'Erika Putland's best shot

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He'd Just Painted His Ceiling, Wearing A Lime-Green Catsuit And Matching Hat': Curriculum Vitae

In 1971, I obtained a call from your little magazine called Disc and Music Echo, who I used to be desperately looking to get work from at the time - not too they ever paid you much back then. The course notes said they wanted David Bowie photographed.

And so i took place to Bowie's house in Beckenham, Kent. It had been a Victorian semi as far as I remember. I had created photographed him before, with a small club in Aylesbury, when he was wearing a Girls Latex Corsets  in an exceedingly tasteful shade of lime-green. While i attained his home, there he was: on the top of the ladder, painting his ceiling with a can of Dulux, and wearing the identical catsuit with a matching hat. He also had these long, white boots on. I guess it's time very funny. It was obviously a fancy dress he wore all the time.

The journalist I used to be utilizing was called Rosalind Russell, who had previously been a huge fan of Bowie. She was thrilled to be there and ran the entire show, when i remember, while I recently took pictures through the interview which has a Nikon F camera and ultizing merely the available light, probably with either a 50mm or an 85mm lens.

I did not have to work hard to get the pictures, it must be said. If you go through the contact sheets now, he would be a bit affected, with quite flowery hand movements, with his fantastic catsuit hung open just perfectly. I simply thought the curvature in the fabric was nice, and I was conscious that I used to be photographing his nipple.

Today, the breast-like shape on his chest almost seems like it was a significant clever way of reflecting his androgynous sexuality. But things were completely different then, and i also do not think it even struck me which he was bisexual back then. It had been exactly the way he was. In my experience, he was simply a typical bloke in the home. I taken him putting his paint away by the end.

This photograph is a component of a selection of Michael Putland's work, that's on display at Liberty based in london until December 24.

Curriculum vitae

Born: Harrow, 1947 ("The same age as Bowie.")

Studied: "I didn't. I left school at 16 and worked for a studio in London that did from passports to advertising, and offered me a great grounding."

Inspirations: "Louis Klemantaski, a motor-racing photographer, as well as Henri Cartier-Bresson and Magnum. To this day, I find people I really admire."

High point: "Getting being the Rolling Stones' European tour photographer in 1973. It turned out this kind of boost to my career."

Low point: "I proceeded to form Retna, the photo agency, in Ny, that has been great. The down-side was which i took less pictures, because I became included in business."

Pet hate: "Intrusive paparazzi."

Dream subject: "I sooo want to have photographed Frank Sinatra and Maria Callas."

In a single episode she nearly mortally wounded wrestler Jackie Pallo

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In a single episode she nearly mortally wounded wrestler Jackie Pallo, who had been concussed when she pushed him backwards in a grave.

Aggression comes naturally. Her father - an excellent man, aggravated while being stuck inside a lowly civil service job due to what she calls his "Gor Blimey" cockney accent - was handed to violent outbursts. Honor, who took elocution lessons which generated her acting career, admits to being very like him. But she learnt in the beginning to channel her fierceness into role-playing, which without a doubt explains why she was cast in The Avengers in 1962 and, couple of years later, landed the role from the alarmingly seductive Pussy Galore in Goldfinger, memorably rolling in the hay with Sean Connery, whom she found the sexiest man alive.

In her own new role as the avenger of the aggrieved Equitable pensioners, she actually is following hot on the heels of that 1970s Avenger, Joanna Lumley, who a year ago successfully fought to the Gurkhas' directly to settle in great britain. Comparison with St Joanna delights Blackman, though modestly, she defers towards the other woman's superior combative skills in the political arena.

"She was fighting to be with her father's honour Latex Catsuit ; I had been never linked to campaigning until a few months ago when i had always fondly hoped to get my cash back. And she is way more articulate than I will be. I personally don't like presenting and public speaking which has a passion. I'd prefer to attend home reading the sunday paper, or perhaps a script, or preparing my next one-woman show, but I will be delighted to enter bat for individuals that can't bat on their own."

