Fanny Divine.

April 26, 2009 by piratephotography

Yesterday I had the pleasure of shooting with an incredibly talented burlesque performer Fanny Divine.  We've worked together before, this time last year in fact so it was great to meet up and shoot with her again.  We wanted to shoot some vintage pinup and Bettie Page inspired fetish work so I thought I'd share the fetish stuff with you guys first!  Its not the typical latex/pvc fetish you might expect, instead we went the classic Bettie route of lingerie, fake fur stole and a whip.  Fanny has true Bettie inspired looks and carries off her cheeky fetish grin so well that she is just made for this type of work.  Shes a wonderful and lovely gal too, so cute and funny and her burlesque acts are inspired!  Shes a neo-burlesque performer so theres a lot of humour in them, last night she performed a kitty act and an act called 'The Fly' which was sheer brilliance.  If you ever get the chance, go see this gal perform, shes quite possibly my favourite UK burlesque performer and I've seen a hell of a lot!

Gypsies and latex.

April 23, 2009 by piratephotography

Jessica Drue is one of my favourite models to shoot latex with, but on our last shoot we decided to mix things up, in a way inspired the fetishbuzz's very own Girl-Q.  Most people see latex as something to wear for fetish parties, or only with other latex, however, Girl-Q challenges that and sees it as something to wear everyday with any other materials.  So, me and Jess got permission to shoot in my favourite pub, a proper rustic british pub, and decided gypsy fashion would be the theme, cue corset, delicate skirt and beads, along with some cream trans stockings!  The point of these shots was not to shoot something traditionally fetish, rather normal fashion with a hint of something else, if people even notice!


Sapphire Black

April 20, 2009 by piratephotography

These photos are from one of my first latex photoshoots, they are still some of my favourites too.  The model, Sapphire Black, has such an unusual look and is a really great model, I think they are quite different to alot of people who model latex.  The location for these is a slightly odd one, these are actually shot in the corridors of the offices I work in occasionally.  I got permission from the building owners to go in on off days or after hours to shoot and they don't mind what, so long as theres no nudity!  Her shoes in this set, are some of the most awesome I have ever seen, I just love them.

Care Bears.

April 17, 2009 by piratephotography

A few weeks ago I had a shoot that plays into a few of my favourite fetishes, women with their hair in bunches, over knee socks and lollypops.  I also love the combination of cutesy outfits with that extra bit of naughtiness, in this case, some big 'ol heels :D It was a great shoot, the model was Lady Wildflower, I did the hair, a lovely green lady called Debz did the makeup and Nitemare Photography was also there shooting.  We shot at the local seaside, on fairground rides which got us in trouble hehe, and also around the arcades.  The outfit is an adorable care bear fancy dress costume, I've not seen one like it before but it was so cute, and perfect for the model.  We weren't allowed in the arcades as apparently you're not allowed to take photos of the machines which I did not know.  I think one of the things that alot of fetish work lacks is colour and fun, it doesn't necessarily have to be about latex and drama, this is a bright, fun and sexy shoot so I hope you enjoy it!


Kira Krueger

April 15, 2009 by piratephotography

This is probably one of my very first fetish photoshoots, with the model Kira Krueger.  She came up with the idea of using the strawberry bondage tape and had the outfit, I just lit and shot it :)  I've never done a rope bondage shoot, but its high on my list of things I need to do.

Lady Nex

April 10, 2009 by piratephotography

Gasmasks, over used or just used badly?  I personally love them, the feeling of being so trapped and enclosed is wonderful.  I got the opportunity to shoot with one thanks to my family.  We lived in Saudi Arabia when I was a child, so were all issued NATO gasmasks in 1990, and they kept one :)  So when the chance came, me and Lady Nex went out and used it!  I wanted to go for a slightly less obviously fetish, more futuristic fashion look.  One of these got a DD on too :)

Ball Pit Balls.

April 08, 2009 by piratephotography

One of the things I love about latex is combining it with bright colours and odd settings, take this shot with Jessica Drue from just before the new year, blue transparent latex, oddly thick stuff and a bath full of ball pit balls :)

Jessica Drue III

April 06, 2009 by piratephotography

The first time I shot with Jessica Drue we shot latex, her first latex shoot and I have yet to shoot anyone with a better figure for it.  We are shooting a range of latex tomorrow including a yummy yummy catsuit :D I can't wait!  So in celebration of my love of her in latex, I thought I'd post some shots from the first time we worked together.


April 01, 2009 by piratephotography

PVC is something I have a love hate relationship with.  I love it, I love shooting models in it, but I find that I am terrible at looking after it myself and that it crumples, so I sadly don't own any.  I also really hate seeing it being worn as a cheap alternative to latex, its something that should be appreciated just as much, just in a different way.

One of my best times shooting latex was on a group shoot I hosted last summer, it involved 10 photographers including myself, and 10 models.  The only specification wardrobe wise was alternative fashion, and to my utmost delight 5 of the models bought along pvc outfits.  I shot 4 of the gals together, Lady Wildflower, Vynx, Tamara-Marie and Lolly, with hair and makeup by Samantha Lyann.  It was absolutely great fun, the girls were all really giggly and gorgeous and it just just generally quite hilarious to shoot.  Apparently groping each other made them all giggle alot!

My first latex shoots I

March 29, 2009 by piratephotography

I thought you might be interested to see images from my first few latex photoshoots, so this next series of blogs will be all about the first few times I photographed latex!  My very first latex shoot was a disaster, I'd not even had a camera long by that point so theres nothing good from it, but then last summer when I first started shooting models properly I gradually got to shoot more models wearing it.  One of the first models I photographed in it was Hannah Mariska, with hair and makeup by Samantha Lyann.  If I remember rightly, it was actually one of her first times wearing latex, and I think the first time she'd ever been photographed in it.  She was a wonderful Welsh girl, it took her and her boyfriend forever to put the latex on her, tight leggings turned out to be much harder to put on than I think they'd anticipated and they hadn't bought any talc (seems to be a running theme on my shoots, I need to stock up on it!) but she looked gorgeous in the final outfit.  I really enjoyed her idea to put two belts cross her hips, think it just added a touch bit more rock and roll to the outfit and really suited her.

Hopefully this series will help you see how much my work has progressed over time too!  Sadly, Hannah stopped modelling not long after this shoot, which I think is a real shame as shes really beautiful and was a fantastic model!

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