Master & slave (f)

May 02, 2009 by IrishMagus


This is my first post - so bear with me as I discover what FetishBuzz is about and explore the space. I'm a Master with discriminating taste and a wide acceptance of all perv. My interests are aesthetic, sensual, erotic. Literary, philosophical and spiritual too. I'm currently exploring the Master/Daddy and little girl area, and thus have a fine appreciation for plastic, pvc, pu as well as short skirts with appropriate panties for discipline, control and spanking.

My control begins with my voice and hands. If you hear my voice, which has been described as hypnotic and (sometimes) soothing, you are already falling under a certain spell. If you feel my touch, you may have noticed an electric buzz. Then you are definitely on the delightful downslope... 

I look forward to contributing more as we go on. Please feel free to email me irishmagus AT hotmail dot com, on any FetishBuzz interests you may have.


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