More cabin mtn pics

December 20, 2008 by girlq

Latex covered arseThe holidays are almost upon us!  I'm definitely looking forward to Christmas.  I know this is sad, but things have been so hectic, that part of me just wants to get back to life as normal.  I'm such a scrooge!

Today I went to Barnes and Nobel, and the line was literally wrapped half way around the store.  It must have been an hour or so wait to checkout.  I just laughed and walked out.  Doesn't feel like were in a recession with lines like that!

Here are some more pics from the mtn cabin.  Hope you enjoy and Happy Holidays!

Latex ruched top dress

November 13, 2008 by Girlq

Adjusting my fetish latex ruched dress by HedonsFair while lying on the bed in the early morning. Adjusting my boobage while wearing a HedonsFair black and white fetish latex ruched dress. Zipping up the rear of my HedonsFair fetish latex ruched dress while kneeling on the bed. Pulling together the fetish latex dress before zipping it up. Laying on the bed early morning wearing a fetish latex dress by HedonsFair.Getting ready to zip up the rear of the black and white latex dress.

Sorry for not posting last week, but life is going to be crazy busy until after the holidays.  I'm trying to put up fetish pictures every week.

This week I have a bunch of pictures that I took on a Saturday morning.  The sun had just come up and it was shining through the bedroom window just perfectly.  I put on this HedonsFair latex ruched top dress, which should be for sale before Christmas via the website, and started snapping some pictures.

I hope you like them :).  For Halloween I didn't make it out in the transparent latex leggings, but I did wear a tight and super short red vinyl nurse outfit.  I will definitely post some pictures from that night soon! 

Latex trip to IHOP

October 27, 2008 by Girlq

Standing in the bathroom getting ready to go while wearing a HedonsFair fetish zip up latex top. Applying some makeup in the bathroom whilst wearing a HedonsFair black fetish latex top. Getting ready to go out and get dinner wearing a fetish latex top by HedonsFair. Washing up and getting ready to go to an IHOP in a custom latex HedonsFair zip up top.

A while ago I went to IHOP on a random weeknight to grab some food.  I wore out a HedonsFair custom zip up top along with a pair of dark khaki's.  It had been a long day and it was late - probably around 9:00.  Surprisingly there were a  decent amount of people there.

This is one of my favorite latex tops because it fits so well and it is really easy to get in and out of becasue of the rear zipper.  We had a bite to eat and then came back home - it was pretty chill.  Nothing too exciting to report. 

This upcoming weekend is Halloween and I am super excited to go out!  I have a pair of transparent latex leggings that will be getting some use.  Unlike the latex top, they are super hard to get into. 

I have a pair of black latex leggings and they were a little bit loose around the ankle, so I requested this pair to be tighter.  Now the problem is that the ankle opening is so small they are really hard to get on.  Third time is a charm - if I get another pair, I will have a zipper at the ankle opening to make them easier to get on. 

Fetish pictures

October 24, 2008 by Girlq

Putting on a clingy HedonsFair black and pink latex fetish dress Rear shot of the HedonsFair pink and black latex dress. Shot of me in the hallway in my black leather fetish mini skirt. Naughty hand on my HedonsFair black and white trimmed latex panties.

Do you guys have plans for Halloween?  Some die hard fetishists don't like to go out during this holiday because of the mass commercialization of "fetish".  They feel like it cheapens the word and the group of "true" fetishists.

While I am all for preserving the realness of fetish, I am also all about having fun.  Halloween is one of the few weekends, if not the only weekend, where you can dress head to toe in latex and walk out and about in the streets and no one cares. 

I plan on going to at least a couple parties next weekend.  Friday night is Halloween night, so there are a ton of parties going on.  Saturday night, there isn't as much, but assuming I'm not too hung over from Friday night, I'll be out on Saturday as well.  I don't have exact details of where I'm headed, procrastination is such a bitch, but you can be sure I'll have it figured out shortly.

I'd love to hear from other people and what their plans are! 

Included in todays post are some pictures from different times that I have shot and are going to be permamently retired.  I keep saying that, and then I go through them and find a few more images to post :)  I have so much stuff to post and talk about that I'm getting behind.

The first couple of pictures are me in having just gotten out of the shower and putting on the black and pink latex dress with the pink latex ruffle skirt on top of it.  The black dress was a custom made item by HedonsFair.  Inquire to if you are interested in a custom made item of your own.

The second shot is me walking in my brand new patent leather Mary Janes.  I'm also sporting a new black leather mini skirt. 

Last and not least is a shot of a naughty hand touching my HedonsFair latex panties.  Again - I don't think these are on the website, but if you like them and want a pair just send an email to sales.  I just recently found this photo otherwise I would have uploaded it a long time ago.

It's very racey and overtly sexual, reminds me of the American Apparel ads.  I think that latex clothing would mix well with the Amature-porn feel of the American Apparel ad type.  Do you know what I'm saying? 

Fetish latex dress

October 10, 2008 by Girlq

Just got out of the shower and putting on a latex dress with another latex skirt on top of it.