Blackman is one of prominent, and glamorous, in the 44,000 Equitable Life annuitants - average age 79 - who may have yet for any compensation to the mismanagement with their funds. It can be A decade because the insurer slashed payments, having run deep into debt by promising over it may deliver. Nineteen months ago, the Ombudsman reported to Parliament around the numerous regulatory failures that led to Equitable's collapse. As opposed to following through, the Treasury has quibbled on the findings. Meanwhile, on a daily basis, typically, 15 affected pensioners have died, often in reduced circumstances.

"These are people the Government should think are wonderful," she says. "We were responsible, prudent; we provided for our retirement to ensure we couldn't survive a burden for the state or our families. These people are needing to sell their houses and live on benefits. But they ignore us. Yet in case you gambled along with your money, and put it in Iceland, you are promptly reimbursed."

This Wednesday she attended a meeting with the House of Commons, in addition to 93 MPs, including the Lib Dem Vince Cable, a long-time critic with the Government's "shameful" handling of Equitable. There, Byrne and Chadwick promised action within a couple weeks in the latest report being published in May - just each time a general election is predicted. "I think they hope they don't have to deal with this. But someone will take justice. David Cameron has said that they will get it sorted out, though I'd never choose him. [Blackman can be a lifelong Liberal]. Please God, we get a hung Parliament and someone could have the sense to place Vince Cable in charge of the economy."

One reasons why Equitable Life pensioners could have been left to rot will be the misconception actually rich folks who have enough money to take the knock. But, she highlights, the normal valuation on their annuity pots is ?¡§o47,000, from which individual pensioners have been receiving only ?¡§o2,200 a year, half the things they were promised.

Catsuit image hard to shake

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Some of Hollywood's best-known performers have shared the screen while using man in black but none comes as close to stealing his thunder as Michelle Pfeiffer. In their skin-tight black catsuit, Pfeiffer fired up a scorching display of feline sexiness in Tim Burtons 1992 film Batman Returns. It was a performance that saw her emerge as the most memorable female character in the franchise.

The erotic on-screen tension between Pfeiffer's Catwoman and Michael Keaton's Superman was fuelled by greater than her extraordinary outfit. As former lovers, the pair might have found working together awkward but Keaton was filled with praise for his beautiful co-star. "She's so great within it, how could they have got looked at anybody else?" he said.

Pfeiffer nabbed the role apparently unaware of the catfight between Annette Bening and Sean Young in the coveted part. Young was particularly unlucky to overlook out. She had originally been cast as Vicki Vale inside the first film in the Latex Stockings series, Burtons 1989 Superman, and then lose it to Kim Basinger following a horseback riding accident.

Basinger's sedate performance as Vale failed to give Pfeiffer a tough act to follow along with.

Joel Schumacher took the reins for 1995's Superman Forever, casting Val Kilmer opposite Nicole Kidman (pictured). The Australian took a back seat within the lighter role as sexy Dr Chase Meridian a psychologist who treats Bruce Adam for depression and contains one thing to the man inside rubber suit. Drew Barrymore also appears, as Sugar, the girlfriend of Tommy Lee Jones's villain Two-Face.

Alicia Silverstone didn't help the flagging franchise with her performance as Batgirl in 1997's Superman & Robin. It is really an experience she later admitted regretting.

"As soon as I have got to the film set, it became clear I wasn't necessary to think. When this occurs in his career, Joel Schumacher appeared to have got involved in most big fashion show," she said. Uma Thurman showed a bit more bite since the villainous Poison Ivy.

Christopher Nolan's 2005 prequel Superman Begins revived the ailing series which has a dark and exciting accept the Superman myth starring Christian Bale as Superman and Katie Holmes as Rachel Dawes, the childhood sweetheart of his alter ego Bruce Wayne.

Holmes gave a competent turn because assistant DA fighting a corrupt justice system, but her performance was dramatically more low-key than Pfeiffer's vamp.

