January 24, 2009 by Niansa

recently i uploaded a story to Fetishbuzz, and it still hasnt shown in the 'stories' section...anyone else had this problem, or know what it could be?


January 07, 2009 by Niansa

how is 2009 treating everyone?


its been a slow start in the fetishy parts of life, but hopefully it will warm up soon :) ive got a few big shoots lined up, but they're all in the pipeline at the minute, so i wont jinx them!

Nice To Meet You All

December 23, 2008 by Niansa

hey there


my name is Niansa, and i'm a Sydney-based model. i've always been a fan of latex clothing and fetishwear, and hope to add to my collection!

you can find my work here, at

anyways, im new here, but looking forward to chatting with other latex lovers!



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