Top it off.

October 31, 2008 by Mosh

                                                        HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!



I'm so tired but I haven't updated in so long, time for my blog to get some attention.

TONIGHT! I will be performing at....

Come out to hang with half-naked ladies, performances, music, and much more!

Last weekend I visited NJ to attend the Snap'm event, had a great time! Met a lot of great people, modeled for Dementia who has some crazy clothing, loved it. Mayte ( was such a doll and treated me to a lot of things :) The next day the shoot-out happened in a beautiful studio. I headed over to Sharon TK's ( for the night and we had an epic shopping trip the next day. I love my new credit card and Jezebel's lingerie line, did a lot of naughty things that trip :) Sharon and I also learned we shop the same way so we make an awesome pair at a mall! Her birthday party was also happening that night, which was also fun! Some awesome people were there too like LJ, Studio X, Koray, Viva Van, and many others.



5 min shoot with Kencredible! (, Wardrobe by Dementia (, Makup by LJ (





Shots by, Taryn the coordinator of the event, Lectra the designer of Dementia


                                                   Get into the spirit.



Cameos, bubbles, remakes, airports, latex latex latex. So much to do and so little time. I will be home at best one week out of the month of November. Ichabod's Dame coffee is the only thing I'm running on at this point hah!

Tonight I was really bad and bought a few pairs of beautiful vintage stockings. I couldn't resist! I just love the way they feel and how great they look on camera. I cant wait to shoot some sets in them :P

Next blogs on the, styling and makeup tips, latex sexiness, sky high heels, yum.


Possible launch date late December. I can only say keep checking back I have a lot coming!



October 02, 2008 by Mosh


                                                                   Maritime take two.

Photographer: Jerry Bennett   (
MUA: Marnee Simon  (
Retouched by: Nissrine  (
Model: myself

Cover of psd Photoshop Magazine, French edition.

Red Hot

October 01, 2008 by Mosh

Ew I have a cold and its very annoying. But I have great news so never mind the nasty cold.


THURS OCT 23rd 9PM-1AM - Halloween Costume Edition!
FRI OCT 24th 7PM-9PM- Studio Session with MAYTE, MOSH, SHARON TK and KERRI TAYLOR - only $50!

Come meet me at the Halloween Event! I plan on wearing a hot latex getup, so I suggest you not miss out ;)

Do you want to book the $50 shoot on October 24th from 7-9pm with Me, Mayte, Sharon TK and Kerri Taylor?

All info here:



On the 26th I plan on getting crazy with Viva Van Story ( and my comrade Anna Demeo on makeup ( 

October will be intense, I'm away every weekend this month! November will have some major changes to my general way of living, its very exciting yet very nerve wrecking. Life is just one big experiment.

One of my favorite designers and friend, Vaunt Designs, has launched her new blog recently! I've bookmarked it and will stalk it religiously.

In her first entry she even hints on some of the pieces she'll be making for me to shoot in. Without a doubt they will be incredibly beautiful and unique, I cant wait to get my hands on them!


ALSO: Blacklickorish Latex is selling the top I modeled for her! Gorgeous latex top with gathered sleeves, colors and size of your choice (check auction). High quality, hand-made, and it comes from one of my personal favorite latex designers.

Only 4 days left!


Stupid cold. I'm stocked on these now.




West Coast

September 28, 2008 by Mosh

Had an incredible time in Cali once again, first stop SF, second stop LA.

San Francisco....

Photos by Destroy Inc. ( taken at the Zivity Bootcamp Workshop

These were shot in like 7 minutes! I hope I get to shoot with this guy some more.

The Zivity Workshop was fantastic. It was a long and busy day but I met some really great photographers and enjoyed modeling for them! There were three rotations, the first being natural lighting with Conan (addictedImage), second was studio lighting with Christine Kessler (My Fetish Diary), third was model coaching and creating content sets with Philip Warner (Lithium Picnic). I was paired up with LP for the third rotation, we shot a hot geisha-inspired set as an example for the participants. You can check out the set on, my upcoming paysite, and Between the rotations there was about 45min-1 hour of shooting the models. So not only did photographers get to learn lighting and  photo editing from great artists, they got to shoot three experienced models afterwards. To those who thought about going but missed out! Zivity might be doing more of these and in different cities so if you're still interested keep checking back at, in fact buy a subscription when theyre available and check out the gorgeous photos of many many models, one of them soon to be me :) Thank you everyone who made this workshop great and possible!!!