Yeah it's Friday!  I'm about to head out and hit the gym.  This is my third and last week with my trainer.  It's just been too hard to try and maintain a schedule.  Plus I prefer to just do my own thing.

Today's pic is another of me the day I was playing around after I got out of the shower.  I had put on a black and pink latex zip up dress and pulled on a pink latex ruffle skirt on top of it. 

This weekend there is a fetish party on Sunday that I think I'm going to go to.  Unfortunately I have to work on Monday, so I don't know how late I'll be able to stay out.  Have to get to work on finding a fetish outfit to wear.  I'm thinking transparent latex leggings, a short black latex skirt, and some sort of top - hmmm, what to wear???

My new website!

October 02, 2008 by Girlq

I hope everyone will congratulate me and participate in my spanking new website!  The address is:  It was my idea and my design.  I had some help with the technical aspects, but for the most part it was all me!

The idea was to create a website dedicate totally to pvc, latex, and leather fetishists.  You can go there and peruse images from different categories, and... drumroll please - you can upload your own pictures there!

I actually had the site finished a couple weeks ago, but the content management system didn't allow for users to upload images, so I had to get help enabling that.  I really hope people will enjoy the site and actively participate in the site.  There is also a forum where people can talk about anything related to pvc, leather, or latex fetish.

The top of the site has super sexy fetish images that rotate every time you visit a new page - I designed myself.  There is also a poll that I will rotate.  Right now the question is: how often do you wear fetish clothing?  Please go and vote!!

I've got somewhere between 100 and 200 images uploaded and I'll continue to update on a weekly basis.  Let me know if you like it!

Screen grab of


Playing in latex

October 01, 2008 by Girlq

Just got out of the shower and putting on a latex dress with another latex skirt on top of it.

This past weekend I went to San Antonio for a wedding.  The city is kind of run down except for a few nice areas.  There seem to be a lot of amputees and homeless people begging at all the tourist traps. 

The Alamo was interesting to see.  The riverwalk is absolutely beautiful.  Unfortunately my digital camera battery died and I had no way to recharge it - but I did get some shots from a cheap CVS brand throw away camera. 

I didn't do much fetish stuff while in Texas.  Honestly, we barely had time to see the Alamo and Riverwalk because we were scheduled to be doing wedding activities the entire weekend. 

I'm going to focus on posting the rest of the photos from my "Playing in Pink latex" set.  These are shots from a couple months ago when I had just taken a shower and was teasing my baby by putting on multiple layers of latex.  The black is a dress, and the pink latex bottom was a skirt I put on top of it.

SMB Ball Club Liv D.C.

September 24, 2008 by Girlq

This past weekend I went to my first fetish event.  It was a lot of fun - I think...  Honestly, I got way to drunk to remember much.  From what I hear, I was a blast! 

I wore a black latex zip-up top with white trim, clear transparent latex mini skirt, and black vinyl panties (otherwise you would be able to see my junk).  BF found a wig for me - it was so cute.  Can't wait to post some pictures and talk more about it!

Today I'll wrap up the leather mini skirt pics.  These are the last two shots of me - one standing in the leather skirt in a doorway, and the other is me getting something out of the pantry. 


Image of me bending over to get something out of the pantry with my leather mini skirt on. Image of me bending over to get something out of the pantry with my leather mini skirt on.

Leather mini skirt

September 17, 2008 by Girlq

Photo of me in a fetish leather skirt before going out.

Looking at this photo reminds me of how dirty my old apartment was.  When I buy my first house, it is going to be so much cleaner and organized.  Hopefully it will happen soon. 

I have a few more pics of the leather mini skirt from that night.  I may post the rest in my next entry.  This weekend bf and I are thinking about going to a fetish club.  I've never been to one, so it would be my first time.

This weekend is so busy, lots of stuff going on.  I have to meet with family Saturday afternoon.  Saturday morning I am meeting with a personal trainer.  Friday night I'm supposed to be looking at houses and going to the fetish club.  Sunday I want to buy a new mountain bike and shoot more fetish photos for the blog.  Busy busy!

New boots

September 11, 2008 by Girlq

Quick picture of me in a fetish leather mini skirt before heading out to a bar.

I got a new pair of patent vinyl boots this week in the mail.  They are straight out of "Pretty Woman".  You know, the ones that go way up the thigh and have a super long zipper.  So so sexy.  I tried them on yesterday for a little bit just to make sure they fit.

They are kind of tight, but I think that's the way they are supposed to be.  Anyways, hope to get some shots of it for the blog this weekend.  I've been creating my own website using a builder program - I don't know how to code, can't say I want to learn either.

I'm hoping my website will be ready to be released early next week.  I'll be sure to let you know!  It won't necessarily be about me or my pictures, but it will have tons of content concerning latex, vinyl, pvc, and leather.  Basically a place for me to put images that I like and have other enthusiasts come and check them out.

Todays shot and probably the next few posting pictures are images of me in a leather mini skirt.  These were taken before going out to a bar in the city.  The shots are from my old studio apartment, which, alas is no more.  Any leather fetish peeps out there that read my blog?

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