Indie darling Maggie Gyllenhaal helps to make the jump to mainstream along with her role in Nolan's latest supplying the Dark Knight. She steps into Holmes' vacant role as Rachel Dawes and has said she wanted her character to get higher than a damsel in distress also to bring some brains and depth towards the role.

A Dog Struts Past In a very Yellow Fireman's Even

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Yet still Blossom doesn't have a single outfit. Why don't you consider that funky bathrobe with the applique yellow duck? The assistant shakes her head. It seems a miniature schnauzer has recently snaffled that. Another couple of jeans is procured. Blossom holds herbreath and now we start again.

The poodle reaches last built in a skintight Thirties striped bathing costume teamed having a gold necklace featuring a bone along with a pink Latex Leggings  crystal. She looks very St Tropez.

And very technologically advanced. We're all thrilled. 'We must accept,' says Frank, as Blossom performs a stylish lap in the striped suit, 'that a lot of people will say it's demeaning to dogs. However, I only say that a lot of dogs like to be manufactured a fuss of. If clothes are going to make that happen' Indeed. But obviously the outfit must be right.

A week later in Clifton Nurseries on a glorious evening in May, beneath bobbing Chinese lanterns and a glass canopy, the show is going to begin. Meg Mathews and her delightful daughter Anais (who had already proclaimed Blossom the 2nd most glamorous dog understanding that was before she was even dressed!) are here. There is a footballer's wife (from the Tv series, not the genuine article) and whispering accompanies the movements of the terrier that is certainly apparently 'The Burberry Dog'.

Leading row is filled with ladies in aviator sunglasses, lipstick and gold sandals. Included in this sit dog walkers and trainers touting for business.

And therefore the show begins: first down the runway comes Poppy, a white Maltese terrier, wearing A virtual detective tweed full of deerstalker.

She looks a bit nervous as her owner, Katie Rothman, explained backstage, 'She never normally wears anything at all.' Next comes Fritz, the miniature schnauzer, within the towelling bathrobe.

'Not his usual style,' his owner, American Anthony Linick, had insisted backstage: 'Not nearly masculine enough. He normally wears just a T-shirt or possibly a simple coat.' To mind canine looks perfectly delighted with its rubber duck-adorned ensemble.

Then come Toby and Joe, two working cocker spaniels. Their owner, stylist Helen Trent, has customised their costumes with dandyish silk scarves.

'I find some of Frank's clothes a little Sloaney,' she whispers, 'so I thought I'd jazz them up a little.' The Chihuahuas totter down in matching mandarin silks. 'Very Shanghai Tang,' pronounces someone. After which comes Pluta, a rescue lurcher.

She sashays by in the coat saying 'Number Six'. In my opinion her physique pulls off this outfit. And Blossom is on in a Hong Kong Police Dog coat (Pounds 22.50). It can be urban but masculine and prompts one lady in the audience to mutter: 'Gosh, I am hoping there is nothing compromising inside my bag!' There's a scuffle between one of the models, Honey Bear, the Pomeranian wearing mandarin silk, along with a bad-tempered dog inside audience. But no one is hurt and, thank goodness, nothing gets ripped.The piece de resistance is, obviously, Blossom in her Thirties bathing costume.

Everyone else goes wild. I'm buying her the costume (Pounds 34.20) plus a Cath Kidston-esque floral coat with matching headscarf (Pounds 40). A lot of the models buy no less than one outfit. The lurcher wins Most Glamorous Dog. Her owner, Monica Robert, proclaims herself 'over the moon' and explains that she'd named canine Pluta as 'I name all my animals after Disney characters and I'vehad so many I ran out'.

Blossom might possibly not have won Most Glamorous Dog but she did arrive at sit on Meg Mathews' knee.

And I love to think the poodle made quite an impression about the celebrity. Dogs in clothes: don't knock it till you've tried it.

SCREEN BAT-SPECIAL A glance at NEW Superman FILM, Superman Forever

March 23, 2011 by diana082323

It is the hottest - and Battiest - new movie around. But don't thank the latest Caped Crusader to the.

