October 15, 2008 by Mosh

Wow where do I start....

No time to sleep, let alone keep up with updates!
I've had so many changes to my plans recently, organizing anything now is impossible.

Just arrived from LA this morning. The trip was quick but marvelous. I went to Magic Mountain with my boyfriend on Saturday, I havent been on any rollercoasters in a long time so that turned out to be really fun and exciting! I demanded funnel cake before we left mmmm. Oddly enough LA was pretty chilly that night, besides that I enjoyed every minute of my time there.

I need to order more latex, maybe bother HF some more even though I've taken a bunch of stuff from their headquarters and have yet to shoot it. I cant wait for my upcoming weekend trip, Vaunt Designs is making me a custom hat to go with my red latex bow dress. I love everything this woman does so without a doubt this hat will be the love of my life for this event. Vaunt recently created a blog of her own as well, shes quite entertaining so I recommend checking her blog out at


I will be judging at the Catwalk Tragedy this weekend! Please visit their site by clicking on the following link,


There will be other special guests and judges there that I think you wont want to miss including the amazing Lithium Picnic!

The Snapm event is coming up and if you haven't signed up to shoot me or any of the other fabulous ladies you're going to cry when you miss out on your chance! If you're interested please visit

I will be visiting Boston, MA on Nov 15th-17th, still booking! Dr. Sketchys Class and a possible filming will happen on my upcoming NYC trip on the 22nd-25th. The trip will also include Jimi of Alumni and I tearing it up in the city. Los Angeles is still definitely in my plans but the dates haven't been set yet. If interested in booking me in LA please do shoot me an email now as by the time I actually get my dates set I may already have a full schedule.

October 18th-19th: Orlando, FL, Catwalk Tragedy Judging
October 23rd-25th: NJ, Snapm Event
November 15th-17th: Boston, MA
November 22nd-25th: NYC, Dr. Sketchys Class (22nd)
November (dates tba): Los Angeles, CA
December: China (?)

If you would like to hire me for a shoot or event please contact

I have exciting news about a new makeup line coming out and some upcoming updates at Plus some upcoming merch!

Stay tuned!


It's not how long it takes, it's who's taking you.

August 03, 2008 by Mosh

the highlight of the day was seeing a rainbow and later a thunderstorm happening in some distant county.

but before that i visited my mother and we watched a movie together, then we played some ping pong. and before that i played musical chairs in the parking lot of the tysons corner mall, except you replace the chairs with parking spaces. at the end of the day i payed a visit to the HedonsFair headquarters and picked up some beautiful new latex outfits to shoot in yay! and now to end my day im working on updating my myspace while watching 'some like it hot'. 5am here and im very tired haha. somehow my sleeping schedule never went back to normal after i left LA.

some of you asked me what kind of makeup i use, here are some of the things i picked up today..

urban decay: glide-on eye liner in bourbon, heavy metal glitter liner in baked, eyeshadow in midnight cowboy

nars: lip lacquer in hot wire

mac: lipsticks in colors dubonnet, please me, and russian red


these must be in my closet very soon. i just ordered more heels but it will never be enough! shoeboxes have actually taken over my bookshelves and desk.



"you shave with your spats on?" "i sleep with my spats on."



June 21, 2008 by Mosh

Been in cali for about 3 days now and I love it. For sure its the first place I'll move to if I move anywhere at all.
For the past few days I've been chilling/having a mini vacation with an awesome friend who also has been taking me to some epic restaurants in the if I gained 10 pounds in the last few days its all his fault :)
Tomorrow I have the Fetish Fashion Fuel Workshop to go to which I'm very stoked on. Hopefully someone will be around to take plenty of behind-the-scenes shots.
I have this gorgeous Ego Assassin latex set to shoot in while I'm here as well with Vance, cant wait! Still rocking their main page on their website by the way ( Rock on Ego..
Also with Ego, theres a feature with them on (18+) which also has an image of mine in it...
Sunday is part 2 Fetish Fashion Fuel. Then the week starts which will be some pure madness but pure fucking great madness which I will share with you when the images are complete.
Lots of photos to create and sexy ladies to get naked with. Life cant get any better eh?

