All Blood! All Guts! All Fun!

September 01, 2008 by deadly

Me and Lilith Ave Satanas ( shot this AWESOME set yesterday. It was so much fucking fun! She has the sweetest dogs and we got all bloody for our set! Im so excited to see what the photos look like. I dont want to go into too much detail. Its gotta be a suprise ;)

us walking back from the shoot:

and Me, Before the blood. Lilith kicks ass at makeup.

Oh, and a shot from earlier in the week. By Oova Photography. Makeup by Jasmine Nicole Smith.

I cant beleive its SEPTEMBER!


Kiss Me Black And Then Undo Me.

August 26, 2008 by deadly

Ah, It feels like fall already. It makes me so excited. When fall rolls around I want to go play in leaves and i want to drink excessive amounts of tea and stay outside all day. Its refreshing because Ive felt pretty crappy most of this Summer.


Nick Cave is playing at the end of Sept and Danzig is playing mid October. Im going to both! Woohoo.


-Deanna Deadly

Shoot Shoot Shoot...

August 16, 2008 by deadly

Quit my stupid Retail job! Very happy about that...

I went to the beach again today. So relaxing. Im afraid Im getting a tan! 


My best friends Birthday is this coming Friday! We are going to get matching friend tats. Im also thinking about redoing my septum. Just dont know if I have enough money for both haha. Im rediculously happy for her to turn 18, like more excited than I was when I turned 18 haha.

Me and Amiria yet again. Check out my deviantart for a lot more shots from all my shoots.

Hope everyone enjoys whats left of Summer!



You best beleive im in love L-U-V

August 11, 2008 by deadly

Ive been working so much lately..Havnt had the time to shoot much. Have a shoot with David Klotz next Sunday. Have another at the end of August.


Went to the beach yesterday and today with my best friend. I love the beach, its so calming and fun with her.

Working EVERY DAY this week...which is just rediculous.

Me and Amiria...From my shoot the day before my Birthday, July 24th. I have a little crush on her. Shes so pretty! We are planning a horror shoot sometime in September. So by then I will have a REAL deathhawk. My head has been shaved on the left side for a few months now but not high enough to actually wear it to one side....Im sure that makes no sense unless you actually see what my hair looks like right now.

You can check out Amiria's sexiness here: 



Sinister Hands

August 04, 2008 by deadly

I hate working so much at meaningless retail jobs. Thank god I can quit in September or so.

 But I do love getting amazing photos like this in my inbox...

Can't wait for my shoot the 17th! Got new red heels to shoot in : D


-Deanna Deadly


July 26, 2008 by deadly

Havn't heard from House of Bias yet. Hope they get back to me soon and I can shoot with them this Summer.

Had an alright Birthday. Went to the fair and bought a few new things. Had a great shoot with Emspace photography and Amiria Divine on Thursday. They are both great people and I know the images are going to turn out great.





Birthday Week!

July 20, 2008 by deadly

Im SO happy to have most of this coming week off. Friday is my Birthday and Im shooting with emspace photography on Thursday. Heres a great shot by Emspace! The model Amiria Divine will probably come join us at this shoot too :) I love shooting with other models! Especially when they are total babes!

Im also really really excited because House of Bia's finally got back to me and want to do a test shoot with me!!! Which is very very exciting for me. Hopefully that happens soon. I LOVE their latex sooo much. Ive been wanting to shoot with JeffCFetish for a while now so Ill be working with an amazing photographer and wearing some amazing latex at the same shoot. Its bound to be amazing!

Model is Angela Ryan. Godddammmmn I love there latex! I should probably be posting shots of myself not other models, right? haha.




July 15, 2008 by deadly

I need to shoot more! Ive been lazy and I dont like it. The 20th Ill be working with Siren Vanity (as long as I dont work, which I dont think I do.)

Her work is really good....

This is Morphine ( shot by Siren Vanity. Morphine is a great model. Go check out her work! Im excited to shoot with this lady. I havnt shot at all this month.

Also in the works of shooting with the amazing 73Toro...Ive admired his work for quite some time.

My Birthday is the 25th of this month. Crazzzzzy. It doesnt feel like July and it defenently doesnt feel like my Birthday is coming up. I think Im going to buy myself a really nice corset.

The very nice AnubisNightwing on Deviantart made this necklace for me.

I love bats...If you didnt already know. I have one bat tattoo and Im going to get another very soon. Im also going to buy myself a tattoo right after my Birthday.


Release The Bats!

July 06, 2008 by deadly

Sorry about not posting for a while guys. Havn't been doing much. Found a part time job, Thank goodness! My boy has been gone for about 5 days now and Im trying not to mope but so many bad things have happened at once and I know hes going to be gone for about two more months. So many things go wrong with my body. Im sure  I dont get enough protein, being vegetarian for so long and not eating enough tofu and fake meat. Also myspace deletion, how cool is that? *sarcasm*

Add me people!

Hoping my new job doesnt get in the way of all the shoots I have planned for this month and next! I really want to do a lot more horror influenced stuff because thats what makes me happiest.  My Birthday is going to be here before I know it! Im either going to spend a shitton of money on extensions or buy a few new outfits for myself. I cant decide!



Sugar Kisses

June 28, 2008 by deadly

I hate when things dont go as planned! I had a shoot the other day but never got a call from the photographer so we couldnt be let into the building! Grrr! I love her work so much. Hopefully she gets back to me and I can shoot with her sometime this Summer.

Im planning a little trip to Minneapolis, Minnesota the first weekend of August and it was suprisingly so easy to get together. Hopefully Ill have the $ to drive 10 hours (all together) and stay in a hotel at least one night. I've never had more than one shoot in a day so it will be interesting. Im working with a ton of great photographers including H Morgen ( and StudioMona ( I have loved these two women's work for quite a while now! So happy to finally shoot with them.  Also going to be shooting with babelicious Lilith Ave Satanas ( in August here in Chi-Town.


Stay Creepy kids ;)


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