My sneak preview of the record-breaking Batman Eternally says it's the amazing crooks who steal the show.

A wild, over-the-top performance by rubber-faced Jim Carrey because Latex Catsuit really helps to get this to the maddest and a lot enjoyable Batman adventure yet. He and Tommy Lee Jones, being a scarred weirdo called Harvey Two-Face, put Jack Nicholson's Joker and Danny DeVito's Penguin in the shade.

To be fair, new Batman Val Kilmer does his bit, too - stepping slickly into Michael Keaton's Batsuit for your third inside the blockbuster series.

Along with the movie revs with a ferocious new car, and also featuring a dizzying array of Bat-gizmos and spectacular special effects.


Once we first meet The Riddler, he's humble Edward Nygma, a long-haired nerd employed in the laboratories of Wayne Enterprises, thwarted in his ambitions to manage Gotham City's brain-waves.

Once he achieves his dream, he becomes giddy with brain-power as they sucks the power from your city's good citizens. His costumes are more plus more dazzling and his awesome grimacing more pronounced.

"Riddle Me This..." is his catch-phrase as he launches his increasingly preposterous schemes.

There is nothing subtle about Carrey's performance. He just gets crazier and crazier, dispensing grenades from his swivelling hips while he gets a demented fame-show host.

Then there's Two-Face, the embittered ex- district attorney, whose face continues to be deformed by acid right into a purplish mash of vein and sinew.

He's a psychotic anarchist who makes decisions from the toss of your coin and is also abetted by his sleazy molls Drew Barrymore and Debi Mazar.

But Batman is constructed of stern stuff. This Bat can be a super-hero - so you wonder why that black rubber suit wasn't Kilmer's all along as they combines delightfully sexy lips by having an understated coolness.


Nicole Kidman, as stunning psychologist Dr Chase Meridian, takes up where Kim Basinger and Michelle Pfeiffer left off.

Wearing a huge amount of crimson lipstick, she actually is torn relating to the virtuous Bruce Wayne and the dashing Superman. Even an excellent degree does not help her to determine they are the same person.

Superman For good is clever and beautifully filmed. There isn't much of a plot though the special effects tend to be sophisticated than previously.

The Bat finally gets his sidekick, as orphaned circus performer Chris O'Donnell steps into his Robin suit.

This duo have got the required steps to create Superman continue For good.

Our help guide to our prime spots within the newest Hollywood smash


OSCAR winner Tommy Lee Jones effectively as the hideously disfigured Harvey Two -Face, a villain divided between good and evil.

But it's rubber-faced Jim Carrey because the Riddler who steals the show, dressed in a shocking green catsuit studded with question marks.


As soon as the Caped Crusader Val Kilmer crashes in a giant vat of acid, the action never stops.

But undeniably one of the most impressive moment comes in the event the hi-tech 20ft Batmobile drives full-pelt into a wall at 140mph...and zooms straight up it!


THE film's has 40 custom-made gadgets, starting from solid gold bat-cuffs to lethal batbombs. But probably the most impressive has to be Batman's goo gun.

The mini-machinegun shoots a stream of slime which wraps throughout the legs of enemies to halt them fleeing.


BATMAN'S 50lb batsuit, created from rubber and finish with nipples and codpiece, moulds itself to Val Kilmer's body.

Accessories include 30 different capes for jumping, running, swimming, etc. There is even one for sex. To bear the 140 degree heat, Kilmer wore nothing under his costume.


DREW Barrymore and Debi Mazor, as Two-Face's gangster's molls, Sugar and Spice, have been in the running.

But Tom Cruise's missus, Nicole Kidman, wins as sexy psychologist Dr Chase Meridian would you her far better to get inside Batman's catsuit. She's a mixture of Veronica Lake and Jessica Rabbit.


BLONDE bombshell Dr Meridian just can't make up her mind between rubber-clad Superman and his awesome fresh-faced alter-ego Bruce Wayne.

