardson. In this shoot she is seen in red latex leggings. This photo was shown as one of the Victoria’s Secret models who were specially recognized that night. Of course they highlighted one of her best photo shoots and Fetish Buzz fav!

Target Goes Fetish for The Holidays!

December 01, 2012 by pvc

One of the newest and best commercials I’ve seen for the holidays aired a few nights ago. It never ceases to amaze me with the endless amounts of fetish we see in commercials. Last night I saw another one by the clothing line Neiman Marcus which will be sold in Target beginning December 1st. Apparently, it seems like they wanted to target fetish as the model is seen bouncing around in multiple fetish outfits from a black latex cat suit to a white latex cat suit and even a red latex cat suit. Too bad the commercial ran so fast and so quick. I must say a nice addition for the holidays. I would be disappointed if by December1st (Which is today) they didn’t sell these outfits because that would be false advertising! Who knows, Target may soon one day sell a section of fetish wear!

NYC's Fetish Ball Halloween Party TONIGHT!!!

October 27, 2012 by pvc

Another warm Halloween weekend it’s going to be tonight. With that as a plus, what are you fetish kittens going to do tonight? Fear not! Those who have no plans or would like to hit up an exciting party, there’s the annual NYC’s SMACK Genitortures Fetish party tonight!
After coming back from Irving Plaza last night in NYC my eye was caught by a poster in the bathroom stall promoting the Premier Multimedia Fetish Play Party tonight @ 11:00pm-4:00am. It will be thrown @ the Gramercy Theater located 127 E. 23rd St. New York City. For advanced tickets, you can get them online @ for $20, otherwise @ the door for $30.
So who’s going to be in NYC’s hottest party tonight? Halloween weekend would never be the same without hot parties like these!

NYC TV life Explores Fetish

October 02, 2012 by pvc

This past weekend flipping thru the channels just in time for my favorite holiday of the year Halloween, I came across a classic favorite viewing of fetish in the media. Shown above not typical Fetish Buzz latex was a broadcasted television screening of the program "Secrets of New York" hosted by Kelly Choi who explores New York City in a clasic Matrix Trinity like PVC trench coat. The program was aired on the NYC TV life station where Kelly is seen in a helicopter to the grounds of New York City. During her hosting I noticed the day wasn't rainy weather at all! Could it be she had a thing for fetish to use her PVC coat on television!? Well from what I saw, she dominated the part very well and extra sexy too if I might add! 

Until we meet again, let's see what kind of Halloween goodies I come across at the end of this month. Fetish will never die! Who knows, maybe the Secrets of New York will unlock me running into Kelly in my hometown as the Asian Trinity.   

Katy Perry Performs Live @ Grammy Awards 2012

February 14, 2012 by pvc

Sunday night I watched the 2012 54th Grammy Awards which was held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Pleased to announce my first Fetish Buzz posting of the year and a Valentine's posting for all my blog readers, it's occurred to me that fetish in the mainstream is only in it's beginning stages of media interest. In the past I've done postings on Katy Perry and once again she aims to please in the world of Fetish fashion. Once again she adds another latex outfit to her performances. Just like Lady Gaga, she is definitely a favorite of mine when it comes down to great taste in clothes.

During the performance, Katy Perry performs her hit/new song E.T/Part Of Me in a latex costume designed by Abigail Greydanus. She sings “Part of Me” which is from the special edition of her double-platinum certified album, Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection in the sexy latex super hero outfit. Her latex super hero outfit was very suitable as she sings a song about power over a man and especially shows her power in as she has a team of men lifting her up as if she was the Queen of pop in the performance.

I have no doubts we'll see her in more in the future as well as Lady Gaga. Also just briefly before the performance Kate Beckinsale one of my past entry favorites announces Katy for her performance. Did any one else see this Goddess 1/20th in her new movie in "Underworld" 4? Without further a due, below I included Katy's performance in the link below. Here's my Valentine's posting to all!


The New 2011 Priceline Commercial - Part II Lady in Leather (Latex)

July 27, 2011 by pvc

After Sacheen Padilla's first appearance in her rubber catsuit in the new 2011 Priceline Commercial, they couldn't resist not bringing her back for another 2 second showing as the sidekick. I must clearify that no matter how many times I have to repeat it, they still call latex...leather! This time she is refered to as the Lady in Leather. Next time they need to get it right...the Lady in Latex! Enjoy her 2 seconds as the "Lady in Latex" once again in this video link:

Dancing with the Stars goes Fetish

May 10, 2011 by pvc

On Tuesday night's Dancing with the Stars final four show down, Chelsie Hightower was eliminated from the competition. It was too bad considering she performed in a hot red PVC dress. As always, I'm always on fetish alert. If you ask me, with the beautiful outfit as hers, she is definitely still a star in my eyes. May I have the encore dance?

Wonder Woman's New Upgrade

March 30, 2011 by pvc

Recently, the new Wonder Woman role played by Adrianne Palicki has already stirred controversy. What I don't get is, people are scared of change and especially change when it comes to upgrading to sexiness. The whole big fuss came about with her costume pants and boots coming off as a cheap costume coming from Ricky's NYC Halloween costumes. What is so wrong with that or her pants!? Personally to me, they all got it wrong! Her original pants are NOT rubber or vinyl rather than spandex! I liked this original sexy look. The only part of her costume that was vinyl was her red bustier that thankfully they kept. Both old and new costumes definitely qualify as Fetish Buzz material to me. When this show premieres on NBC this fall, I'm sure it will be a Fetish Buzz's favorite show. On that note, Wonder Woman is truly a wonder.

Which Wonder Woman costume looks better? The original costume shown in the first photo or the new one shown in the photos below?


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