Excitingly Erotic Muse Shoot

June 14, 2008 by Mosh

I just got news that the Erotic Muse Shoot is a go :) I'm getting nekid with these gorgeous ladies, must be my lucky day..

Models include Jeska (


Georgia Jones (,

and myself.


June 29th at 3:00pm- 7:00pm

All models will be posing fully nude.
There will be a professional make up artist on hand.
Professional lighting included (pocket wizard recommended).
We will have unique wardrobe, backdrops and concepts!
Snack foods and alcohol included!

There is a photographer limit of 13 (ONLY 13 PLEASE) and they all need to be prepaid!

The shoot will be held at the..
Flashbox studios
675 echoff unit E
Orange, CA 92868

(seamless white cove)!!

Admission cost will be $200 per photographer

Not included in the initial cost will be ...

full releases form Mosh at $50
full release from Jeska at  $20
full release from Georgia at $50

Please message Jeska for paying info! If you have a modelmayhem account you may contact her at or you may email her at

I'm not sure how many spots have been filled so far but judging by the mm post were filling spots quickly so if youre interested book us soon! This is definitely a unique opportunity.. modelmayhem post at:


Theres a thunderstorm outside right now, I love them a lot. Theyre especially the best when you're stuck at home answering messages and preparing for a trip. American Beauty just came on too.

lately i have been buying a lot of leather gloves, i have about 5 pairs now i need to stop hah.

this weekend i will be stealing my friend cassandra to go stuff our faces at the Baltimore Cupcake Company. creamy buttery action-packed cupcake goodness. its already 6:30 and i havent even dressed yet. if i didnt have a day job i definitely would be living on the dark side, meaning id go to bed at 4am every night and waking up sometime in the later afternoon hours.

i have a couple of interviews backed up right now, since im working on them as im writing here ill post a few questions. hope they dont mind being stolen...

When you’re not modeling, what fills yours days? When I'm not physically in front of the camera I'm constantly thinking about or planning a shoot so I never fully get away from modeling. I also work outside of modeling and I go to school part-time so I lack the time to actually fill out any days. However when I get a day off, depending on my mood, I'll either spend it going out with my friends or staying at home watching movies and soaking in the tub.


What is your favorite genre of image, fetish, glamour, high fashion or something else? I like a combination of all three actually. Fetish is very sexual, unique, and fresh. While glamour can reflect the beauty in an image. High fashion has the powerful posing, the attitude, and insane wardrobe selections. Combine all three and I think you have what I strive for! I must say that my original love for modeling came from fetish and high fashion so I could say that I appreciate them the most.

Do you feel that having a trademark look is an advantage, particularly in the field of alternative modelling? Its definitely an advantage to have that trademark look, you want to be remembered and recognized in the industry in anything that you do modeling-related. At the same time, you need to maintain a certain level of versatility as a model, nobody wants to see that same look over and over, always try new things and keep it interesting!






cali love

June 11, 2008 by Mosh

Set Preview

see the entire set on my upcoming paysite!

photographer: Rodney Mickle,

latex by HedonsFair

i dont really sunbathe, in fact i avoid the sun like the plague and if i go outside im in the shade with a thick coat of sunblock. the only time i dont mind the sun is at the beach where ill still probably sit under the shade after an hour of sun. nonethless i really wanted to do this idea on a rooftop and turn red after sitting out there for 5 min.

a week until my LA trip, im so excited. lots of things to do before i go ive been sleeping on average of 5 hours a night trying to get everything in yay. so much planned for cali, some new projects lined up, for one the Fetish. Fashion. Fuel Workshop. i believe there are still slots open, dont miss out! For more information visit


plan to shoot nonstop in my custom HedonsFair latex and pieces by Vaunt Designs. hope to visit everyone, especially those who know the area well and can take me to the delicious eateries and shops :D

in local news we recently had a major power outage that forced me to leave work for half the day and sweat all night. the next day the power was still out so my mom and i went shopping, we havent done that in a while so it was nice to do something together. sushi and mochi balls are the addiction for the summertime.
besides chilling with arpie and our sushi adventures ive been mainly editing sets in my spare time leading to a lack of a social life. or maybe im just trying to avoid the 100 degree weather by staying inside thus giving me a chance to catch up on some dvds...