For those of you who dont know what is, its a paysite about the models where sets are uploaded for members to vote on. With each vote a certain percent gets paid to the model and the photographer. The more votes a set gets, the more money that gets sent to that particular model and photographer. Unlike other paysites this gives members control over where their money goes. So go vote towards your favorite artists and make them more money so they can create more beautiful sets!

So Sept 18th 10am something I arrived at SFO, Conan picked me up in his crazy car.
His car was so intense that on the way to his house it dropped a muffler. We circled back to pick it up of course.

The day I arrived I had a shoot with Mar and later that evening I shot with Lithium Picnic in some vintage lingerie and HedonsFair's latex. The following day I shot with Conan (addictedImage), had a meeting with everyone involved at the workshop. The third day was the workshop. The last day Christine Kessler, Conan, LP, Mischa, myself, and another model got together at an old pub/club location. The place was beautiful with a lot of history. It reminded me of some kind of funhouse due to the antiques mixed in with endless hallways and rooms. Shot some more beautiful sets there, look out for images soon. That night I rushed to a show which went really great, Conan entertained me and kept me company for a bit there. Then I had to say my goodbyes and head off to LA that night.

Some phone cam pics ...

Top left: A cat from the pub we shot in, it wouldnt stop meowing until Conan picked him up. Top right: View from Mar's (photographer) house in SF. Bottom left: Picnic's awesome anti-girl sign, Conan joined in only because I kicked him out of his bed and stole his hot lady for a few days :D Bottom right: Two of probably a hundred cats that lived at the pub.

More images to come from SF soon. I also shot a lot of sets there, so many sets to come from there to be put on!


Los Angeles....

was pretty mellow, I enjoy it every time I go so its no surprise. I cant wait to move!

Didn't do much shooting but the stuff I did shoot was gorgeous.

Photos by Juan

The rest of the time was spent with my boyfriend which I of course really enjoyed! I only get to see him while I'm in town but its well worth the wait :) It actually surprises me how much I can miss someone. I wont notice it until I'm physically unable to be around them, then it hits me hard.

So back in the DC area once again. Spent the day shopping and ignoring e-mails. I need to get my dates nailed down but I have a bunch of new travel dates happening for the closing of 2008. Locations include Florida, Atlanta, and China. Stay tuned as usual. In the meantime, working hard on my site and shoots. Tomorrow I head to Richmond, VA for Toxic Shock's AYP ( shoot. They are doing an exclusive line for them, I'm excited to model it! Its really funny to me but I used to shop at AYP years ago, I first heard about it from a punk friend back in high school. At that time, I would have never thought I'd end up on there for a clothing line.

Toxic Shock's clothing line is quite unique and awesome might I add. Check them out at






What we cant understand we call nonsense.

September 11, 2008 by Mosh




Instead of working on my new preview at I'll write in my blog instead. I've been procrastinating for far too long with certain things but I finally managed time now that I'm taking a break from my classes.

Next week will be very exciting! I'm flying out to San Francisco to shoot with incredible people such as addictedImage, Christine Kessler, Lithium Picnic and a few others. addictedImage is being kind and allowing me to bum a roof off of them. Conan I know you stalk my blog, I'm totally kicking you out of your bed and loving on Mischa heh :P

The even cooler news besides more awesome images and sets, I will be in the Zivity Photography Bootcamp. If you havent read from my previous blog...

"The Zivity Photography Bootcamp is an all day intensive workshop geared towards bringing your photography to the next level. Taught by three internationally published photographers recognized as the top in their field, the Zivity Bootcamp is your chance to step up your game in the competitive world of photographing female models. Starring three amazing (and highly sought after) models, the Zivity Bootcamp pulls no stops drawing upon the local fashion and makeup scene as well to bring you a one of a kind event."

addictedImage covers some Q&A's in his recent journal entry on DA          (


After my SF trip, I'm hopping onto a car or van and heading to LA for a couple of days. Doing some meetings and shoots, relaxing with the boyfriend, then flying back home. Lots of stuff planned, lots to share soon.


Photographer: Lori Mann (, You cant see it in these shots but I'm wearing a custom latex dress by Hedonsfair. Want to see more? The entire set will be posted on my upcoming paysite.



I always talk about what features I plan on putting on my site, what features would you like to see? If you have a suggestion or idea please indulge me at


                               Even the garden of Eden was just a big fancy cage.

                                                 Survivor, Chuck Palahniuk




Life is short, filled of stuff.

