Starting off with a bang...

January 15, 2009 by Piper


I love latex.  Why?  It's skin-tight; it's like a second skin.  It ALWAYS looks great; it's entirely photogenic.  It is 'out there', something else, beyond the average clothing material... And it's SHINY.  Who doesn't love shiny anything??  It's not really a fetish for me either, I do it more so for the look.  It is usually difficult to put on.. it's more of a challenge for apparel.  It appeals to me so much.. [and of course, what appeals to me must be ultra expensive..] 


by Michael Helms

Latex by CeresMoon Inc.

If I am allowed to do so, I'll take this blog to a more personal level... and disclose my FEELINGS [if you remotely give a damn..]

And of course post my latest work.  (Pictures of myself attempting to model)  Hope everyone gets a kick out of my life.. or lackthereof..

by Eric Chin

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