Mosh Does Vegas

October 08, 2009 by Mosh

My poor blog has been ignored for many months while I was busy trying to get my site together, my move to the west coast finalized, and other projects moving. Still haven't quite pushed the projects forward yet but its getting there. There can only be so many speed bumps!

There has been a lot going on since my last entry, and due to being in the middle of my second move into a new place in LA, I won't be going through all of that right now. Instead I'll share with you my exciting trip to Las Vegas that I had late last week. RedRum and MyBigHairDay were coming through Vegas so I decided I should drive over from LA to shoot with them. We ended up shooting for almost 10 hours straight!

The hotel room was incredible and located right on the strip. It even came complete with a soaking tub in the bedroom area, and an unnecessary amount of bathrooms hah! Due to the size  and design of the room, this gave us the opportunity to shoot in all kinds of places, we probably produced something like 7 sets total, all with different looks. Joining us were models PXE and Crash, they immediately made my personal favorite models list. If theres anything better than shooting with great photographers solo, its shooting with another model who knows their stuff!

Sadly we only had time to shoot for that one day, but we certainly made the most of it and didn't waste any time, literally.
Here are just two samples of what we shot. The balcony set I'm wearing a lingerie set by Waisted Couture Corsetry.



Lots more blog posts soon to come. I dont intend to abandon this anymore!


RedRum -, Crash -, PXE -, MyBigHairDay -, Waisted Couture

World's Hottest Alt Model..well according to Bizarre

March 25, 2009 by Mosh


Special thanks to Kitten for scanning it in for me!

Bizarre <3


March 10, 2009 by Mosh

Twice is Nice.

How did you get your hair so white/ how did you get your hair that color? (AGAIN)
--I started out with somewhat light hair. My natural color is a light dirty blonde. My hair was professionally bleached to the lightest possible shade. Then I used Shimmering Lights shampoo and conditioner to take out the rest of the yellow and brassy tones. Over time with regular use my hair eventually turned completely platinum. Please note that results may be different depending on your hair. My technique may not work the same way with you. I also don't recommend bleaching out your hair on your own, seek professional help!
I actually will be experimenting with other hair products soon.

Who taught you how to do makeup? Any tips?
--Nobody. My makeup work is all self taught. Over time it was mainly trial and error, usually trial came to success but sometimes I would learn what doesn't look good on my face. To this day I'm always experimenting with new looks, careful to follow the basic rules of my face in order to make the look fit.
My tips are to do the same thing. Practice in front of the mirror, use reference photos if you need to and study them well. Learn what certain combinations look best, and never be scared to experiment! I would say the best places to get makeup tutorials is youtube and Doe Deere's Blogazine,

What makeup brand(s) do you use? What foundation do you use at your shoots?
--I used to be a huge fan of Urban Decay, Nars, and MAC (primarily lipsticks).
Now I use LimeCrime Makeup literally all the time, during the day or at shoots. The pigments are so vivid and opaque its hard not to want to use these colors everyday. I still use Nar's blush and MAC lipstick, but I'm sure when LC starts making lip products I'll switch over to those.
Currently I use Laura Mercier's liquid foundation in Porcelain Ivory for shoots, or my own custom foundation. Since there seems to be no such thing as a perfect pale shade for me I set out to create it myself! During the daytime I prefer to use Bare Escentuals.

You mentioned something about lipstick and it being a secret recently somewhere?
--Still a secret! All I can say is that I've had an interest in cosmetic receipes for some time now. Maybe if you torture Doe she'll tell you ;)

How much will you be charging for your paysite?
--Its all up in the air still but I'm thinking of a special intro price of $11.95/month for the first few days. Then the price will go up in increments until it hits $19.95.

When are you launching?
--By the end of March/first week of April. Thats about 3 weeks from now but theres so much to do so I have no exact date yet.

What will be on your paysite when you launch?
--At least 20 content sets of 30-100+ images each. A bunch of videos. Possibly some tutorials. A group webcam chat at the end of the week. Members of the site will have access to a members-only e-mail which will be checked regularly throughout the day. Members-only aim one-on-one chat when I'm online.
Plus a few other things later on after launch! Any suggestions please e-mail me.



Limited Edition Boxed Prints!

February 28, 2009 by Mosh

Bring it back again.

January 26, 2009 by Mosh

Reviving my blog today. My first official blog on actually!