September 08, 2008 by Mosh

                                                      Some new kind of kick...



                                                           YELLOW, new addiction.



Photos by Michelle Star (, MUA is Shandra Jade

Outfit by Versatile Fashions (


My weekend:

I. Philly for Mosh? No Philly for Mosh



My trip had to get cancelled due to flooding of the backroads and highway traffic that either didnt move or moved no faster than 10mph. I heard a local highway got closed due to a tree falling in the middle of four lanes too.





                                1. Arpie's cat       2. & 3. Arpie's new foster kitty

His brother and sister died recently, the shelter thinks from worms. Arpie caught that early for this guy and got him dewormed, saved his little butt.

I need to get my actual camera fixed.

If you dont follow up with HedonsFair's new products, they recently listed a new latex dress designed by me!!
Hot, if I do say so myself.

All these schoolbuses, changing leaves, and cooler air reminds me of autumn approaching. I wasn't too pumped about it before but now I'm very excited. I especially love October. The leaves have all changed their colors and many have fallen, the monster cereals come back out, my favorite holiday occurs, time to break out the peacoats and boots. Another plus about autumn is the cooler weather which makes wearing latex much more comfortable outdoors, which leads to me being naughty and wearing more latex out heh.



                                                                       Vampires Return


A new series based off the Southern Vampire Mysteries by Charlaine Harris. I watched the premier, its pretty intense. Definitely 18+, and I like the fact that the show is a metaphor for todays existing racism. I can't wait for the new episode next week.

Since my boyfriend got me into 90210 I keep seeing the actors in these different shows or movies that I never noticed before. Right now I'm watching The Fifth Element, and all this time I hadn't realized that Luke Perry was in the first 12 minutes of the movie. I must have watched the movie well over a hundred or so times, and I never noticed it. The Fifth Element is in my top 10 of all time favorite movies by the way.


I hate the fact that I just spent almost an hour putting this blog together and it all got fucked. Thanks blog.



No sleep till...

August 28, 2008 by Mosh

One more entry before I fly out this morning...still haven't packed because I was too busy shopping for shoes earlier.

Today I picked up this juicy pair.


And a really adorable red coat for the fall. I plan to run around in it, flashing myself for the camera, when the leaves turn their pretty autumn colors. Now I just need a nice set of cheap laborers to develop my custom shoes for me. I cant wait for Halloween, the best holiday of the year! I dont have plans yet for the 31st specifically but I will be attending the Halloween-themed SNAPM'UP event ( Date to be finalized soon so check back!

Recently I shot an exciting set with Mickle Design Werks.


Most of that stuff is what I've been consuming for the past 24 hours. The other stuff was used to set the shoot up. I cant wait to share some of the preview shots.

I need a vacation. Preferrably one that allows me to sleep non-stop for a week straight.
I haven't had sushi with Arpie in over two weeks :( I miss that woman a lot.
I haven't really left my house for the past two weeks due to excessive amounts of work, until today that is, where I'll be heading to a meeting soon and then to the airport.
Its time for me to start uploading my "day in a life with mosh" shots haha.
Does anybody want to buy me a new Holga? Mine is uh...I'll say crushed, probably the best term to describe it right now.

These are incredible sculptures by Wingdthing ( Her work is astonishing therefore I highly recommend checking it out.



The inspiration....


The only reason I can maintain my ridiculous schedule is because of these....


Crack in a can. Thank you creators of LOST.

Now that I have even less time to pack, I'll get to it.


19 candles, thanks!

August 27, 2008 by Mosh

Its official!

Lithium Picnic, Christine Kessler, addictedimage + awesome models in one day? It will blow your mind.

A quick update before I head back to LA....

LATEX LATEX LATEX, oh my how I love latex.


Beautiful latex flower dress by Vaunt Designs (


Custom transparent and black flutter dress by Hedonsfair.


Custom transparent and blue dress by HedonsFair.


Latex set by Latex Nemesis (

These sets were shot with Christine back in June during my LA trip. We shot nothing but latex, I'm surprised I didnt get over-excited before and didnt post these here sooner! I hope I get to shoot with her again soon.

Hard Candy Cosmetics is having a huge sale at their store online. I bought a bunch of things to test out. Here were a few that I liked..



Mix tape set in Party Mix , Glitter eye pencils in Midnight and Hyper, Lip quartet in their color set Pin Up, Super shine gloss in Flirt and Fresh

I get a lot of questions about my makeup now. Mainly about what I use and how its applied. I should get paid a dollar from these make up companies everytime I refer people to them.