June 02, 2008 by Mosh

custom alumni hoodie.

so so close!


May 30, 2008 by Mosh

one door closes and another one opens.

sometimes things dont go your way and other times they do. i wish you all nothing but the best, everyone deserves their success and others deserve to keep it.

in other news: unfortunately, the talented black lickorish latex wont be making it out to nyc, therefore you wont be seeing me at smack however the fellow dc model Nictotine is attending, go show your support!

some exciting new things to come with hedonsfair, stay tuned :D

alumni set to go live, sooner than you think! get ready.


more updates this weekend.




May 21, 2008 by Mosh

may 31 NYC SMACK! Event, walking for Black Lickorish Latex.


the tiger army show on friday was awesome! if you didnt make it that blows...

wardrobe: Antiseptic Fashion ( + photographer: Venus Wept, ( + Hair: Linh Nguyen ( + MUA: Elizabeth Prokopiak


sleep. lots to do tomorrow.


past present future

May 14, 2008 by Mosh

begin the psychotism (not a word), classes have ended.

 random fact: i dislike writing about myself. its awkward.

the earthquake that happened in china is an absolute tragedy.  death toll over 12,000 people, china's deadliest earthquake in three decades. the U.S. is offering $500,000 in relief...we can spend $340 million a day on war but we'll barely shell out cash to support victims who have lost so much. loved ones, homes, communities, all crushed and buried under rubble. we live in a beautiful fucking time no? my blessings go out to all those affected by this disaster.

today as i was going to attempt at making some chocolate peanut butter banana smoothies i realized i dont own a blender. i was told that we never owned one but im not convinced. thats just not possible in todays american society. in america, everyone owns at least these two things that belong in the kitchen. microwave and a blender.

i have a serious shoe addiction. today i ordered two new pairs of 6" heels, the day before i ordered a new pair of ankle boots, today i got a pair of black gladiator inspired leather stilettos.

now that classes are over i can get back to my projects that i began since the beginning of the semester. new set ideas, wardrobe, hair,, duvet covers, heels, baking, diy just so happy summer is here.

previously i talked about angelique boutique ( creating a custom piece for me. the more she talks about it the more i get excited and cant wait to see it. KARMA is another pieces she plans to sending, so in love with it:

Sugar Mafia represent.


you know that annoying 60s medicine peach color? i love that color.

friday i will be at the tiger army show in baltimore with arpie, come out and see them!




Psy"chism, n. [Cf. F. psychisme.] (Philos.) The doctrine of Quesne, that there is a fluid universally diffused, end equally animating all living beings, the difference in their actions being due to the difference of the individual organizations.

undoing and beyond

May 09, 2008 by Mosh

realization can come in so many ways and forms. its just up to you to listen.

im talking to some special people right now, people that i thought i would never meet on a personal level in my life, its almost surreal but there they are.


alumni promo!

get ready.


ive been collecting rasta hats and teas, im not sure why.

angelique boutique says she made something custom for me, i cant wait to see it, her stuff is always inspiring both visually and spiritually.

love the new bubble heels from dior...


someone please buy me these.

shoot with shu vua this saturday, we will be shooting some exclusive content for my upcoming paysite, win.

random fact: ive been staring at my computer screen for over 8 hours straight.


theres too much changing all at once its almost too hard to keep together. have you ever dreamed of something in the past that actually happend in the future?


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