Fetish rubber clothing

July 24, 2008 by Girlq

More closeup shot of the fetish latex leggings on the motorcycle.

Another shot of me in my shined up rubber stockings.  This one is from the other side of the motorcycle.  Don't you think it's sexy?! 

Do you read the other blogs on this site or just mine?  I read Chief Hedons blog this morning so I'm going to try and help out and do my part to drop some keywords to help out the website.  Less latex and more rubber clothing. 

Honestly, I didn't even know what latex or rubber clothing was until I started dating a fetishist.  I had never heard of it, although I guess I had seen it occasionally in fashion magazines like Vogue, but I never gave it any thought.  I certainly never had a desire to dress that way myself.  Too crazy for everyday wear, and I a fairly conservative dresser.  But rubber clothing does make for great photography, and if you are looking for attention then it's definitely something to set you apart from the rest.


Moto latex leggings

July 22, 2008 by Girlq

A couple more shots of the latex leggings on the motorcycle.  I really liked the leggings because they are stylish in regards to what's popular today in fashion, plus I think they look good on me in general.

Posing on the motorcycle was fun.  I haven't been on one since I was a kid.  When I was younger I went vacationing with my family and we rented motorcycles to ride on the beach.  I was underage and got caught by the police riding - oops. 

Not a whole lot going on this week.  It's been busy.  Last night I helped BF around the house - laundry, dishes, packing up ebay packages and responding to buyers, and organizing his place.  No fetish shenanigans last night.  It's hard during the week, because when he gets home he does work up until an hour before bed time and he has helpers who assist with the work  which = no privacy :(

I'm 99% done packing up my place and getting ready to move.  Can't wait for a change! 

Wearing my fetish latex leggings and showing off my butt with the motorcycle in public. Standing next to the motorcycle in a pair of black shiny latex leggings in public.

Latex leggings

July 21, 2008 by Girlq

Riding a motorcycle in black fetish latex rubber leggings.

Here is the first of many shots made a couple weekends ago with the latex leggings.  These pictures were shot not far from my apt.  Unlike some of the other shots I have taken, the latex was shined up for these.  It really makes a difference.  The latex gleams in the sunlight.

I shot a bunch on the motorcycle and then a few in front of a yellow and chrome hummer h3.  Can't say I like those SUVs as they are so obnoxiously big and gas guzzling.  It was really really humid that day, and we shot for about 30 minutes. 

After that long in the sun my legs were sweating.  The latex leggings are super tight and there is a rear zipper to help get them on. 

Latex skirt on bench

July 18, 2008 by Girlq

Here are a couple more shots of my black latex skirt at the park.  I sat down at a bench to wait for my time on the swings and finished my nutty buddy.  Apparently, the swings are the most popular attraction at a park - I had to wait like 10 minutes before a kid gave up his spot.

Today is Friday - TGIF!  Let's see, any fetish news for this weekend, not really.  I'm sure I'll get into some sort of adventure, but I can't speak of much at the moment.  No new outfits - although I haven't posed about the latex leggings yet - so you still have those to look forward to:)

Next weekend I am headed to the mountains to visit BF's parents.  They have a place way up in the hills, and about 30 minutes from their house they have an old log cabin that was built in the early 1800's.  If we get a chance when nobody is around I'm sure we will indulge in some fetish photography and excursions.  Any requests? 

Finishing up my nutty buddy while sitting on a bench in the park in my black latex skirt. Another shot of my fetish latex skirt while sitting on the bench.

Latex mini skirt at park

July 16, 2008 by Girlq

Eating a nutty buddy near dusk at a park wearing my favorite latex mini skirt. Standing in front of a Mercedes in my black latex mini skirt at the park.

This is a pic of me at a park not that far from my house in the suburbs (that's how I like to refer to it as at least :).  There was an ice cream truck there, so I relived some of my youth and got a nutty buddy.

These shots are part of my "automotive" series of pictures.  Hahaha.  I seemed to have taken a bunch of pictures with cars and motorcycles recently.  The park was nice, it was the end of the day and I was super tired.