My favorite brands are: Nars, Urban Decay, MAC, Yaby, and Hard Candy. On top of those I have my own makeup I create and some little things by another company here and there. For example, I got turned onto Addiction Cosmetics back when I was in California, I now use their gel liners.

Right now I'm watching 'Running with Scissors'. Have you ever read the book? I cant tell which is more intense. Every time I watch this movie sometimes I think I'll be on the verge of insanity any day now. People you meet in this life, and whatever comes next, will either pull you apart or hold you together. And without the two neither one would exist. My fridge is running out of food. I really need to find the time to go restock for my jell-o and boca burger addiction (not together). Off topic but myspace and website update to come very soon! Tentative launch date for my paysite is sometime in January, may change may not. I work everyday on it so I hope it launches as soon as possible.

My birthday was awesome! Thank you so much everyone for leaving me your comments and wishes! The best kinds of gifts to get :) Besides the present my boyfriend got me, the pink technomarine watch, count chocula cereal, and the soap that is. So again, THANK YOU EVERYONE!!


I've been addicted to looking at Guy Bourdin's work for a little while now...

Philly + SF + LA in September. NYC+ NJ in October and November. Nov/Dec LA again. January 2009, move to LA.




Sweet Like Vinegar

August 11, 2008 by Mosh

Just got back from a shoot with Vance starring special guest Mister Ed!

He made an awesome model. The shoot consisted of me posing with Mister Ed in a latex corset made by Syren and latex leggings by HedonsFair.

In other news I heard will be holding the Zivity Bootcamp for Photographers on Sept 20th in San Francisco....I also heard there will be three models who are a part of this workshop one of them being me...stay tuned!
 I also hear that I'm in Gothic Beauty's recent issue with WinterWolf Studios. Check it out! The 2009 Sonic Seducer Calendar will also be featuring a shot of me by Vance!

Darling Doe Deere did an interview with me, if you havent seen it yet its at

This is kitty, I love this furry thing...



Cyborg + Human Skin

Some awesome shots by WinterWolf Studios (, Bodypainting by Aliona (, Hair by Hair for World Peace (

A little story behind this shoot...SO it took about 8-9 hours for the painting, I had 5 or so minutes to do my makeup because we were in that studio way past the time we were supposed to be, and we shot for about 20 minutes total. Completely worth it!!!

 For the past two weeks I havent been going to bed any earlier than around 4am..I really need to get back to my normal schedule. 230am now, close enough.



summertime and the livings easy

July 30, 2008 by Mosh

Its been way too long since I last updated so for the rest of the week I'm going to try to do some massive updates and get everything caught up.

So my LA trip was exquisite. I flew in and stayed with a killer guy for the first few days. He showed me around and took me to some delicious restaurants.

Ridiculously good place. I recommend the Scotch on the Rocks, coconut and butterscotch pancake, bigger than your face.

That weekend was the Fetish Fashion Fuel Workshop, which was really awesome. I met tons of great photographers and models. It was a bit hot out in the dessert, however it was totally worth it. I recall drinking about 17 bottles of water and my body absorbing every last drop. The first day we shot out on a movie set, pretty rad place. The second day was spent shooting on a ranch. I cant post any images yet but I did get a chance to see a bunch before I left the workshop and they are incredible. I cant wait to share them!

 So after that weekend I got busy shooting with Michael Helms and Shy, Steve Prue, Christine Kessler, Ama Lea, Michelle Star, and a few others. Vance and I split a hotel room so one morning when we found time from our busy schedules we shot a quick set in the kitchen, I wore some beautiful Blacklickorish Latex ( for it.


The rest of this set will be posted on my upcoming paysite,

The second weekend was the Erotic Muse Workshop with Jeska ( and Georgia which was also great. I got to rub up on some sexy ladies :)  I'll post some images from there soon.



Here are some images by Michael Helms:


i fell in love with california so dont be surprised if i move there fairly soon ;) more updates and images to come.

ive been working on a lot of things lately. this weekend im meeting up with Mike at HF to discuss latex matters. then i need to go pick up my rad vintage tricycle i just bought. next week i shoot some more sets with Mickle Design Werks and then im booked up until october. i'll be visiting philly again soon, twice in fact, and then i may be flying out to las vegas and san francisco within the next two months.

im starting to skimp out on caps so that means ill start to type irrelevant and incoherent sentences soon. bed time.

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