Currently sitting at the Jetblue stations at the JFK airport waiting for my flight back to my new home, LA. My NYC trip was full of crazy amounts of shooting, on average I ended up going to bed at around 5 or 6 am.

Schedule: 1st night, arrive at JFK 9pm, shoot with Viva 10:30pm, going hard at the hotel doorways and on the chairs. Handcuffs and sheer lingerie included. 2nd day, book shoot. 3rd day, book shoot. 4th day/morning (10am, too early), Steve Prue invades! But only for 15 minutes after makeup and hair was done because thats all the time we had before checkout. Steve and I talked about some possible limited edition posters, I'll be posting more on this subject very soon.




Photographer and Hair Stylist: Viva Van Story (, Makeup and model: myself

For some of you who dont know, I'm not much of a fan of NYC however, it houses some of the best photographers around. Viva Van and Steve Prue included.

Now I'm at the airport, waiting to board in 30 minutes.

Prior to this trip I moved to LA, approximately a week and a half before the NYC trip that is. Its odd, LA feels like home however I keep thinking I'll be leaving back to DC anyday now. Do I miss DC? Well I miss my friends and family, but thats all. I don't think I could ever miss that grimy, conservative, and cold city haha, well maybe a little, years from now when I forget how cold it gets. Its a huge change being in a warm and beautiful city like LA. I look forward to the opportunities LA may hold.

I got a little naughty today purchasing some heels. I couldnt help myself! Most of my shoes are still housed in MD, I needed more. Just a taste....



                                                                Hope everyone is having a great start on the new year.



Sweeter, is no less seductive.

December 03, 2008 by Mosh

 My NYC trip was wonderful! And very busy.

I'm sure it probably seems like I'm complaining all the time about my schedule. I'm not. I love every minute of it. I should take advantage of hitting the ground running every morning until I cant do it anymore. Lifes just far too short to sit back and take it on a cushiony, smooth ride. Make the most of it then life cant get any sweeter. I've found that if you let go of everything you're so afraid of nothing can hold you back. Worst case scenarios are never as extreme as we let them be.

Two and a half hours before I leave to the airport. I still only have one suitcase completely packed. I really hate procrastinating.


Dr. Sketchy's was KILLER! I had so much fun and got to hang out with Xenia (aka Doe Deere). I love that lady.

Pics? Too many. Check out these articles...


Mosh takeover has officially begun.


                                                        But anyways. Lets make it sweet again.


Photographer: Dastardly Dave,

Parisian mini dress provided by La Cage Boutique,

MUA, hair: myself

Limecrime Makeup Ingredients:
Nymph on the inner corner of my eye mixed with Circus Girl. On most of my lid and the outer corner of my eye. Cleopatra applied on top of Circus Girl on the outer corner of my eye and a little on the lower edge of my brow bone. I also applied Nymph on my brow bone as a highlighter. Medusa applied on top of my black liner.




November 21, 2008 by Mosh

Long time no see.


                                                              Mixed pickles....

My Miami/LA/Boston trip went great. I am officially wiped out now but it was definitely worth it. Lots of content shot, lots of work done, lots of coffee consumed. I dont think I'll be combining trips in the near future, as much as I loved getting out there and visiting these great places, it was definitely a drain on energy by the end of the trip. Of course it didnt help that I ended up shooting with in Boston from 7pm-6am or shooting all day with RedRum after being up all night on my redeye flight from LA. They all jacked me on coffee though so we all pulled through just fine. <3 you all.

Heading to NYC tomorrow morning. Its 1:30am now, my bus leaves at 6:30am. I seem to just not sleep, ever. Spectacular shoot tomorrow though, no spoilers, just stay put. Saturday is Dr.Sketchys!

I get to see Xenia again too which is very exciting. I havent seen her since January or December maybe of last year. Plus shes doing my makeup for the event, I know it will be really incredible. If you dont know already, Xenia owns her own makeup line which I now use consistently because its great, You can pick up some goodies at Dr.Sketchys, I also hear free cupcakes? Mmm.



Photographer: Viva Van Story -                                              Hair: PinMeUp Hair -


Limecrime Makeup Ingredients:
Nymph on my inner lid, Goldilocks on my outer lid and crease. Medusa applied generously on my lower lash line, waterline, and top lid as a liner.


November 05, 2008 by Mosh

                                                             You're doing it right!


                                             < insert patriotic 'i support obama' shot here >





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