Latex Sailor Moon

November 04, 2009 by distorted-retina

Before we headed down to the TG Halloween Ball I had chance to do a quick shoot with Sohui in her amazing Latex Sailor Moon dress. Sohui - Sailor Moon

More Images at


October 25, 2009 by distorted-retina

TG Flyer

Myself and Sohui will be in London for the Halloween Ball,  it will be great to catch up with people and TG is always fun!

So with Halloween coming up it made me think back to some of the more Zombie/Vampire/voodoo inspired images i have shot in the past. Two shoots came to mind straight away, The first being the Amazing Apnea.  It was a short shoot late one night on one of my many trips to LA, 2 of the images from this shoot are featured in my book but there were many more…….

Check out the images on my site.....

A Long Time Ago........

August 29, 2009 by distorted-retina

Well it was nearly 3 years ago that I first shot with Rebekka Raynor and its taken this long to finally find a date that worked for us both.

We manged to shoot 3 quick sets, the first of which will soon be available on Zivity.   Here is a sneak preview of that set.

Bekka 3

Bekka 2

Bekka 1

I've also got some images for sale at Imagekind and Redbubble there are nudes and various other images for you buy and adorn your walls with!


July 08, 2009 by distorted-retina

So LA was amazing and im slowly getting back on track again, Im nearly up to date with all the editing and post work from my LA shoots too, so im starting to book more UK shoots again now.

Here are a couple more images from the LA trip.

Belfast in Dress by Lacing Lilith

Looo In Latex by Jane Doe

There is a real mix of different looks and Styles and also the first Male model I have ever shot for personal work.  There will be many more images coming soon…………

I've also been working on idea's that will soon become 'Distorted-Retina Vol.2'  The first book is still available though my website

Vol.2 will be slightly different as it will have a theme throughout unlike Vol.1 that is more a retrospective of my work over the past few years. Im also hoping to create images using many different photographic medium's.

I also have a few ongoing projects with Sohui that i hope we will be shooting later this month, which are just amazing!


Back from LA.

June 22, 2009 by distorted-retina

So LA was amazing as always and I had the chance to shoot with some amazing people. Its going to take a while to work through all the images but here are a couple of preview's.  There is a real mix of different looks and Styles and also the first Male model I have ever shot for personal work.

There will be many more images coming soon............


Sohui & Looo in Dresses by Baby The Stars Shine Bright

Vima LL

Vima In Lacing Lilith

Dan Vamp

Dan. (Chest prosthetic is from Underworld Evolution)

Boobie Trap Corsets and Amore De Mori

April 03, 2009 by distorted-retina

Been busy working on idea's and shoots for my up coming USA trip so not been shooting as much this past few weeks.  It looks like its going to be a busy few weeks in LA with a few days visiting Miss Conduct in SJ as well.

I'm still working through the images but here are a couple of previews from  a recent shoot with Sohuiii for Boobie Trap Corsets and Amore de Mori.

Sohuiii Boobie/Amore 1

Sohuiii Boobie/Amore 2

USA 2009

March 25, 2009 by distorted-retina

I have finally booked my flights to LA.

I will be there from May 27th till June 13th,  I am also hoping to spend a few days in either San Francisco or Las Vegas. 

I have limited time left for shoots but feel free to get in touch,  I would love to find a few more models interested in Shooting for Zivity or Deviant Nation   

 I will also be traveling with the beautiful Sohuiii Who will also be shooting if your looking for a amazing model to work with!

March TG and Lacing Lilith Shoot.

March 25, 2009 by distorted-retina

Just spent the weekend in London.  Firstly at the TG March Ball, it was great to see lots of friends although most of them were involved in the Lacing Lilith Show, so i did not really get to spend much time with any of them. But it was great to see everyone.

Sunday was spent at Adrian Pini Studio's in North London With Sohuiii, Ruby, Ulorin Vex, Russell Coleman, ArnoKirka and Paul from Lacing Lilith.   Everything Looked amazing and i grabbed a few images on my phone during proceedings.

Russ & Vex

Sohuiii and Arno

All 3

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