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November 30, 1999 by admin



November 30, 1999 by admin


Show Me Fashion: Latex Highlights

January 06, 2013 by Cole

Show Me Fashion event highlights presented by Sohie Cash, featuring gorgeous girls in latex designs from Lady Allura's Latex, Om Nom Latex and Catriona Stewart Clothing. The Alternative Fashion Show raised money for the children's charity M.H.C.P. Recorded at the Pitcher and Piano in Nottingham, July 24th, 2012. / Show Me Events

(click an image below to play the video on youtube)

Sophie cash presenting for LatexGirlsHD at Show Me Fashion

LatexGirlsHD at Show Me Fashion

LatexGirlsHD at Show Me Fashion

LatexGirlsHD at Show Me Fashion

Latex SuperVixens at Sci-Fi London

January 05, 2013 by Cole

Pandora Deluxe Latex parade their Ka-Pow! collection as part of Sci-Fi London 2012. Presented by Bizarre Cover Girl Amie Conradine and featuring the sexiest super heroes and super villains as they invade London in outstanding rubber cosplay. Forget the Avengers, this is the sexiest team up you'll see all summer! /

With Naomi Collett as Ka-Pow Girl, Betty Havok as Silk Spectre II, Ausrie Fel as Captain America, Sabien DeMonia as Mary Marvel, Cici Von Crypt as Supergirl, Stephanie Fitzpatrick as Wonder Woman, Dani Divine as Harley Quinn, Efflectum as Poison Ivy and Amie Conradine as The Riddler.

(click the image below to play the video on youtube)

Bizarre Covergirl Amie Conradine presenting for LatexGirlsHD in Pandora Deluxe Latex

Katy Perry Performs Live @ Grammy Awards 2012

February 14, 2012 by pvc

Sunday night I watched the 2012 54th Grammy Awards which was held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Pleased to announce my first Fetish Buzz posting of the year and a Valentine's posting for all my blog readers, it's occurred to me that fetish in the mainstream is only in it's beginning stages of media interest. In the past I've done postings on Katy Perry and once again she aims to please in the world of Fetish fashion. Once again she adds another latex outfit to her performances. Just like Lady Gaga, she is definitely a favorite of mine when it comes down to great taste in clothes.

During the performance, Katy Perry performs her hit/new song E.T/Part Of Me in a latex costume designed by Abigail Greydanus. She sings “Part of Me” which is from the special edition of her double-platinum certified album, Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection in the sexy latex super hero outfit. Her latex super hero outfit was very suitable as she sings a song about power over a man and especially shows her power in as she has a team of men lifting her up as if she was the Queen of pop in the performance.

I have no doubts we'll see her in more in the future as well as Lady Gaga. Also just briefly before the performance Kate Beckinsale one of my past entry favorites announces Katy for her performance. Did any one else see this Goddess 1/20th in her new movie in "Underworld" 4? Without further a due, below I included Katy's performance in the link below. Here's my Valentine's posting to all!


Stories are not original anymore

August 19, 2011 by calebisaboy

we've seen it all, and all we have left is what we think is our brand new thoughts.

The New 2011 Priceline Commercial - Part II Lady in Leather (Latex)

July 27, 2011 by pvc

After Sacheen Padilla's first appearance in her rubber catsuit in the new 2011 Priceline Commercial, they couldn't resist not bringing her back for another 2 second showing as the sidekick. I must clearify that no matter how many times I have to repeat it, they still call latex...leather! This time she is refered to as the Lady in Leather. Next time they need to get it right...the Lady in Latex! Enjoy her 2 seconds as the "Lady in Latex" once again in this video link:

Dancing with the Stars goes Fetish

May 10, 2011 by pvc

On Tuesday night's Dancing with the Stars final four show down, Chelsie Hightower was eliminated from the competition. It was too bad considering she performed in a hot red PVC dress. As always, I'm always on fetish alert. If you ask me, with the beautiful outfit as hers, she is definitely still a star in my eyes. May I have the encore dance?

"When he calls to me I am ready."

May 09, 2011 by jaynamarie

So lately I've been very interested in Lady Gaga's new song Judas. There is a lot of speculation on it being offensive to various religous groups. How silly can some people be? It's just a song. Anyways, i got the proofs of my "Trapped" photoshoot today. There are a couple of good new ones.Also, new latex is on the way, which I am hoping will result in new photoshoots for the portfolio. Anyone intersted in seeing more of my work, please go to There I have the best so far.

Working on being a fetish/alt model

May 08, 2011 by jaynamarie

Hi, my name is Jayna Marie. I'm not very well known yet, but i have been working on advancing my portfolio, so this site is a great way to try and expand and recieve new latex (since its so expensive) so, here we go. I'll try to post some images and I'd love some feedback!


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