July 23, 2009 by RedRuebie

Missed you, Fetish Buzz!

Life has been a blur of late night adventures, rose wine and vegetarian bbqs. I am now incredibly broke. Inevitably pissing your money up the wall will result in this eventually. It's been hella fun while it lasted. I have two Photo shoots booked for next month and I will be sure to post a few pics! I took a short break from modelling, the credit crunch has been far from inspiring.

My set 'Doll Parts' will go live on Zivity August 16th! Please be kind, there has been minimal Photoshoppery. My Zivity alias is JessicaRue, brefriend me if your a member m'dears. Preview below.

How is everyone at FB? What's new?


Red Ruebie xx



A quick hello

May 05, 2009 by RedRuebie


It has been a while Fetish Buzz. Big update very soon!




March 23, 2009 by RedRuebie

Hello ladies & gents,

I realise my blog has a serious lack of visual stimulous, so I thought I would share with you an image from Thursday's photoshoot with the talented Dan Pearson of Cultured Photo and his charming assistant, Marcus.


There are a couple of more images here for the curious. I am in the process of shooting for my official dot com which will be launched (with a little luck) at the end of this year.

Stay kinky.

Red x

Good Afternoon

February 09, 2009 by RedRuebie

Hello Guys & Dolls...

I spent Thursday afternoon in the company of some hellish ladies at an Ann Summers party. Much fun was had with such games as 'pass the Vibrator', filthy anagrams and balloon sex. My mister's sister is hosting a party of the same nature next month. Goodbye money, Hello kink!

I will be shooting with Angelfish Photographic next Monday, modeling some classic, vintage lingerie with some not so vintage dreadlock hair extensions. I may post a preview pic when I recieve them :)

I'm currently browsing the net for a skin coloured latex dress,(my bank balance is far from thankful.) I know that latex goodness does not come cheap, but any suggestions of reasonabley priced, good quality garments would be appreciated. Somehow I think this is as good of a place to ask as any.


With love

and latex

Red xx

Good Evening

January 27, 2009 by RedRuebie

Hello guys & dolls,

I am a newbie to FetishBuzz,  excuse me while I wander round and make myself uncomfortable!

Love & Latex

Red Ruebie xx

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