Danish male stripper mik

July 30, 2009 by mikaelch

I adjust my shows for any occasion and exactly in accordance with your wishes. Stripper-Mik is the perfect choise when you are having a polterabend, a girls night or for the birthsday girl, who needs a sexy surprise. Shows include lap dance, free body tequila, fuld monty (totally naked) … and much more. Only your fantasy sets the boundaries. A typically strip show lasts approximately 30 – 40 minutes.

Try out this male stripper, where it is always the girls who draw the line … you decide the number of body tequilas … and on what part of the body it should be served.


STRIPPER MIK  is run and owned by the Danish stripper Mikael Christiansen. I have made this strip site to be able to offer male strip at affordable prices. I can offer striptease at very low prises because I’m independent and do not have agents or other administrative expenses … and at the same time I guarantee hot and sexy strip shows for your full satisfaction.

As you can see in this gallery I’m a very well proportioned man who exercise on a regularly basis. My measurements are:

Chest 125 cm – Waste 58 cm – Arms 40 cm – Legs 60 cm

I’m a very skilled and experienced stripper who has been in the business for several years. Apart from striptease I dance in order to keep on developing my strip shows – I have actually won a medal in show dance. My main interests within dancing are street dance, funk, break dance and show dance.

Remember that Stripper-Mik is a porno model, who has acted in porno movies … he was “discovered” by Roland from Erotikmodel. This is your guarantee that you will experience an extremely hot and sexy strip show.

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