May 05, 2008 by Mosh


Full credits:
Models: Mosh & Apnea,
Siamese Corset by: Antiseptic Fashion,
Hair by: Linh Nguyen,
Production Assistance: Addicted Image
Location: Thanks to Richard from KBK
Photography by: LITHIUM PICNIC Studio,


May 04, 2008 by Mosh

bunny! bunny!

yesterday i took a trip to visit the beach with vance of

trip was epic. we stopped at sonic along the way, had some watermelon creamslush. the beach was chilly but beautiful. it reminded me of how i cant wait for summer to be here. i wore a gorgeous black latex corset made by syren and a cute pair of latex ruffle panties by hedonsfair. i loved what we produced, see results below.

in other news, hedonsfair has started construction on my customs. high waisted suspender skirts and transparent ruffles to come. vaunt designs has also started on some really beautiful latex and leather pieces, i currently have one design on hand that should be shot soon, shes really creative. spiral stitching visited me not too long ago and we discussed some crazy ideas together.
im currently working on some fafi inspired items.
classes were really wearing me down in terms of getting wardrobe and shooting ideas together, but now that theyre ending theres so much to come.


seems like is taking forever but thats coming in, and when it does prepare for the take over. shirts, 2012, and all.


the houston and la trips keep creeping closer, get ready. nyc was added, may 31st-june 1st. some other places i may visit soon, las vegas + north carolina.

strange fascinations with El Dia de los Muertos and goat horns.

karma can hit badly, dont drop the bomb.



syren latex:

vaunt designs:

sprial stitching:

bring on the future

April 27, 2008 by Mosh

2 hours until the Dimmu Borgir and Behemoth show, cant fucking wait. if anyone is located in the DC area, come to the 930 club tonight to see these guys.

i just finished my copy of The Rum Diary by Hunter S. Thompson that Jimi of Alumni sent over. wow. im still digesting but its one of the finest books ive read. chock full of enough rum to o.d., enough humor to wet your pants, and a stirred combination of sarcasm and hard-talk. this is a book that my generation and the ones to come should read, not that crap they feed children in public school. knowledge is power children!


yesterday josh aka shu vua ( picked me up and we ventured into the jungle aka harpers ferry. on the way we did stop at a sheetz and had a picnic in he middle of the boondocks. he refused to eat my favorite junkfood item, pink snowballs, claiming he doesnt eat anything furry heh. i want a truckload of them now.

josh also brought up a great point yesteday. he said he visited a school recently and saw a bunch of Obama shirts. he said that usually he would imagine seeing shirts with bob marley or malcolm x, leaders or great-thinkers of the past...and it was a moving image to see somebody of the present who may be the next leader with great ideas to be represented on those shirt now, as if were finally moving into the present and not just living in nostalgia.

anyways we shot and got some great images. i wore an odd outfit of a vintage girl's sailor dress with red latex gloves and stockings.

in the future, this is how we'll dress. 1 part vintage because we can never escape nostalgia + 1 part interesting fabric latex because in the future people will finally put down their fear of fetish and sexiness + 1 part tribal-inspired hair just because. bring on the future.



step back and take a deep breath, there will always be enough time for forever...

Photo Workshop June 21-22

April 22, 2008 by Mosh

I just jacked this info off Antiseptic's DA page:

Dates: June 21-22, 2008
Times: exact times to be determined, but approximately 9-5 both days
Location: Lancaster, CA
Cost: $995 (50% required to reserve your spot, balance due one week before the workshop.
A $25 discount will be given to you if you pay the full amount up front).
Spaces: 15 spaces are available in the workshop -- 10 SPOTS LEFT!

Features of this workshop:

* Co-taught by Lori Mann, and digital artistry genius Allan Amato (

*2 days of photography and photoshop

*Day 1 we will be shooting here:

*Day 2 we will be on a ranch with barn, water features, open desert, etc.

*Confirmed models:
Kumi (
Mosh (
Ulorin Vex (
Trishy Trashy (
Natalie Addams (
Berlin (
plus more not yet confirmed

*2 makeup artists, 1 hair stylist and 1 wardrobe stylist will be on hand.

* Wardrobe will be provided by Antiseptic Fashions

*Marquis Magazine and Coilhouse Magazine will both be featuring
photos from the workshop.

To sign up for these workshops, or to get further information, email Lori

get ready

April 19, 2008 by Mosh

Its official.

Make room cali.

June will be an insane month, I will be gone for most of it, and meeting/visitng great people. Its most exciting and I cant wait.

3 more weeks of class and I'm free, which results in more shoots. HedonsFair along with a few other fantastic designers are making me some beautiful latex garments, some I designed others they created..which again will result in more shoots and to me thats always a great thing.

Apnea sent me a delicious gift basket that i finished in about 2 days haha, shes so sweet im very lucky to know a cool girl like her.

i hate words like yummy and tummy, makes me want to shoot things. random fact of the day.


i love it when artists create their own pieces using my face as their subject. Charlie practically did a whole series of me (

have a happy saturday, im off to do nonsense.


April 06, 2008 by Mosh


April 06, 2008 by Mosh

today is one of those days where i dont feel like doing anything at  all. not check my inboxes, not getting my work done, not rambling or typing up any ridiculous quotes that probably make no sense at all to anybody but myself. today however i woke up from my crazy dream, rolled out of bed and went to starbucks to chilled with my friend rae. i came back home 3 hours later and took a nap. friday i went to get sushi with aprie again, this time with karina. their sweet rice and fried mango can get too addicting.

this past week ive been battling with too much nonsense. its no longer surprising but people can just be so ignorant. that generation will be pushed aside by its own stupidity however, so no matter.
my dates for LA may finally be settled on. i cant wait to get back to cali and houston to shoot :)

never posted these before but theyre way back from my february shoot with vance at the asylum.

behind the scenes...

^ my friend says thats junk in the trunk heh

big thanks to Death to Baron McSquiggles ( for taking these.
 some final shots.....

i loved these. there will be an entire set up on my upcoming paysite, stay informed.

im waiting on some custom latex from hedonsfair and a few other designers, i really cant wait. im in dire need of some new rubber coverings, ill never have enough. soon ill devote a room to my latex, corset, stockings collection and shoes.

i also need one of these

speaking of customs..jimi of alumni clothing created me these really killer hoodies. on the back it has one of his designs that says 'too famous for fame', in the front 'alumni' and on the top part of the hood he has my name printed, i love them :D in addition he printed me a whole stack of bandanas with that same mosh print all over them, so awesome. ill include some images soon. is almost ready as well, cant wait.
 spring is finally here. time to break out my skanky band shirts and boots that i actually should wear in the wintertime.
this backpiece work has gotten my head tied up for months but it gets me so excited.

more travel, shoots, latex adventures soon to come.


you make me crazier than normal..



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