When she finally chooses the mild-mannered millionaire, she gets him inside a clinch - and ends up along with her lipstick smeared halfway across her face.

Avenger Liz zips back in stage

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AS MUGSHOTS go, it's more attractive than her boyfriend's. Even though the police photo that put Hugh Grant about the front pages is although rather forget, Liz Hurley looks stunning in their own first Vogue cover shot. Moody in monochrome, she wears a shadowy black fedora, her black leather collar resulted in and high black eyeliner, one eye looking challengingly in the camera lens. It's part film noir, part Clockwork Orange.

Inside, she turns to black rubber. Evoking Emma Peel in The Avengers, she reclines in a very Jean-Paul Latex Dresses Long- provided by matching hood for your complete S&M look - casually unzipped to show the Hurley cleavage.

Reflecting for my child sudden rise to fame, created in a moment when she wore the Versace safety-pin dress towards the premiere of 4 Weddings Along with a Funeral, she says: "It was all chance."

Ms Hurley seems as amused as bemused by her sudden elevation alongside Hugh Grant, her boyfriend of eight years. "There would have been a succession of very silly items that did actually escalate into lunacy - Hugh becoming famous. Me wearing a Versace dress. People selling photographs of me with rings inside my nose and pink hair. I had been mugged, that got everyone excited. There is a court case there after which revved everyone up again...I expect the storyline would end very nicely basically was slashed to death in the motel. The momentum would've reached its peak."

Interviewed for that magazine before Grant's arrest and conviction for lewd conduct automobile which has a prostitute, Ms Hurley says she's still surprised to get won the ??¡ìo1million-a-year Estee Lauder contract, replacing Paulina Porizkova after seven years. "Their last model am exquisite," she says. "I can't understand why they were left with me."

She hopes the contract will lead to her big Hollywood break: "In the States, everyone tells me, the greater people see you, a lot more likely they're to have you of their movies. And that is right.

"People are involved with models currently, aren't they? These are far more obsessed with Claudia Schiffer as compared to Jodie Foster."

PJ, The Catsuit Queen Who would like The Cream

From the 180 acts at last week's Glastonbury Festival, one stood out.

Together with her skin-tight pink catsuit, blue mascara applied like war paint and her emotionally-charged torch songs, PJ Harvey was one of several sensations of the show.

And, with thanks to the TV coverage on Channel 4, this cult singer has finally visit a person's eye of your far wider audience.

Although she's got managed to achieve the top inside male-dominated whole world of rock she insists she actually is simply a demure country girl in your mind.

The 25-year-old from Dorset says: 'It isn't some tips i appear to be that explains my success - it's my songs.'

PJ - the initials indicate Polly Jean - has been making records since 1991. Yet it's just with Glastonbury - and her fourth album, To get You My Love, gaining rave reviews - that she actually is enjoying mass appeal.

As yet, critical acclaim was not matched by record sales, although Rolling Stone magazine placed her debut album, Dry, on the list of year's best, naming Polly as well as Songwriter and finest New Female Singer.

Jane is now touring Europe before switching to America later during the warm months.

A fresh single, C'mon Billy, is released on July 3 - along with the only thing missing in Polly's career is a hit record.

Sweet payback

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The modern film version with the Avengers continues to be slammed by critics and is also a box-office flop

but it does feature Uma Thurman in the Girls Latex Pants, as Mark Kennedy reports

UP CLOSE, Uma Thurman can be a swan of a woman with wide-set blue eyes, an inviting throat and slender lips. Her face is flawless, as though only the finest items was selected coming from a supermodel identikit and slapped together.

The effect is strangely exquisite: "Her screen presence is electrifying," says director Jeremiah Chechik, who cast her within the new hd remake in the British TV classic, The Avengers.

He first tested Gwyneth Paltrow and Nicole Kidman for that the main catsuit- clad Emma Peel, before choosing Thurman.

Thurman stars alongside Ralph Fiennes as John Steed, within the roles that made Patrick Macnee and Diana Rigg famous.

Sean Connery also stars Inside the movie version, thus far a box-office and critical flop in america and UK.

