Entry 3: Boots and Riding Crops

March 20, 2009 by Spook

Well my spouse-creature and I just started the quest for modeling basics. I couldn't leave him behind, he does so love pretty things. To be quite honest we splurged on a few things that we just kind of wanted, that may not be too useful right off the bat.

We managed to find him a LOVELY pair of Demonia boots online. Yes we got them online, YOU try to find 14 wide shoes at the store down the street. We're hoping he'll get them soon, he's quite excited. They've got 4 1/2 inch heels, so that'll bump him up to 6'6. Madness!

Naturally I couldn't be left out of the boot-y goodness, so we went to a store in Atlanta, GA called Junkman's Daughter. If you're ever in the area and can stop in, DO SO, it's wicked. Anyway. I managed to find a few things that sparkled my fancy, even if I couldn't find a bowler hat that fit me. Sadness.

Picked up three pairs of thigh-high stockings, all striped. One was pink and blue opaque stripes, one rainbow stripes, and a pair of black and white striped with alternating card suits inside the stripes going up lines in the front and back. The later were my FAVORITE.



We also managed to find me Demonia boots as well, and realized they're probably the best brand for price, quality and style. They're knee high boots, so naturally that meant we had to hit the local feed store to get me a riding crop to go in them (huzzah duel purpose!). It fits perfectly. I'll probably wear them for my first shoot in a week or two.




Entry 2: Mostly Clothes

March 20, 2009 by Spook

So, once again fishing for advice while I ramble and jot (type...) things down.

Clothes. I've no idea the basics that I should accumulate on my journal into modeldom. What kind of basics do you need? Decent make up I'd imagine. But then we start talking foundations and eyeshadow primer and whatnot and my jaw goes limp and my head falls to one side. I really need to practice more with makeup and hair, but I don't know what to buy to start with! Oh my oh my. Trial and error I suppose. Unless some kind soul wants to impart knowledge on me. Mmm, knowledge, better than warm soup, and few things are better than that.

Short ramble I suppose. Oh well. I write things down and it makes me less likely to put them off.


First Entry: Mostly Background

March 12, 2009 by Spook

Let's call this a backup file shall we? A hardcopy of the file I'm trying to save in my brain but will probably get deleted.

I'd like to keep track of my progress as a model, as well as keep track of the fields my spouse-creature and myself explore in the fetish world.

Some background on the first. So far I'm mostly just exceptionally intrigued by alternative modeling as a career. But I'm level headed enough to realize most models don't make it, so banking on that may not be the best idea. So far I've only been part of 3-5 shoots, none of which could be considered "fetish." Closest would be this shoot, being that the only catagory it falls in is "alternative."

I don't honestly know how to go about BECOMING an alternative model, so right now I've just hooked up with a local photographer and I'm gonna do some shoots with him, see how that goes. Probably get a model mayhem account, see if that gives me any hook ups.

I plan on practicing makeup and hair so that I'll have the added perk of being able to do those myself. Other than that... hell, I don't know. I guess I'll try this and in a month or so see how it goes, eh?

I suppose that wasn't much for a first blog, but the more happens I suppose the more I'll have to type up, da? Da.

Any tips on hair, makeup, or starting out are appreciated!

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