goblinic fetish style

June 13, 2009 by milenas

Today i don't want to tell about the fashion i drew, but about the model who's wearing it. Cause many of my pics don't show just a anonymous model, but a hero from some stories i wrote. You will see, that the following text got better english, that's because it was once translated (but never published in english) by my friend sister chain from the band spinster sister:

Pezzi Tricera

It is told of goblins that they sometimes take especially talented new born humans and replace them with their own goblin babes – in order to present the human parents with a special didactic task and to corrupt the child by introducing it to their fantastic realm of witchery. Yet, small magical creatures of hidden worlds, who preferably wear checked green suits a'la Nick Knatterton and believe these go perfectly well with disproportional südwester, capes with ermine collars and red shoes... well, they've got their own ideas about special talents.
The little girl, whom the goblins of the Tricera clan (named after the 3 horns on their heads) called Pezzi, was not especially quick in drawing logical conclusions, but was compensated with a mind bubbling with ideas free of common-sense. With her unmanageable dark brown hair, her freckles and bulging teeth, she firmly opposed the beauty ideals of humane culture. Pezzi's body was indeed slim, but of an extremely robust constitution, so that in the acting school she attended as a teenager, she soon distinguished herself as outstanding pupil in the boxing class ('a legend' as she likes to say).
Those who assume that the changeling Pezzi thereupon found her role in the society of her fellow-humans as an actress, are forgetting that a person, who had been constantly played nasty tricks upon by her parents is likely to arrive at extraordinary decisions. Hence the girl with the lacking powers of deduction, decided to become a detective.
In one of her cases, the curious Pezzy examined a perfume-flacon, unfortunately ignoring all hints pointing to of its having been used as instrument of acidic assassination. As consequence, the area around her left eye was decorated from this day on with a cobwebbish scar, which she later attributed to being hit by a lightning.      
And so struts Pezzi  never-listless through a world, which seems to her like one long catwalk.   Lead by incomprehensible urges, tending to braggadocio and exaggerated self-esteem, she manoeuvres from one disaster to another, but thanks to her indestructibility and goblinsome luck she climbs out from each abyss with the stubborn belief that everything came out just wonderfully.
Pezzy has a great passion for the Fashions of big cities, especially when they serve as cultural melting pots. Her fashionable taste was shaped however by a childhood full of Goblinic Fashion-crimes. Hence she wanders through the stores of the metropolis with moonstruck confidence, hunting for those very items, which are soon to be regarded as specimens of sheer ephemeral tastelessness,  and, on top of it, combining them with one another in away that sends shivers down everybody's spines.
Her latest favourites have been white-pink striped Satin-Flatter-Tops, black trousers with golden embroideries, Princess-Leia-blouses, and everything with red tassels. The preceding phase consisted of underwear with animal motifs, beaked boots with many zippers, voluminous furry jackets, and safari pants. What's it gonna be tomorrow? We can only wait and see what Fashion might bring and what Pezzy makes of it.
The wrong parents, the wrong looks, and the wrong choices of profession and outfit, and yet one cannot refrain from envying Pezzy a little bit. Perhaps because, in each and every one of us, there's a bit of a Pezzy Tricera, feeling marvellous being who she is.

Here we see Pezzy in a black Popelin coat with 3/4 sleeve and artificial Rabbit, her No.1 Satin Flatter top, sinfully expensive violet leather-pants with golden insets and too-long arm-wrappers. And where she got those boots from - this she won't even tell her best friends...  

clown ballett boots

June 03, 2009 by milenas

Do you have a clown-boot-fetish? Well, THAT would be perverted!;-)

What do you think, when you hear about "fetish-uniforms" or "roleplay-outfits"? Probably you get the bdsm-prototypes in mind: french maid, nurse, governess, nun, police- or military-woman. But nobody thinks of clowns, or do you? So why? The clown is a classical proto- and stereotype: A medieval jester, joker or fool is a submissive role towards his ruler, and a tragical, too - just think about woody allen in his "Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex* (*But Were Afraid to Ask)". And the modern clown has a large variety from innocent slapstick to a real scary guy - or why did Steven King chose a clown as the manifestation of evil in IT?

Zombie-Clown in Ballett-Boots

So were the reactions of three friends of mine, as i showed them this pic the first time: One woman laughes,  the other one found it scary and the third one told me silently, that he thinks that's hot. Wow - that was, what i intended, and got it by just three viewers. I wanted the clown to get its place amongst the fetish-uniforms, but i had to change things: The bulkyness of the nose and shoes and the cleanhead are not sexy, but the mask, frills and stockings are. But if you see frills in fetish-pics, they mostly look not fashionalble but heavy-rubber-porn-style. And what do you get in mind, when you think of heavy rubber style? Ballett-boots and Pussy-pants! Well, i did. And i got a ambivalent feeling about that pics: They made me horny, but mostly they're not artfull or fashionable.

