Transparent latex

January 18, 2009 by girlq

Shot looking down at me on the bed while wearing a transparent latex skirt with black latex panties on underneath. Me and my boy chilling on the bed in fetish latex underwear. Touching the black latex panties underneath my transparent latex skirt. Hand on my backside while wearing a fetish transparent latex miniskirt with black latex panties.

Transparent latex is truly a one-of-a-kind material.  It stretches and conforms to the skin and it's see-through.  It's not very practical, but then again, there isn't much clothing made of latex that I would consider practical. 

I have to say I'm a little bit surprised there aren't more people commenting or blogging on this site.  Honesly I thought I would be awash with new faces after the move from HedonsFair to FetishBuzz, but I guess not.  Do you guys know you get free stuff for participating?  Latex clothing, accessories, etc?  Post comments or blog entries, get points, redeem points for stuff.  It's fairly elementary.

I think for most people, blogging must be a real pain in the ass.  Granted, you can probably spend time working to make money and then just go out and buy stuff, but I enjoy writing so there's nothing better than getting free stuff in return when I'd be writing about what I'm up to anyway.

More randomness

January 15, 2009 by girlq

Pulling down the transparent latex skirt over my black latex panties. Another shot of pulling down the transparent latex skirt over my black latex panties. Touching the transparent latex fetish skirt with my hand. Feeling the transparent latex ruffle skirt against my skin.

More pictures from the "randoms" folder. I was wearing black latex panties with white trim, a transparent latex ruffle skirt, and regular black cotton top. I like how the transparent latex looks on top of the black. It kind of sticks to it, and because it is see through it creates a cool image.

I forgot if I asked - is anyone going to the New York Rubber Ball this weekend? I had considered running in it, but I knew that I would only have a couple weeks to get ready after my vacation (to fabulous Hawaii), and I was worried I wouldn't have time to put it all together. Anways, now at the last minute I think I am going to go, but I won't enter the contest.

Random pics

January 14, 2009 by girlq

Wearing a pair of shiny black vinyl undies under my dress. Adjusting a pair of vinyl undwear underneath my dress. Getting ready to apply latex shine to a pair of latex boxer briefs. Holding the latex conditioner in my hand before applying. Applying the latex conditioner to the fetish boxer briefs. Applying latex conditioner to the black latex boxer briefs. On the receiving end of getting my bum shined up with latex conditioner. Getting my fetish panties shined up with latex polish. Lying side by side in fetish latex underwear.








I have a folder from August of '08 called "random" that I haven't posted yet, and being as how I'm feeling rather random today figured I would post them

I don't know how these shots will come out.  When you view them at a small size it is easy to see what's going on, but when they get really big they become sort of abstract.

In the first couple pictures I am adjusting a pair of fetish vinyl panties that I was wearing under my dress for a day out and about.  In the next several shots I am lubing up a pair of latex panties that I was wearing, and then I lubed up a pair of boxer briefs for my boy. The last shot is a pic of us lying leg in leg on the bed chilling.


Last NY pics

January 12, 2009 by girlq

Chilling on the bed drunk wearing a shiny fetish pvc jacket and red latex corset. Doing crazy drunk dance move on the bed in red latex fetish corset.

 Here are the last couple shots I have from New York.  Again, no idea what I was doing on the bed.  Drunken stretch dancing?  I had l lunch in NY before I left on Sunday with some friends who I hadn't seen in a long time.  It's funny how most people live in NY for a couple years then move on to settle down.

I'd say about 10% of people stay behind and try to make it in the Big Apple.  There's just so many people it's hard to choose just one to stay with, but if that's not your plan then I guess it's a great city to be in because there is always someone else around the corner - in any age bracket, style, or type (if you know what I mean).

Crazy NY Art

January 09, 2009 by girlq

Kneeling on bed while wearing shiny black vinyl calvin klein fetish jacket with red latex corset. Doing some drunk dance move on the bed after discarding the vinyl fetish jacket. New York art that reminded me of Japanese kitsch art and hello kitty. New York art that reminded me of Japanese kitsch art and hello kitty.





While walking around in Manhatten I came across these weird Asian-like sculptures.  They kind of reminded me of "hello kitty".  Japanese culture is so cool and there is such a mix in NY.  It's like a big melding pot of cultures.

Here are some more drunk pics of me on the bed.  In my other life I was an exotic dancer.  I need to find a new job.  Maybe that's what I could do.  I wonder how much dancers make?  Doesn't seem bad minus the creepy dudes putting their hands all over you.  Perhaps I could be a cage dancer...

I have one more post from New York and then I'll focus on my latest trip: Hawaii! 

