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March 27, 2009 by nofate301

I spent a long time considering the subject of a new blog for  What could POSSIBLY be interesting to people in the fetish world?  When you've got blogs like or around what else is there to cover?

Well, I think that's the part that some people don't cover.  Where to start.  Some people, I guess the best way to put it...are born for it.  They're so on for display and showing off or at least demonstrating the right way for things to be done...they just do.  I have hundreds of websites I peruse and gather information from.  Why?  For the single purpose of trying to find out why I'm so nervous about actually going out and meeting people.  People who would very possibly be willing to meet a newbie.  It's almost silly.

Actually, it is silly, but the fact is, my fear is justified...because that's what fear is.  It's unreasonable, which makes it silly.  But because it's unreasonable it gives it validity.  Hope you can follow me on that.

But why would someone be scared?  Why would something so innocuous as a bunch of people who like to tie people up and inflict all sorts of torments and pleasures on a person?  Oh....

See, I don't think I've got...enough knowledge yet.  I also don't have a trusting personality.  I hate it, but I have difficulty trusting people, especially new people.    I do like to meet new people, but when it comes to my fetish, I want to meet the person first and have there be a friendship.  It's a little odd, but I want someone I can go to one of the wonderful functions with.  Functions all over the place, but specifically one in New York City.  I live out on Long Island which makes events in the city a little tough.  It's VERY tough because I live with my parents and they are a pain in my butt.  I don't think they need to know mostly cuz it's none of their business what their son does to get his kicks.  Thank you very much.

I do however like the idea of just learning about human sexuality and fetishes in general.    I think that will be a part of this blog as well.  I'll highlight a fetish once and a while.  Something I think is interesting or just to expound on in some general way.  I will also try and highlight a site that seems to show off the goods without all sorts of unnecessary fluff.

So who am I?  My name is John, I'm a Pieces, 26 years old, and have lived out on Long Island, NY for my entire life.  I’ve traveled some, I’ve been west of the Mississippi and across the Atlantic.  I have a degree in Information Technology.  I’ve had only one serious girlfriend in high school. 

My fetish at its heart is Latex.  I love rubber.  It’s the single most beautiful thing ever.  I am a member over at the slogan of which is “You are not alone.”  So if you’re a rubber fetishist, please remember you aren’t alone.  Head on over, say hello, and meet some friends.  Which is something I have done, but almost no one is near me.

I’m also a bondage enthusiast.  Not entirely centered on rubber though.  I love rope and leather, buckles, and metal.  Yea, baby.  I would love to learn proper rope technique.  I have several feet of parachute cord and some new Jute rope.  I’ll need to treat it, which will be a process unto itself.  I’ll do my best to document and maybe even post here.  Who knows?

I’ve got a lot of things going on in my life so I don’t know how hard I can stay with this blog at first.  I’m trying to move out, work, and just live my life.  I’m also a writer of sorts  I’ve even got a story I’m writing and we’re already up to 8 parts.  I’d love to post here on but after reading the rules, I’m not sure I can.  I mean they say it’s gotta be on the site only and no where else.  I would like to, but if the owner of fetish buzz says I can I’d be glad to.  So far, I’ve been getting some good reviews and positive feedback.  Please feel free to come by and read.  Let me know what you think it would be much appreciated.  I’ll even try to show off some of the other artists I follow over there because they deserve to be noticed and have their art appreciated.


I think that’s all I can really come up with on such a quick note.  It’s almost midnight on the East Coast and I need to play me some Dead Space




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