Jessica Drue II

March 28, 2009 by piratephotography

Everytime I photograph Jessica Drue we photograph her in some sort of latex, she just has the perfect figure for it.  The second time we shot together, she bought two latex outfits and wore them both.  The first was a black bra and pencil skirt set.  At first glance, loved it.  Then once she'd put it on we realised it had something quite distinctive about it.  It had sculpted erect nipples built into the bra top!  Big ones at that!  Definitly something I've never seen before but soo funny.

And heres me trying something a bit more arty and different

Jessica Drue

March 26, 2009 by piratephotography

I recently did a photoshoot with Jessica Drue for ZXLatex and Sacre Coeur Jewellery for Alt Fashion magazine, the issue is due out at the start of next month and is available internationally.  Both of them are quite new companies, in fact, this is both of theirs first publications and Jess's too :)  The latex was really nice, great fitting and the designs were really classic, and the jewellery and hats were seriously amazing, think steam punk inspired time pieces and just generally incredible stuff.

Dress in this by ZXLatex and mini top hat and necklace by Sacre Coeur

Dress in this by ZXLatex and necklace by Sacre Coeur

PVC Lolly.

March 25, 2009 by piratephotography

I thought I'd post up a few images from older shoots of some of the varying different latex and PVC people have worn on shoots with me and the little stories that go with them.

This is from a shoot two weeks ago with Lolly, we've shot together a bunch of times and everytime she comes for a shoot I hope that she'll have brought this gorgeous PVC corset with her.  She finally did two weeks ago!  I often question how PVC corsets are made, but this is gorgeous, well boned, the PVC doesn't crinkle when its laced tightly and despite how much its been worn its not got any little marks on it like PVC tends to get.  It laces realy nicely too, it has the usual back panel and two smaller side panels for lacing to help prevent the creasing in the PVC, really gorgeous quality!

Miss Cobweb.

March 21, 2009 by piratephotography

Well I didn't post that very well did I!  Right, heres the picture lol


Miss Cobweb

March 21, 2009 by piratephotography

So heres the first preview of Miss Cobweb from our shoot on friday, her first latex shoot!  The dress is by Jane Doe latex and the stockings are just random rather than a brand as much.  Good quality considering how cheap they are.


March 20, 2009 by piratephotography

Hey all

Finally managed to get myself signed up for a blog on here (thank you girlq!) and I'll be looking to update and post as often as I can :)

My name is Kitten, (Stephanie Wood is the real name) and I run Pirate Photography.  I'm Photographer of the Week on here if you haven't noticed, how awesome is that!  Its a real honour to be featured alongside such incredible photographers.

I spent this afternoon shooting Miss Cobweb in her first ever latex shoot, shes a fantastic model so it was great to do that with her.  Though we learnt an important lesson, putting latex stockings on when you've forgotten your powder is nigh on impossible lol, though we managed to get them on her in the end!  Thank goodness Lizzy Chiyoko had come along to assist or we'd never have started shooting.  I'll probably start processing the images tomorrow so I'll be sure to post one up when I've done them :)

Anyway, I have to be up for work at a brilliant 6.30 am so I had best get to sleep

Kitten xxx

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