"I wanted somebody smart and sexy who'd be able to deliver some modern sensibility," Chechik says. "That's Uma. She's both quirky and odd, funny and interesting."

Put simply, as being similar to her career. Until her hair-raising turn as a possible unpredictable moll in Pulp Fiction, Thurman had never starred in a very huge hit.

Instead, Thurman has searched for more offbeat fare such as the bizarre Even Cowgirls Get the Blues, the gentle 30 days with the Lake, and the mockingly ironic The reality regarding Cats and Dogs.

"She is very brave," says Bille August, the director of Les Miserables. "Uma's very courageous. She's taken a great deal of risks."

Which is fine by her: "It's almost a compulsive need of mine to change from whatever I've just completed to be sure I do not get too comfortable.

"I'm a deeply ingrained, contradictory person," she says, shaking her long, blonde hair. "Someone that knows me very well recently declared the simplest way to get me to behave would be to tell me that it's not the sort of thing I'd personally do."

Thurman has been underestimated before. In the past, director Brian De Palma turned her down for that lead role inside Bonfire with the Vanities, claiming she lacked the skill sets of a natural comedian.

Challenged _ "I kept saying, 'What is it that I am not doing?'." _ Thurman rose to the bait. Her Academy Award nomination for Pulp Fiction was a personal victory.

Now, Thurman _ whose Buddhist name Uma means Bestower of Blessings _ is awaiting her newest challenge.

"(Partner) Ethan (Hawke) and that i haven't ever wanted to provoke attention," she says, smiling.

She says learning to be a mother has promoted more interest.

"There's nothing I could do but unfortunately we cannot attempt to stir it up around us. We do that which you want," she says.

To make sure a touch too perfect. Thurman laughs, shifting her lanky 1.8m frame. She soon resettles atop a whole new constellation of pillows and delicately sips coming from a bottle of standard water.

"I think motherhood is sexy," she says.

"I don't expect anybody else to, nevertheless for me it's one of several sexiest things I've ever done. Undoubtedly." A peal of laughter follows her revelation.

"I don't mean exactly how I got using this method. After all literally being a woman to really feel fully realised and totally unafraid. Motherhood feels in my experience as a long way away from as being a sexual victim jointly could get," she says.

Thurman ought to know. When she first burst onto the Hollywood scene inside late 1980s, the former model was quickly thrust in to a raft of provocative, sexually charged roles.

Her major screen debut in 1989 set the pace: Because the goddess Venus in Terry Gilliam's The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, Thurman rose out from the sea with a seashell, her long hair swirling round her naked body.

Per year later, she played a 15-year-old convent-raised virgin who had previously been too easily seduced by the predatory John Malkovich in Dangerous Liaisons. Within the best-remembered scenes, Thurman _ poised between raw desire and guilt _ rips off her nightgown in breathless submission, exposing a heaving chest.

That same year, Thurman took for the role of author Henry Miller's combustible, bisexual wife in Henry and June. While not popular, the film's frank sexual themes provoked an uproar in the usa.

Soon dubbed America's No. 1 art-house sex symbol, Thurman was compared to Lauren Bacall and Marlene Dietrich, despite being still in her own teens: "I was always resistant to the bombshell stuff while i was younger," she says. "By the time I acquired over that, I stopped caring. I stopped being oppressed by what people saw. It's hard when somehow that's your responsi-

bility. Buying and selling domains look has nothing about me."

The Avengers opens today

VIP is an extremely special joke that grows on you

March 20, 2011 by diana082323

Two shows currently have me hooked -- VIP and Whose Line Is It Anyway? PERFORMERS are a rare breed. Waking up in front of an audience demands a bravado few can muster. Regardless of whether a performer isn't good, it will require a terrific quantity of chutzpah to adopt Boys Latex Bodies.

These thoughts were sparked by two shows I have been previously watching recently. The very first I have to confess will be the Pam Anderson vehicle, VIP. The opposite is Whose Line Is It Anyway? which is on Star World, Mondays at 9pm.

