More Vynx.

August 16, 2009 by piratephotography

As I've been naughty and not posted I have quite a few shoots you haven't seen photos from.  I'm gonna post some faves over a few days so you can see them :)

I know I posted some of Vynx, but as it is quite possibly what I consider to be my most productive shoot yet I thought I'd post some more.  All of these will be in sets on zivity in the coming months.

This outfit made me smile alot, we attracted a fair bit of attention, but the top was one of those hilarious moulded rubber bras with built in nipples that Vynx didn't quite fill, despite having rather large wonderful boobs!

Vynx is a model made for latex, her curves are simply amazing in it.

I mean, just look at that butt!

Heres some experiementation with my lensbaby

and I shall post more of Vynx in another journal as we shot so much!  She loves rubber and most fetishes so its always a pleasure to shoot with her, I can't wait till I move and we get to shoot again

Kitten xxx

an update

August 14, 2009 by piratephotography

I know I know, I'm terrible and haven't updated my blog in a while, but I promise, I have good reason!

I'm going to be moving to Norwich (4 hours away from where I currently live) with my partner and Master/Mistress Kao, I can't wait!  To get to live the lifestyle 24/7 will be wonderful.

Photoshoots wise I have been keeping myself busy in between working 2 jobs, packing and sorting out the flat, so heres some from a recent shoot with Kinniret, with hair and makeup by Samantha Lyann.

and I promise, I shall update with more photos soon!

Kitten xxx


July 02, 2009 by piratephotography

Some models are just made to wear latex, Vynx is one of those models.  She has wonderful curves that look even more amazing in rubber, and just the attitude to carry it off.  When we shot last week she told me she had been saving a new dress to wear just for me, and what a dress it was!  I don't think there will be a more perfect outfit for her than this, it shows off every curve and her wonderful bum just right!  I really like the corset influence in the back part of the dress, as did the various people who walked past when we were shooting to see Vynx flashing her bum and boobs hehe!

Latex collars.

July 01, 2009 by piratephotography

I have a real love of collars, I love wearing them and the symbolism they hold for my relationship is wonderful.  When models ask me for shoots one of my first questions for them is often 'What wardrobe do you have?', because its rare I get anything in, and when Sara-lou told me she had a latex collar I was immediately sold, so we booked!  We shot a variety of things, included a fetish first for me which I'll blog about at a later date, but when we shot the colour I decided to do something a bit different.  I used my new lensbaby lense, I've been experimenting with it alot for portraiture and I think its never worked more perfectly than it did on this shot

for me, Sara's expression and pose with her hand, combined with my part of the shot really amplifies her eyes which I find so hypnotising.  In real life they are a stunning grey colour and when made black and white it makes them look even more amazing.

Ballet Boots.

June 10, 2009 by piratephotography

Before photography, before latex, and before I knew what fetish was, I had another love.  That love, was dance, particularily gymnastics and ballet.  There was nothing I loved more than pointe shoes.  Sadly, I injured my spine a few years ago and ultimately ended up giving up my dancing (though I have to admit, I still dance around the house when no ones looking hehe).  I've even danced in the West End of London a few times.  So it gives me great pleasure to combine two of my favourite things together on a shoot, ballet and fetish, in the form of ballet heels.  I love the extreme nature of these shoes, the way they force the wearer to consider their every move and encourage posture, I shoot them at every opportunity.  Heres a couple of images with ballet boots in that I've taken, including very recent ones for zivity.

Laura-Marie Clarke

Jessica Drue wearing ZxLatex and Sacre Coeur

Sohui in Suicide Dreams


May 23, 2009 by piratephotography

Bondage is probably my favourite fetish.  The feeling of restriction, the trust it takes, I love it.  I think its incredibly sexy.  I have really done a photoshoot that could be classed as 'bondage' themed, until monday.  I shot the brilliant pinup model Lexi Sexx in a variety of ways, the two best ones being in a 'Keeper' and tied up in tights, a la Christine Kessler.  I have a huge thing for tights so shooting this was great, a concept I'll definetly be shooting again!  The tights shoot also included lots of closeups of Lexi's cute toes and feet so all the foot fetishes can appreciate that too hehe.  Both of these should hopefully be zivity sets as Lexi wants to join up, so heres previews!

