Bad News Bear

March 19, 2009 by JaydedPixie

**********WARNING: Not at all fetish related. Just some stuff I'm going through right now********************

I went to the doctor today.

Weight = good
Blood Pressure = good
Belly Measurements = good

I was pleased. Until I mentioned that I was planning a trip to my mothers at the end of the month. My mom lives about 200 miles away, what would normally be about a three and a half hour drive.
The nurse informed me that they don't think it safe for me to travel this far along in my pregnancy.

Riding in a car for that long is bad for circulation, and I have already been sent to the hospital once because my legs were swollen really bad.
Possible dehydration.
If I were to go into labor or need to go to a hospital, I would be too far away from my doctor and hospital where I am registered.
Plus, I lost my last pregnancy, so that puts me at high risk, even if everything looks healthy with this one.

I'm pretty upset. My aunt is flying in from England. Her first visit in over five years. And my grandmother has come in from Missouri. I was hoping for a family reunion of sorts. I was even going to reconnect with a few friends from high school and college. Now I will miss everything.

I am trying to find a positive. Something to make me feel better about all this. But I just don't know what it is...

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