VIP is often a show that grew on me. Probably because season the person has been telecast 3 times already, albeit on different channels at different time slots.

When it first debuted, I confessed I sniffed in internet marketing rather dismissively.

But as being a bad and recurring dream, the show kept insinuating itself into my viewing schedule.

By sheer accident needless to say.

Whenever it really is on, I watch it in its entirety. I've found myself unaccountably hypnotised with this show, i could only conclude it really is some perverse imp within me that keeps me glued as being a comatose limpet towards the screen each and every time it appears.

There is absolutely no redeeming quality, in terms of I can tell, in VIP. No make believe you be more when compared to a starring vehicle for Anderson and her, um, assets. The plots are a joke. The acting is non-existent. The stunts are laughable.

Yet, in its sheer uncomplicatedness, its very simplicity, the show is unbeatable. It's eye candy at its most inane, couch-potato-drool-inducing incarnation also it knows this.

Even Anderson knows it. And he or she struts with an amiably self-aware blitheness that acknowledges our prime bimbo quotient with admirably blase attitude.

That is no mean feat because of the spectacularly improbable plots the writers cook up.

Take one episode which featured Anderson's bodyguard agency colleagues attempting to break into a high secret military installation inside dead of the night.

Many people are wearing regulation black although none goes so far as camouflage paint.

Anderson, however, is dressed up in a catsuit. Perfectly appropriate gear it may seem.

Except this catsuit is leather.

And yes it incorporates a couple of killer booted stiletto heels.

And it's really white. That's not me talking cream, or beige, or off-white. I'm talking blinding white, whiter-than-white white.

And outfitted within this thing that could be spotted after dark with a myopic bat a mile away, Anderson actually saves the morning by performing a Tom Cruise-Mission Impossible stunt -- getting lowered from your ceiling and stealing the whatever-they-were-after.

Never mind suspension of disbelief. This scene demands that you first clobber disbelief into insensibility before hanging it from the neck till it screams uncle.

VIP might just mean Very Improbable Plot.

The undisputed ruler with this irrational realm is Anderson. She may not have acting talent but, by gum, has she got chutzpah to spare.

It will take an incredibly different sort of bravery to perform standup comedy. But saying that Whose Line Is It Anyway? is standup comedy is a lot like saying the WWF is wrestling. WLIIA? turns standup comedy into comedian-death-match-as-spectator sport.

Kicking BUTT Inside a CORSET

March 17, 2011 by diana082323

It's hard to kick butt in the corset, but slinky six foot blonde beauty Uma Thurman managed it - so successfully that she's poised to kick butt again, now in skin-tight leather.

Thurman, who played Poison Ivy within the bat movie, may be cast as Mrs Peel inside new Avengers movie, Latex Catsuit bringing towards the big screen the role that Diana Rigg so famously created on 1960s television.

"It's the best woman's role that's appear in 25 years," boasts Avengers producer Jerry Weintraub. "Sure, there may be a Mr Steed, (played by Ralph Fiennes) however it is the Emma Peel role which will be the stand-out."

The truth is, although Hollywood is currently looking to hush the very fact up, Thurman wasn't the initial option for the film version in the cult 1960s TV series.

Surprisingly, the project did the rounds in Tinseltown more than 10 years, and Thurman was picked for that role after Elizabeth Hurley, Nicole Kidman and Gwyneth Paltrow declined first reason or any other.

"I discovered the project a few years ago" admits Thurman, "so when it returned around, it appeared like it absolutely was returning to me for a reason."

Since she ran away from school and appeared in Kiss Daddy Night at 16, her career have been such as the proverbial roller-coaster ride.

She was praised for her daring bi-sexual role in Henry and June, slaughtered by critics for her performance inside movie Even Cowgirls Obtain the Blues, nominated to have an Oscar on her behalf role in Pulp Fiction and slaughtered again on her acting in the sci-fi thriller Gattaca.