New York City Trip

January 08, 2009 by girlq

Shot of red latex corset and shiny Calvin Klein fetish vinyl jacket. Shot of red latex corset and shiny Calvin Klein fetish vinyl jacket in posh New York hotel room. Picture of Times Square from the hotel room. Picture of Times Square from the hotel room.




Here are the first pics from my New York City trip.  I went up for both business and pleasure.  During the day I had some conferences to attend, then at night I was going out, meeting up with friends, etc.

The first day in New York I stayed out on Long Island at a friends house.  Drank way too much and then dreary eyed and with a hangover made it into the city on Friday.  Barely got registered for my meetings and made it to the afternoon sessions.

Included are some pictures from our hotel room.  It was a good view of Times Square.  I was right in the middle of it all.  I had a high gloss Calvin Klein pvc zip up jacket and a red latex corset.  The shots I have are back at the hotel after drinking and I have no idea what I was doing, but apparently I was feeling a bit voyeuristic and dancing about the place. 

Very last mtn cabin pics

December 28, 2008 by girlq

Hand on my latex covered bottom. Last shot of me pulling down my hedonsfair fetish latex dress. Alas, I know you're sad, the very last of the mountain cabin pics is here.  If you've been a regular follower of my blog you will know that I traditionally end every photo shoot with a butt grab and you will not be dissappointed this round.

That pink dress was one of my favorites.  The guage of the latex was thicker than most of my other garmets, and I was particularly fond of the style.  I have a lot of latex clothing that comes and goes through my wardrobe, and I think I sold this one, so I don't think you'll be seeing it again.

I do have another in black and pink latex (instead of pink with black trim) and I will probably make it out this spring to shoot before I get rid of it.  The dresses just don't get much wear - I prefer something I can slip on at a moments notice and run out and about town in.  Latex dresses aren't much good for that.  Really you can only wear them to fetish events or photoshoots.  Capri's, leggings, skirts, tops, are much easier to handle and mix and match into daily life (my fetish zen moment for today).

Third photo a (every other) day

December 26, 2008 by girlq

Adjusting the top of my hedonsfair fetish latex dress. Sitting on the front stoop of the cabin with my hands on my latex clad legs waiting patiently. Coming my hair out of my face while sitting on the cabin front stoop wearing a pink fetish latex dress by HedonsFair. Unzipping my fetish latex dress inside the mountain cabin.
By now Christmas has officially come and blown it's proverbial load all over the world.  Times are tough, but I bet you had a great Christmas.  I would tell you how  mine was, except I'm actually writing this on Monday the 22nd.  Hehehe, isn't technology great.  By now I will be in beautiful sunny Hawaii, and I had  a Luau planned for Christmas day.  Yummy yumm pork!

I edited these moutian cabin photos awhile back, and I notice they have the blog link to HedonsFair on the high res images.  Oops - I really need to stay on top of my posting (which is why I'm writing like 5 blog entries right now.)  BTW ppl, you can expect to see more from me, b/c I get points for every posting that I write which are redeemable for free fetish clothing.

Yes, that's correct, take a minute to see what the "Buzz" is about.  Signup, blog, get free stuff.  I would be blogging anyway, so it's a win win for me.  Here are a few more mountain cabin pics (are you getting tired of hearing that?)  I promise only one more posting if any of these pink latex dress shots.  I hope you liked ;)

Day two of photo a day

December 24, 2008 by girlq

Taking off the pink HedonsFair latex fetish dress inside the cabin Showing off my rear in my HedonsFair pink latex bow dress. Getting up from the front stoop while wearing a pink and black fetish bow dress at the mountain cabin.

Happy Christmas Eve!  I'm up to day two of my "photo a day" and I think I should have labeled my entries "photo every other day", because I don't think I'm going to make 14 posts for the 2 weeks that I'll be travelling :).  I'm sure I'll post some pics of my travels from the road, as I don't leave home w/o my laptop or camera, but I don't know how much time I'll have.

I hope everyone is having a good Christmas this year!  I was thinking about getting a "Charlie Brown" tree but didn't make it happen.  I'm in the midst of house shopping and my current quarters are rather cramped.  Checkout another couple shots from the mountain cabin.  I'm almost finished posting these!

Photo a day

December 22, 2008 by girlq

Girlq wearing a pink latex fetish dress from HedonsFairGirlq touching her fetish latex covered arse outdoors at a wooded cabin.

FetishBuzz lets me do a "delayed" post where I can write and then it doesn't show up until later.  I figured I would do some posting now before I leave for the holidays so that my blog will have some activity over the next couple weeks.

Yesterday I watched SlumDog Millionaire at the movies.  It's a really good movie, I recommend seeing it.  I think it was a Bollywood film, but I'm not sure.  India is a crazy place! 

Here are another couple of shots from the moutain cabin and the pink latex dress. 

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