Happy Thanksgiving!

November 28, 2008 by deadly

I ate too much!

I dont want to slow down or stop. Trying to shoot 24/7, If I dont shoot every few days I kind of feel crazy and like Im missing something. Trying to shoot the little bit of latex I have. Hoping to shoot with TH again next month and hopefully Lori Mann in Jan. When I stop thru PA.

Im being so greedy. I want so much for Christmas.


Sz. 8

Ive been wanting this Waist Cincher for over a year now...


Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!



November 19, 2008 by deadly

I had a really great weekend. I went to The Chicago Tattoo Convention on Saturday, My first tattoo convention so I didnt really know what to expect but it turned out to be really cool. Got something on my legs, Its not finished yet....Im sure everyone will see it in a photo soon :-p

I also posed for The Brimestone Drawing Club. My first time sitting still for 15, 20 and 25 minutes at a time. Defenently hard but worth it and it was a really nice theatre and the woman that puts it on every month is just a complete sweetheart.

In other news its really really really cold here and I hate it!

I need to post more often....



Digital Tenderness

November 07, 2008 by deadly

Im so excited! Me and my gorgeous friend Jessi (who just opened her latex website are going to Exotica in Detroit tomorrow! Im really excited! Hoping to work with some photographers, see some great outfits and enjoy my first  fetish convention!

I just recently worked with Klipartstudios and we shot in Millenium Park Downtown Chicago.

This coming week I will be shooting with 1975 again and wearing some amazing designs by Karen Von Oopen. This weekend I will be posing for The Brimstone Drawing Club and then going to the Chicago Tattoo Convention that night! Busy Busy Busy!


Busy Month...

October 18, 2008 by deadly

My whole entry just got deleted because I pressed the wrong button, ughhhhhh!

I shot with Jessi Tetzloff in September for some sets for Zivity and we finally uploaded them. Im excited! I hope they show up soon.

The rest of this month is going to be busy. Im excited for my mini trips to Minnesota and Kentucky. Shooting as much as possible. Im shooting at a great park tomorrow. Very excited! Its suppose to be really nice out. Im not really ready for the cold weather.

Im excited for next month. Things will go back to normal.  Im going to take a few weeks off just to recoop and spend some time and take a vacation to our favorite place.

I shot with Maya Sinstress ( and Extreme Shadows ( last week. Her dungeon is a great place to shoot. The photographer is amazing. He has a great eye for reflections.



October 07, 2008 by deadly

I cant beleive its already the 7th of October! I have a lot planned for this month.

A few shots from my shoot with Jim Jurica.....My hair was only red for this shoot. It didnt last too long.



September 29, 2008 by deadly

I have put a few things up for sale on ABIBIDS.COM

My direct link is here

Selling the dress and underwear I wore in this shoot.

Selling the wifebeater I wore in my girlfight shoot with Lilith Ave Satanas!

Im going to gradually put up a lot of stockings and fishnets from shoots on this website so check back if your interested!


September 20, 2008 by deadly

T H Taylor is a fucking genius.

For some reason the last few weeks Ive actually been going to bed by midnight. I normally am up until 5 or 6am but now Im wide awake and its 1:45...Afraid Im getting back into my ways. Even when I worked at a coffee shop and had to be there by 5AM I would still not even get to bed until 3 or 4.

I have a really great shoot planned Tuesday! -Deanna


September 15, 2008 by deadly

My new red hair:

Its sooo dry but I love red hair. I had to bleach my hair about four times to get it this red. Im going to try to do at least 5-6 shoots before the color starts looking like shit. In March when I had my hair red I only did one shoot.



I love you til my dying day.

September 09, 2008 by deadly

My shoot with T H Taylor was amazing. T H  had me get my hair wet so My hair has been in this huge curl ever since. Right after I shot with him I went all the way from Milwaukee to Chicago to hang out with Lilith ( and go to the House Of Blues. She had backstage passes and we got to sit in the booths and get free food! Mmm!

The band was Nightwish. Not really my thing but It was really fun to go there and get free food and meet new people. Lots of funny shit happened that night. I slept about 6 hours that night but when I woke up I felt like such shit. I felt like I got maybe 30 minutes of sleep.




September 03, 2008 by deadly

My baby comes back in 27 days

and in 3 days I shoot with the AMAZING T H TAYLOR!

Here is an overload of amazing photography by  Mr taylor

Ok you get the idea...His work is amazing.



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