New red dress

August 28, 2009 by freetime

I like very much photo's from lady's in latex even more than cars or football or what ever, but it should good looking and nice fitting latex. Not the one's u see in porn scene's. Now my woman does have a slim body and a open mind so that combined together can result in nice photo’s but also in a nice mood at the end of the sessions. So am very happy to make photo's from her in latex. I am try with minimum of money and equipment to do this.


I took a simple blanked and used as background, it was just in a wink that i got that idea. So later i did search at ebay for nice backdrops, but those price’s would kill my idea's all most instantly.

Am just experimenting with simple background etc. I would like to take her outside and make pictures in nature and public.

Any comment and advise please welcome :-)) Regards from the Netherlands

The new tight black dress!

July 06, 2009 by freetime

Today we got a new latex dress and of course we need to make photo's of it. My woman wil fit it almost perfect i do not expect otherwise, that's why i did buy it!  

So first action is to put it on, i use mostly a waterbased gel, it's already big fun to put the gel on her body  Than i put also some on the inside of the dress.

As u can see it is tight! She like's this very much, in the back of dress is a zipper.

I get it shiny with a soft car tire polish it's also UV protective. It's easy becouse it in a spray foam. And it has a cleaning funktion to.

I just a simple camera user, i do make my photo's with a Canon Power shot A700. And sometimes i make a simple litle movie with it to. My dream is to have more budget to buy real custem made dresses for my dear. And some more photo gear for me ofcourse.

Please leave any commed or advise.


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