Coming Around...

June 13, 2009 by Paullell

 In a manner of speaking that is.

I am still trying to find models to wear my stuff. It's kind of tough when there is so little money to invest in the process of getting designs out there. At this point I am just working on my fabrication skills. Trying to make things in sizes that people might actually want, and posting them on ebay.


Anyway, I didn't want this post to be all 'poor me', rather, to let you know that when an opportunity comes along to have a model wear my things, I jump all over it! So a while back, I had a model contact me via Model Mayhem and ask about my work, and we quickly decided to make a go of getting her some things to try out. I mentioned Lady Dragonfly in a previous entry, and these are some of the pics she took in my things, along with the same things on my dressform here. There really is no comparison between seeing it on a mannequin, and seeing it on a real, live person!





Got some stuff from a photog in Florida

June 09, 2009 by Paullell

 So I sent a bunch of my stuff to a model in Florida a while back, and she wore some of it to a couple events. I guess there were a bunch of compliments from folks down that way about my designs, including the proprietors of the Fetish Factory.

She had some photos taken, and was asked by another local photog for my contact info. We spoke, and he took the things she had borrowed from me in order to get some more images. I sold a few things to Lady Dragonfly before she passed the remainder off to David Park photography, which is very cool!

Anyway, here are a couple shots from David's efforts! (the top is mine, the rest is all from Mr. Park and company)

Strappy Top in action 4 Strappy Top in action 3Strappy TOp in action 1 Strappy Top in action 2 







If you are a photographer, or a model interested in any of my designs, I am looking for photos to bolster my portfolio, and feedback on my designs and fabrication techniques. Pretty much everything in my stock is available for loan, in exchange for a few images and some feedback. Everything in my stock is also available for sale if anyone is interested, and my rates are cheap since I am still learning!


Just Getting Started...

June 07, 2009 by Paullell

 Heyas all!


I don't know if I'll post regularly here or not, I already have several other blog sites that I ignore on a regular basis, but I am trying to get opinions about and find people interested in, some of my designs. I work in latex, since I can't find a material that is in any way more interesting to me. I love the weight of it, the feel of it, and how it hangs and moves!


Most of my designs are pretty simple at the moment, but I am rapidly working toward more interesting/complex pieces. I'd love to create some more 'every day' stuff that functions on the street as well as at the club, and am hoping there is an audience for it.


You can see some of my work Here, on my dA page and/or Here, on my Model Mayhem page. There is more on my dA page, since there is a limit on number of pictures over at MM.


Anyway, I am really enjoying the info, media, advice, and so forth here at Fetish Buzz, and hope this is only the beginning!

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