I was only there for a bit, really just to sport the skirt and take a few pictures while the sun was good.  I walked around, swang for a bit, sat at a bench and ate my ice cream.   I took a few shots in a gazebo of me and BF to send to the rents.  They aren't close by, so they love to get pictures. 

Latex panty from the backside

July 15, 2008 by Girlq

A couple more pics of my fetish latex panties from my "favorite t-shirt" series.  These are sexy cute!  Don't you like  my butt!?

I have two phones - one blackberry for my data plan and another that I use as a personal phone for calling.  I left both of them back in the suburbs this past weekend and had no way to communicate since I don't have a home phone.  I'm also moving out of my place, so I had no cable, no phone, no internet - I was really isolated.  It's weird how addicting technology is.

Sunday I put on a pair of totally sexy tight latex leggings and took a few shots for the blog.  Some of them were in front of a H3, and some others were on a motorcycle - oh yeah, baby!  The leggings were super sexy, and I love them!  Can't wait to share the photos.

Showing off my tight ass in my latex panties. Check out my butt camel toe in my latex panties.

Latex dress + skirt

July 14, 2008 by Girlq

Just got out of the shower and put on a pink and black latex dress and pink latex skirt on top of it.

Some nights my mood is quite spunky.  This particular night I pulled out a black and pink latex dress which I had worn before and to mix it up I pulled on a pink latex ruffle skirt on top of it.  It looked really good!  I'll have more photo's coming so you can see the complete outfit.

I had just gotten out of the shower, and I through on the dress and skirt and started dancing around the room.  Some of the pics are really funny!

This past weekend was laid back but fun.  I saw John Witherspoon (the dad from the movie Friday) at the Improv.  The show was soldout - and for good reason, he was hilarious.  Sunday I spent some time cleaning out the closet and selling crap on ebay - god that took forever.


Favorite shirt + latex panties

July 11, 2008 by Girlq

I have a few different shirts that I only wear to bed at night.  This one is my favorite - it has a picture of a distressed pig with flowers in one hand saying, "Please don't eat me, I love you."  Hehehe.

These pics are right before bed time in said shirt and black latex panties with white trim.  I have a couple different pairs of latex panties - these, a pair of solid red ones, and the transparent and black trimmed crotchless panties.

I need to get another latex or pvc nighty.  Something light and airy, that can be easily thrown on before bed.  If it's latex, I would prefer it have some sort of liner to keep my skin from sweating. 

My favorite night time shirt and latex panties. Showing off some butt in my latex panties.

Adjusting my pvc skirt

July 10, 2008 by Girlq

Adjusting my black fetish vinyl skirt after putting it on.

Another shot of the black pvc skirt from Nags Head.  This was taken just after pulling it on and I was getting it straight.  If you look closely you will see details of just how crappy our room was.

The structure around the sink is built from painted 2x4's.  The toilet paper roller is a $2 wooden replacement fixture that was screwed in haphazardly.  The tile is a beautiful color of 1970's cream yellow and vegetarian poop brown (vegatarians poop a lighter color than the rest of the animal eating world - didn't you know).

There are bits of rust and decay around the sink pipes and on the wall under the sink.  If you look closely you will notice some other fine details of the picture (I'm not telling what they are :)

I like the pvc skirt - it's super short and my ass looks great it in, but my favorite for now is still the latex ruffle skirt - new pics of it coming soon!  Aren't you excited - say you're excited or be punished!

Vinyl mini skirt: Nags Head

July 09, 2008 by Girlq

Picture of my butt in a short vinyl mini skirt.

Here's another shot of the short vinyl mini skirt that I wore in North Carolina.  Did I tell you that I bought a hermit crab while I was there?  His name is Hermy, and he's currently still alive - hahaha.  He's fun to play with, although I read online that hermit crabs are nocturnal, and it seems he's usually asleep during the day.  I want to get Hermy another friend and a get him a bigger cage. 

Last night I tried on a pair of black latex leggings.  They aren't the easiest thing to get into.  Definitely requires some lube or some baby powder, or you'll be there all day trying to get them up.  Might have some shots of those coming up in the near future - you'll just have to wait and see :)

Do any girls read my blog?  Just wondering.  I wonder what's more popular on halloween with the fairer sex - pvc pants or vinyl mini skirts?  Weird thought.

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