Latex first timers.

May 18, 2009 by piratephotography

One of the best things about shooting the models I do, is that I've shot a lot of people who are wearing latex for their very first time.  One such occasion was a week ago when I photographed the beautiful Alivya.  We had managed to borrow two gorgeous latex outfits, the gold is by Leanne Broadway who is very new to latex but fantastic, and the blue is from ZxLatex who I have collaborated with before.  We also shot a pvc dress with purple latex stockings that I bought from Maxime Avet.  Liv really enjoyed modelling the latex and was surprised at its restrictive nature, I think she looks absolutely stunning and needs to model more latex!

Latex and other fabrics...

May 07, 2009 by piratephotography

I'm loving Girl-Q's style, wearing latex with other fabrics and using it as a day to day item, its fab.  I'm not quite brave enough, nor do I have her awesome figure, but I thought I'd share a photo from a wedding I attended last year.  The photos not brilliant, my little brother took it for me as I wanted both my hands to be in the shot and didn't have my tripod with me, but its one of the few examples of me wearing latex.  I wanted latex gloves for this outfit as soon as I started drawing it up, it was a summer wedding, so I couldn't wear much in the way of latex, and I thought gloves would be a cute addition of fetish that most wouldn't notice, but the kinks amongst the other guests would hehe ;)

Both the dress and the gloves are custom made for me, I designed the dress (at 5ft 11 I tend to struggle to find dresses and skirts long enough, and my hands are much too big for normal gloves), and the gloves are custom HMS Latex goodies in white/cream and red.  HMS were great with me for those gloves, I messaged them about three weeks before the wedding about getting them made, and they came, from France, within a week of me first contacting them, I was really impressed.  I was worried about the red and white mixing as I've seen a lot of white get ruined when mixed with other latex and these haven't.

I've since photographed Jessica Drue in these gloves as well, at 6ft her hands are giants too hehe.


May 05, 2009 by piratephotography

I recently joined a site called Zivity, which specialises in photo sets of women only.  Its not another 'alt girl' site or anything like that, instead, models and photographers post sets, they can contain nudes if they want to, and from there people can vote for them, each vote is worth a certain amount of money so you can earn money the more you post.  it costs $10 a month which I think is a bargain for the amount of amazing art on there.  Its quite fetish and alt focused because of its members, which include Lithium Picnic, Christine Kessler, Mosh, Lauren WK and more.  Because its a place for all these members, its also a great way to see sets from your favourite models and photographers without having to join all their individual sites.  Anyone can have a free 30 day trial so go over and visit and tell them I sent you :)  At the moment the site is fairly US orientated so I'mt trying to get the UK better represented on it, I've been lucky with a model I love also joining when I did so we can shoot for it but it would be great if the UK could get more members on it for more variety, lets show the US that we know how to shoot fetish!

I've had two sets accepted onto it, they aren't up yet but I thought I'd post a preview from each set for you guys to see, both feature the model Jessica Drue.

This is from the set entitled 'The Girl at the Secret Door'

and this is from 'In the blue'

When they go live I'll let you know!

Kitten xxx


April 29, 2009 by piratephotography

Stockings are one of my all time favourite fetish's.  I love them, they give a hint of sexiness with any normal outfit and just ooze sex appeal.  I adore them, lace top stockings, with suspenders, latex stockings, delicious.  My particular favourites are seamed stockings, that line leading the eye upwards is gorgeous.  Women's legs, and many wonderful trans-men just beg to wear stockings, so I thought I'd share with you some of my photos of stockings.

Lady Wildflower as the saucy Snow White

Fanny Divine in delicious retro seamed stockings

Lolly in fishnet stockings and suspenders

Snappy O'Shea and a collection of lingerie and stockings

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