Notwithstanding fame, beauty all night . appeared in additional than 16 films, Thurman still isn't an A-list superstar. This fact, she claims, doesn't bother her whatsoever.

"Honestly, I've never seriously considered a show star. That's not me prefer that, really. I've stood a handful of films, but I never did these things to get famous.

"Dangerous Liaisons set it up the type of hot and fast flush that comes from being young and new to the picture. But that kind of cheap success doesn't represent me at all.

"The truth is, I've tended to generate fairly obscure movies so I haven't really courted commercial success".

What did circulate at the beginning of her career were reports of Thurman's unusual intelligence. Her Dangerous Liaisons co-star John Malkovich known Thurman's 'horrifyingly great brain' as there are without doubt that the actress (who never went along to college) is extremely well-read.

Finding a script when a woman character carries a high IQ is but one reasons why the role of sexy scientist Emma Peel was particularly attractive to her, Thurman explains.

"Emma is a great character - positive, intelligent, witty. She's a no cost spirit, and somewhat unconscious of her draw over men."

Thurman can hardly boast of being unconscious of her own draw over men. Her slender figure, blue eyes, porcelain skin, pouty lips and blonde hair a lot more than qualify her for that role of Hollywood babe, that is not her style.

Catsuits as well as Sparkling wine

March 16, 2011 by diana082323

Reviewed by Carolyn Banks, who writes mysteries plus owns a mare named Emma Peel.

Ascholarly book about "The Avengers"? A novel the location where the author -- and not using a single twinge of irony, mind you -- tweaks academics for "licensing their very own pleasures as professional acts of theory plus critique"? A book that delights in utilizing 50-cent words (like narrativize, actants, alterity, problematise, plus -- what definitely seems to be the author's fave -- diegesis) when 10-cent ones could have done but that we nonetheless adored reading? Yes, Toby Miller's The Avengers could be the very one.

This one thing should suggest how powerful the niche a few a magazine can be. Miller's, a tribute for the enduring 1960s British television group of exactly the same name, has a lot of fun stuff inside besides. Plus Trekkers please note: One of the several Avengers websites had 154,939 hits between June 1995 as well as August 1997.

But there's more. Diana Rigg's character's name, as an example, is considered to get come from a publicist who wrote that this female character who followed Honor Blackman's portrayal of Mrs. Gale, an earlier cohort from the John Steed character played by Patrick Macnee, should have "Man Appeal." In her notes, the publicist shortened this to "M Appeal." Then when she make out the print aloud . . . well, there you go. "This is my favourite creation myth," the writer says.

Plus where did those Latex catsuit rubbersuit overall with hat come from? "Three months before miniskirts appeared in British boutiques, one was purchased from Courreges for [Rigg] to put on on the watch's screen . . . the mini drew protests from the U.S. networks plus was soon displaced by the emmapeeler, a ribbed jersey . . . jump suit."

Did Diana Rigg get fan mail? So much so that her mother evidently delivered a form letter that read: "My daughter is much too old in your case and what exactly you need is a great run around the block."

Rigg's own take on the series? Miller quotes an invisible Times interview when Rigg said, "Thank God the first is remembered for something -- also it wasn't absolute rubbish."

The quotes from television columns that Miller resurrects are some of the book's best features. One from your 1984 TV Guide pronounces Rigg "too smart to fool herself into believing that [appearing within the play 'King Lear'] will ultimately stop people from thinking about black leather whenever her name is mentioned."

Are you getting the feeling that Macnee's portrayal of John Steed is in fact ignored? Well, it really isn't so. Steed is, Miller lets us know, part of the gentleman spy tradition that emerged inside post-Victorian era. Miller cites a long list of Steed's predecessors to prove that espionage had become "an acceptable part of ruling-class amateurism." Macnee is said to possess copied his portrayal of Steed from your 1939 Ralph Richardson film role, "down towards the umbrella." Steed, with the vintage Bentley which he drove through most of the series, has been said to represent tradition, whereas Mrs. Peel, when driving of her Lotus, stands set for modernity.

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