So i wanted to change that, and tried to make frills, ballett boots and pussy pants look en vogue. And i wanted them not to look just submissive. That was difficult, because, they lead so much in that direction - i used a gimmick about that, and emphasized the scaryness of the clownrole in making this female clown a puppett-zombie with grey skin, caricature-like skinnyness and a zipper-mouth skull-mask. So what do you think? Scary, cute, ridiculous?

corsets and vampires

May 08, 2009 by milenas

 "Hello Boys and Ghouls!"

so did Lux Interior (who died this year) opened a Cramps-gig in the Halloween-Special of 80s US teenie series Beverly Hills 90210. Really! I couldn't belief my eyes. I then saw the Cramps life in the early 90s. Lux wore high heels and tight vinyl pants, was so skinny and pale like a vampire and did a lot of destruction with the stage material and his own body.

So my second blog-entry is about the vampires and fetish clothes. From the first vampire stories i read, and movies i saw (it was the german children book "Der kleine Vampir - the little vampire" - the Brits made a tv-series of it, - this was New Wave!;-) on, i loved the whole vampire style and mood. This mixture of dominance and sadness, their dark clothes were elegant and sexy but out of fashion - this whole "creature of the night"-freak-outsider-status was a metaphor for (pervert;-) szene!

nosferatu 2000

I did draw some traditional black and white fantasy-style vampire pics, but when i had the technical ability to play with that basics, i went further: This pic was inspired by a trip to amsterdam, where i visited my first latex shop - demask - and saw this classic style latex corsets, and doing a lot of party - at that time, metallic shiny pants were worn a lot in the club-szene. I mixed this impressions up with my memories of the father of vampire movies - Murnau's Nosferatu - and transformed the body in the direction of a bat, trying to leave it sexy but add a disturbing touch. At a later pic i went further with that transformation, leaving alone the torso human-like:

This redhead-locust grews insect arms and legs, has a REAL wasp waist and a quiet big butt;-) entomologists would call that "abdomen". So this is sort of a caricature of the corset-idea, and maybe not everybody finds this one sexy - i do:-D I love all directions, a corset can transform a womans body, making it proud, dominant and untouchable or exposed, restricted and protected. I know that lot of people address corsets to submission, but for me it is allway a dominant flavour in it, that makes the kick of it.

What do you think? I am looking foreward to your comments.

Milena S.

thigh high boots

April 28, 2009 by milenas

Hi, out there,

it's Milena S., painting and drawing traditionally with ink and pencil. This is my first and only blog, that i don't want to use as a diary, but to tell these, who like my pics, what's "behind" them - give you a psychological inside of an artist. And cause we're on Fetish Buzz, it's about fetish, of course. So, come inside, if you like:

My first post is - as my first fetish was - about overknees, or thigh high boots. I've done the following pic as i was 5 years old (Yes, i was a nerd, that started writing before school;-), and now i see it with a different view:


Did i draw an overknee boot there? (For readers, who are not common with german: the text doesn't help, it's the "technical data" of the dinosaur, like length and weight;-) Not conscious, of course, but what was in the freudian unconscious?;-D

No - just kidding, I got to see fetish stuff later. In the late-80s, that happend accidently by crime film, lingerie ad and music video. And there, overknee boots got (for me) to a symbol of tabooed sex. In my young mind, thigh high boots were worn by hookers, strippers, pornqueens, female rockstars, rocker bitches, biker sluts, new wave girls, vampires, perverts ... wow!

In my late school days, i got in touch with new wave girls - and only a very few of them wore overknee boots;-( and i started to draw women (earlier, i was better with dinosaurs;-) and fetish clothes. I began to publish comics and cartoons in my hometown, and it took a time up to my studies, as i managed to draw satisfying erotic fantasy art. And my first one of that was ... thigh high boots ... and gloves, corset, neck-corset, mask and transparent plastic clothing - many fetishes:-)

pink transparent plastic on black patent leather and latex

So i was in the mid of my twenties and many fetishes grew in my mind. That was, how it started to transfer into art. Sublimation, as Freud would say. So, see you at the next insight, if you want.

Milena S.

P.S.: Now i'm a blogger, too! (Please excuse my bad english)

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